The Legendary Man Chapter 559

Chapter 559 Members Of Respectable Families

Sofus knitted his brows at the sight of Irving clashing against Jonathan right after he landed. He had spent almost all his savings that he earned in Triplex Manifesta to hire Irving and the others to search for his mentor.

Sofus might be young, but he was mature and would look at things in a calm manner. After going through all the trouble to gather them here, he didn’t want them to have an internal conflict.

“Everyone, look at the thick fog before you. When you step into the fog, you’ll be officially inside Summerbank Abyss’ territory.” Everyone turned to look in the direction Sofus was pointing.

Dozens of meters ahead, there was a dense fog so thick that visibility was near zero.

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Initially, they assumed it was because they were pretty far away. They only realized there was something wrong when they got closer.

The fog surrounded everyone. It looked dense from afar and thin from a close distance.

A fog wall appeared before them without warning. It was thick and rolled about like a colossal dough covering the sky and sun.

“Wow, how pretty…” Lauryn praised as she stared at the fog that seemed to be blocked behind something in the valley.

As she spoke, she reached out to touch it.

Her hand penetrated it easily. Following her action, everyone balked slightly.

The fog was thick, and Lauryn’s arm was still around one meter away from the perimeter, but everyone could only see a blurry outline belonging to her arm.

The scariest part was that the fog could disperse one’s spiritual sense.

Jonathan was in awe as he recalled the scene he saw on the boulder behind Triplex Manifesta.

Indeed, Summerbank Abyss is a dangerous place. Cultivators of all cultivation levels would become blind once they enter this place full of fog that could disperse their spiritual sense. I don’t think I can retaliate in time if someone were to ambush me inside.

I’ve been here with my mentor. The closer you get to the center, the denser the spiritual energy will be, and the more dangerous your situation will be. My mentor had bumped into a ferocious beast fifteen miles ahead. Thus, you can only travel twelve miles after getting into the fog. If something happens, you can contact me through the bronze shards. You can pull out anytime if you run into danger.


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Everyone nodded.

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“Irving, are you going to attack me?” Lauryn’s expression turned wintry.

Irving snorted and gave a forceful push. At once, Lauryn lost her grip on her sword, and it flew toward Jonathan.


Jonathan didn’t move an inch while the sword stopped three inches away from his forehead.

“This is a good sword, but it isn’t nice of you to toss it around,” he commented calmly as he grabbed the sword’s handle.

With a flick of his fingers, the sword returned to Lauryn’s sheath safely.

“Since you mentioned the Osborne family, I believe you two are members of respectable families.” Jonathan cast Irving a curious look. “I don’t know much about them, so it’s the perfect chance for me to force you to give me more information.”

Before anyone could react, Jonathan disappeared without warning.

We’re in danger!

Lauryn brandished her sword and retreated over ten meters.

Irving narrowed his gaze and assumed a stable position. He gathered an incredible amount of spiritual energy and tossed it out.


The massive spiritual energy originating from their fists spread all over and dispersed the fog outside Summerbank Abyss.

Jonathan and Irving each took several steps back from the impact. It was obvious how strong the strike was.

“You’re not a weakling. No wonder you defeated Jay easily,” Irving drawled.

Glancing at the blood dripping down his right hand, he trembled profusely as excitement shone in his eyes.

“Jonathan, you didn’t disappoint me. Asura, the legend of Chanaea, huh? Let’s see if you’re invincible!”

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