The Legendary Man Chapter 552

Chapter 552 Who Sent You Here

Jonathan was slightly speechless as he looked at Leslie. Back at Triplex Manifesta, this girl had proactively approached him. Now they met here again.

“You were following me?” Jonathan asked nonchalantly as he took the plate of pasta from the stall owner. Due to his special identity, there had been several assassination attempts on him. As such, he cultivated a habit of being cautious of the people around him.

Usually, when he was outside, Jonathan would subconsciously take note of any special characteristics of the surrounding people or vehicles.

Once he sensed any abnormality, he would instantly become alert and be on standby mode to attack anytime.

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However, this habit of Jonathan’s was not entirely foolproof. Many a time, he would not pay extra attention to the people who were seemingly ordinary and non-threatening.

Thus, if Leslie had really followed him, it was possible that Jonathan would not have noticed.

Hearing Jonathan’s words, the pasta stall owner glanced at Leslie. There was a look of pity in his eyes.

Leslie was speechless when she saw the stall owner’s expression. Most probably, the stall owner was seeing her as a bimbo who was lovestruck with Jonathan.

However, she did not say anything and instead proceeded to sit beside Jonathan.

“I’m not trying to be sarcastic. But look at you. You’re someone who was willing to spend one hundred and fifty million to bid for the opportunity to be the first to pray at the temple. Yet, here you are, eating a plate of pasta that cost ten. Do you have to be so thrifty?” Leslie asked mockingly.

Jonathan took a side glance at Leslie before he continued eating his pasta.

“I believe this is my first time meeting you. We’re not close, and we’re certainly not friends. I don’t have anything to talk to you about.” Although Jonathan did not say it outright, it was obvious that he wanted Leslie to leave.

Jonathan was supposed to stay at Triplex Manifesta for cultivation after promising Sofus to enter Summerbank Abyss together tomorrow.

Phoebus Sect focused on internal cultivation, the members generally did not care much about food. Dinner was a simple fare of bread and pickles, which were too plain for Jonathan.

he used to be an elite warrior. Under emergency circumstances, he could even eat

He did not see the need to treat himself so

mind and hopefully be at peace with himself. Ultimately, he wished to achieve a state of mind where

feeling annoyed bumping into Leslie when all he wanted was

and had a good figure

not wish to be too involved with her. His

Not only did she not leave, but she continued

anything to you. Besides, you don’t own this place, right?” Leslie

rebuke her and

not outshine the celebrities or models, but I’m definitely considered pretty. Usually, men will try all means to get close to me when

you can guess my identity based on those records, do you understand what a martial arts

cupped her chin with

glint of murderous intent

toward Leslie and warned, “And I mean every single member of the family. None will


appeared in front of Jonathan. On the book cover, there was a logo embossed in red and gold. The logo was a sword with a

for that was

by all means. I don’t care who you are, and I’ll arrest you all the same!” Leslie

before continuing, “Officer Hart, please feel free to continue with your investigation. Forgive me

around and left. Leslie immediately ran

her intention. “Hey, listen to me. I’m currently investigating a case regarding missing persons. Within less than a month, a few dozen people have mysteriously disappeared in Summerbank… I suspect this is the doing of cultivators. That was why I was at the auction at Triplex Manifesta! You’re a martial artist. I just want to seek your

Seeing that Jonathan ignored her, Leslie forcefully grabbed his clothes. “Can’t you just listen to me for the sake

Leslie could continue, Jonathan reached out to

“Stop using your f*cking social responsibility to guilt-trip me. The stuff that I’m dealing with now is ten times more challenging than your puny matters.” Jonathan spoke angrily while tightening his grip on Leslie’s throat.

“If you wish to investigate, go ahead. I’m a martial artist, and I’m not at your command. Are we clear? If you continue to follow me, I’ll end your life!”

Enraged, Jonathan gave a hard push, causing Leslie to retreat a few steps. In the end, she stumbled and fell onto the pathway beside the road.

At this moment, a few masked youths walked toward Leslie and Jonathan. They revealed the cleavers in their hands as they inched closer.

“Kill them!” At the sound of a growl, a few of them, armed with cleavers, dashed toward Leslie and Jonathan.

Jonathan furrowed his brows tightly. He instantly summoned his spiritual energy and engulfed everything within ten meters.

“W-What’s going on?” All the attackers were shouting fearfully as their bodies froze, not being able to move a muscle.

“Who sent you here?” Jonathan asked coldly.

With a slight flicker of his finger, the spiritual energy surrounding Jonathan began to form shapes. The spiritual energy formed into invisible hands that were moving slowly toward the attackers and then grabbing hold of their wrists.


Light cracking sounds could be heard, and the attackers’ faces started to twist in pain.

At this moment, the attackers’ wrists were twisted and misshapen.

Even then, none of them could utter a word of pain. Jonathan had used his spiritual energy to shut their mouths.

“I’ll give you only one chance. If I hear any useless scream or plea for mercy, I’ll kill all of you instantly.” As Jonathan spoke, he waved his right hand. In an instant, the leader opened his mouth wide to gasp for air.

“Speak. Who sent you guys?” Jonathan asked.

“It… It was Blackey. He said that this woman has been too nosey recently and so he sent us to get rid of her…” the leader replied.

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