The Divorced Billionaire Heiress, Chapter 1871

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress, Chapter 1871 Deliberately Came to Nauseate You

Yvette was stunned.

Another person also nodded and spoke.

“That’s right. What’s an ex-girlfriend anyway? She clearly wants to get back together with Mr. Sheldon.

Otherwise, why would she pick our company out of so many companies out there? It’s obvious that she doesn’t have any good intentions!”

“Yeah! She definitely has an ulterior motive. Recently, she’s been making friends everywhere in the company and inquiring about your affairs, but I didn’t reveal anything!”

“Tell me about it! We’re always on your side, Ms. Quimbey. How can that woman compare to you? You can crush her to death in a second!”

“Ms. Quimbey, don’t worry. Since she joined our company, Mr. Sheldon hasn’t spoken to her privately. I’m keeping an eye on them for you!”

Yvette just felt like someone punched her in the face.

She was dumbfounded for a moment. Through their conversation, Yvette figured out that Lance’s ex-girlfriend joined Sheldon Corporation, yet she was completely kept in the dark about it.

Moreover, Lance’s ex-girlfriend is currently in this private room. Yvette subconsciously scanned the surroundings. She recognized most of the people who came over.

However, her eyes suddenly stopped at one spot.

Aman and a woman sat in the singing area. The woman smiled and did not speak, as if she did not fit in here. However, the man was very attentive, offering her the fruit platter.

That man, Simon Lane, was an ordinary employee who joined the company not long ago. Everyone liked him because of his sweet talk, so they would also invite him to all sorts of parties.

This time was no exception, so Yvette did not think much of it.

However, that woman beside Simon was somewhat familiar.
At first, Yvette took her as Simon’s girlfriend.

Now, it seemed more like Simon trying to s**k up to that woman. At that moment, the woman seemed to sense something and turned her head; just in time to lock eyes with Yvette.

At that second, Yvette could confirm that this woman was Lance’s ex- girlfriend, the one who took the money and left. Heh…

Yvette thought, ‘She came back wanting to pick up where she left off, huh?’

In the next second, Yvette indifferently averted her gaze. The receptionist next to Yvette lowered her head and advised her.
“Ms. Quimbey, this woman isn’t easy to deal with. Back then, before you met Mr. Sheldon, she went in and out of the office as she pleased and closed a lot of deals using Mr. Sheldon’s name. Mr. Sheldon repeatedly warned her not to, but it was useless.”

Yvette was no longer in the mood for drinking and wanted to make a scene, but she stopped herself.

If Yvette made a scene now, it would seem like she really cared about that woran’s existence.

‘Who is she, anyway?’ Yvette thought as she picked up the glass of whiskey on the side and took a sip.
Yvette smiled meaningfully and said, “Oh? I don’t know much. I just heard a little about it. Why would my husband talk about his ex-girlfriend in front of me anyway?”

Another colleague said, “Right, but as Sun Tzu said, if you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. It’s better to be prepared!”

The receptionist said, “It’s actually nothing. She’s just a clown that can’t compare to Ms. Quimbey at all, so how long will she be able to stir things up?”

Another colleague disagreed. “Well, we still can’t let her stir up too much of a fuss since she clearly has nothing to lose. If she succeeds, she’ll be the next Mrs. Sheldon. Even if she fails, she still managed to nauseate Ms. Quimbey! Ms. Quimbey, even though I think that you’re very capable, I’m still worried for you!”

Everyone discussed this topic with interest. In the end, they looked at Yvette with sympathy.

Although Yvette had a high status as Lance’s wife and the vice president of Sheldon Corporation, it was quite a pity that she was in such a revolting situation.

Everything was not as shiny and perfect as it seemed on the surface. Her colleagues no longer concealed their expressions since Yvette was already aware of this.

Yvette was speechless and thought, ‘ Can they stop looking at me with such an expression?! I’m so much richer than them!’

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