The Divorced Billionaire Heiress, Chapter 1869

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress, Chapter 1869 You’re Not Welcomed

Gerard felt that he had already tried his best to bring Nicole to Eric, since the people in Stanton Corporation were all wary of him, especially Nicole’s assistant, Logan, who was preventing this situation.

Looking from a distance, Gerard felt that the two people seemed to be from different worlds.

They did not seem to fit together at all.

The past is long gone.

Eric looked at Nicole with his bloodshot eyes that were strongly suppressing his surging emotions.

However, under Nicole’s calm and indifferent gaze, Eric also had to act composed

Eric h****d his lips. “It’s fine if you don’t remember. We can get reacquainted…”

He stretched out his hand, nervously

waiting for her reaction.

After a short silence, Nicole slowly lifted her eyelids and let out a light laugh.

“There’s no need for that. Let’s wait until I recover my memory because how would I know that you’re a good person?”

After saying that, Nicole looked past Erict o glance at Gerard, who was leaning against the car behind Eric.

Nicole smiled meaningfully, turned around, and walked away.

Eric’s body stiffened as he stood there. He felt a bone-piercing cold as if a bucket of ice water was poured over his head.

“How would I know that you’re a good person?” Her tone when she said that sounded as if she recognized him, but it also did not seem that way.

A sense of guilt and coldness arose in his heart.

Eric was not so sure.

Gerard slowly walked up. He watched as Nicole got into her car and left.

Eric still did not move.

It was indescribably pathetic.

The influential Eric Ferguson who could turn tides in Atlanta also had this coming?

Gerard patted Eric’s shoulder.

“Mr. Ferguson, you already tried your best, so just forget about it. Don’t be late for your flight tonight.”

They got back into the car.

The car drove straight to the airport without stopping elsewhere.

This was Eric’s last visit before he left, and it was also the last chance he gave himself.

If Nicole was willing to hold out an olive branch to him, he would grab it even if it

Cucu mume would meant giving up everything.

Unfortunately, she did not.

Eric’s gaze was gloomy as he looked out the window at the rapidly passing scenery. His voice was dark.

“It’s probably a good thing that she can’t remember…”

Gerard sighed. “Maybe… But I have a bad feeling about it.”

He opened his mouth but did not continue to speak

Gerard was a little scared by the last glance that Nicole shot him before she left. It gave him chills down his spine.

He hoped that Nicole would not implicate him in this matter.

Nicole called Yvette on the road, telling her that she wanted to cancel their dinner

appointment since she felt upset about that encounter with Eric earlier

She then went back to the Stanton Mansion.

Even though Yvette got stood up by Nicole, she knew that it was pointless to get mad at Nicole since Nicole really hated that damned b*****d, Eric Ferguson

However, since Yvette already reserved a private room, she immediately called her colleagues over.

Lance went out to socialize with some business partners, so there were no bosses in the office watching over the employees.

Thus, everyone was delighted.

This was the benefit of listening to the boss’s wife.

A dozen or so people came, so it was very


Drinks, snacks, and fruit platters were sent over one after another.

Some of the more liberal colleagues began to sing at the top of their lungs with the microphone, and everyone excitedly went along with it.

Others began to play cards and drinking games.

Yvette happily opened a few bottles of expensive wine. “Everyone, drink to your heart’s content!”

Everyone happily downed the wine and laughed.

At that moment, Yvette’s phone rang.

She looked down and almost dropped her phone on the floor when she saw the words, “Hubby calling…”

Yvette paused and took her phone out to answer the call.


Lance’s tone was calm. It sounded like he purposely took the time to call her. “Who are you hanging with?”

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