The Divorced Billionaire Heiress, Chapter 1725

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress, Chapter 1725 Adapt in Advance Nicole went downstairs.

Clayton’s car was extraordinarily conspicuous.

He stood there looking tall, handsome, and gentle. He looked like he was within reach yet also unattainable.

Nicole smiled and walked over. Clayton went over and hugged her, then opened the door for


The driver nodded and got into the car.

Nicole was wondering why Clayton suddenly got the driver to come over.

Clayton whispered in her ear, “This way, I can hold hands with you in the back.”

Hearing that, Nicole felt her heart racing for a moment again.

She rolled her eyes at him. “It’s only a few minutes…”

Clayton smiled and did not say anything.

He never went back from the time he sent her to the office.

Clayton handled everything and instructed Roland from the car. He finally waited for Nicolet o get off work and was anxious to see her.

The car was extraordinarily slow.

Nicole put down her phone and looked at the vehicles outside. There was not much traffic, so why were they going so slow?

She could not help it anymore, then looked at Clayton. “Aren’t we going too slow?”

Clayton lifted his eyelids and looked out in a daze.

“Is it? Isn’t it the same speed as before?”

Nicole took a deep breath. Did he think that she was stupid?

The average speed of this luxury car was 40 km/h. They were going so slow that the cars behind were annoyed but were afraid to honk. Those people were probably cursing their car.

However, the people in the car were not aware and drove slowly.

The driver coughed.

“Ms. Stanton, this road just had a traffic accident, so we can’t drive too fast. Don’t worry, it‘ll b e fine soon. If you’re tired, you can take a nap.”

Clayton curled his lips in satisfaction and looked at her.

“Hear that? Don’t rush him. Otherwise, the driver will be stressed out.”

Nicole was speechless.

Somehow, Nicole felt that something was wrong.

The direction the car was heading was not toward their apartment.

Clayton explained with a smile. “Let’s go have dinner first.”

Nicole nodded. “Sure.”

When they arrived at a French restaurant, Nicole saw the grand decor and suddenly felt her heart pounding.

Nicole had an intuition that she might be in for a surprise tonight.

Could it be a marriage proposal?

Nicole suppressed her inner excitement and pretended to be very normal. She took his arm and walked in gracefully

This restaurant always served good food, and Nicole liked it very much.

Once they went inside, there were already a lot of people there. This did not look like a scene for a proposal

Booking out the venue, candlelight dinner, a band… Was this not the cheesy proposal package? Nicole’s eyes vaguely revealed some disappointment.

Perhaps Clayton just brought her here to eat.

The waiter came over respectfully and said politely, “Mr. Sloan, Ms. Stanton, this way please…”

Clayton had already booked a private room so that they were isolated from the atmosphere outside.

He already knew what she liked, so he ordered her favorite dishes in advance.

Not long after they sat down, the dishes were served.

They were very exquisite and expensive-looking.

Nicole smiled. Although she did not have much appetite, she reluctantly ate a few bites. Surprisingly, the taste of these dishes changed slightly and did not make her feel uncomfortable.

Clayton smiled and poured her a glass of milk.

“I asked the chef to readjust the ingredients according to your taste and nutritionist recommendation. The nutritionist said that this way, your morning sickness won’t be too

severe. Are you feeling okay?”

Clayton paid attention to Nicole‘s reaction. If there was even a hint of dissatisfaction, he would immediately get them to change the dish.

Nicole’s eyes were shining under the light and were extraordinarily beautiful.

“No wonder! The chef actually listened to you? I thought chefs had a professional habit of not allowing others to modify their recipes?”

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