The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade] Chapter: 4337 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 4337

It is extremely rare for Fei Kexin to directly put the words “major responsibility” on himself as soon as he comes up.

At this time, everyone put away the contempt just now and began to concentrate on what Fei Kexin said next.

At this time, Fei Kexin said earnestly: “The reason why I say that our Fei family bears a great responsibility that cannot be shied away is mainly in the following aspects;”

“First, the Fei family’s education to Fei Haoyang is indeed extremely inappropriate! The Fei family can’t establish a healthy and kind outlook on life, worldview, and values ​​for him, so that his character and behavior style will continue to go to extremes, and even bring great benefits to the society. Such a serious injury, this is the fault of the Fei family!”

“Second, although the Fei family has not done anything to Fei Haoyang, there is a great negligence in supervision! Fei Haoyang has been doing bad things for so many years, and we didn’t know all this until yesterday. This is an obvious dereliction of duty within the Fei family! We can find out his problems as early as possible, and it is impossible for him to harm so many innocent women, so this is also the fault of the Fei family!”

“Thirdly, the wealth, status, and resources of the Fei family have inadvertently become the key factors in helping the tyrants and making Fei Haoyang continue to commit serious crimes. Having committed so many felonies, this is still the fault of the Fei family!”

Fei Kexin said three points of the Fei family’s faults in a row, which immediately made everyone stunned.

In the eyes of everyone, Fei Kexin’s remarks did not show any partiality or shirk responsibility. On the contrary, he took the initiative to recognize all direct and indirect responsibilities, which really made everyone feel for her. attitude has changed significantly.

At this time, Fei Kexin continued: “Besides this, I would like to make a statement, that is myself, and I just took over the Fei family last night, so whether there is anyone else in the Fei family involved, I am now I can’t guarantee you 100%!”

“However, I can promise you that in the next time, the Fei family will actively cooperate with the police and conduct in-depth investigations into every member of the Fei family and employees of the Fei family!”

“At that time, we will disclose all the investigation contents to the public. Once we find that other people are involved, we will not tolerate it!”

Fei Kexin’s remarks threw a thunderbolt in the hearts of reporters and audiences!

It is very rare to admit that Fei Haoyang has education problems, improper supervision, and potential accomplices at this time, but what everyone can’t think of is that Fei Kexin even has to conduct a thorough investigation of the Fei family.

As soon as these words were said, everyone understood that Fei Kexin really wanted to solve all problems completely, and there was no hint of hypocrisy or perfunctory elements.

As a result, some reporters in the audience could not help but applaud.

Their attitude towards Fei Kexin also changed drastically at this moment!

At this time, Fei Kexin continued: “In addition to cooperating with the investigation, digging out all the garbage in the Fei family, and completely removing it, we still have an extremely important thing to solve, that is, start the investigation of all the families of the victims. compensation work!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone was staring at Fei Kexin.

Taking the initiative to compensate the family members has raised the attitude of dealing with the problem to a new level.

Therefore, everyone wants to know how Fei Kexin is going to deal with the compensation for the families of the victims.

Fei Kexin said very seriously at this time: “Before I disclose the compensation method, I would like to express an attitude, that is, we know very well that no matter how much compensation is made, it is impossible for the victim to come back to life, and it is impossible to bring the victim back to life. It may completely make up for the trauma in the hearts of the victims’ families, but we are still willing to do our best to help the victims’ families solve their future life problems, so as to keep them away from grief as much as possible.”

Speaking of this, Fei Kexin paused slightly and said loudly, “So, I hereby officially announce that the Fei family will pay a one-time payment of one billion yuan to the families of every victim who was killed by Fei Haoyang. Dollars as compensation!”

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