The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade] Chapter: 4334 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 4334

After hanging up his boss, Li Yalin immediately said to his subordinate, “Stop going to the autopsy center, go to the Fei Group!”

His subordinates hurriedly asked: “Inspector, what are you going to do with the Fei Group? The Fei Group is about to hold a press conference, and almost all the media in New York are there. Are you going at this time…. ..Would not it be……”

When the subordinate said this, he suddenly stuttered and hesitated for a long time without saying the following.

Li Yalin asked in a cold voice, “Isn’t it what? You ******* said it!”

The subordinates can only muster the courage and bite the bullet and say: “Isn’t it equal to…self…self-inflicted?”

Li Yalin gritted his teeth and scolded: “**** you! I’m a policeman, not a murderer. How can I be considered a self-inflicted trap?”

The subordinate blurted out anxiously: “But those media are waiting to interview you…”

Li Yalin knew that there was nothing wrong with what his subordinates said.

With so many major cases happening overnight in New York and the deaths of so many innocent women, what journalists all over New York want to interview the most is the police chief.

The above has also issued an order long ago, and without the above permission, no one is allowed to accept media interviews without permission.

The reason why we are so afraid of media interviews is that under such circumstances, the police have long been the target of accusations by the media and the public.

As long as they take the opportunity, no matter who is interviewed, they will definitely be criticized by them.

Therefore, the above is not allowed to accept interviews, because they are afraid that the policemen will be speechless and red-faced when asked by reporters, and they will be photographed by the media and broadcast to the whole country and even the world.

This is why Li Yalin lied to his boss and said he was going to the autopsy center.

If he said that he wanted to go to the Fei Group and saw that Su Ruoli, I’m afraid his boss would have scolded him long ago.

However, Li Yalin has no other way at the moment.

The only clue he can grasp is that Su Ruoli and Fei Kexin came to New York together, so if he wants to know whether the Wanlong Palace is behind this incident, Su Ruoli is the only breakthrough.

So, he said firmly to his opponent: “Don’t say anything from now on, don’t ask anything, just do what I tell you to do, and you can do what you are obedient to. If the blame comes down, I will take care of everything. .”

Hearing this, his subordinates knew that Li Yalin had made up his mind, so he didn’t say much. He immediately picked up the walkie-talkie and said to the cars behind him, “Don’t go to the autopsy center, you all follow me.”


At this moment.

There are only five minutes left until eight o’clock.

The release hall of the Fei Group was not only full, but even the aisle was full of people.

Various media have set up all kinds of long guns and short guns, for fear of missing every shot and clip of the release meeting.

In addition, many media have also carried out simultaneous live broadcasts, which are broadcast live to the world through the dual platforms of cable TV and the Internet.

Because Fei Haoyang’s case has caused a sensation all over the world, at this moment, not only people in the United States are paying attention to this release conference, but people in other countries are also in different time zones, different time periods, and through different online platforms. Tune in to watch the broadcast of the release.

In the lounge next to the release hall, Fei Kexin, who was wearing a black mid-skirt and a white shirt, was ready to take the stage, with a calm expression and a bit of confidence.

The three generations of Fei Jianzhong, Fei Shanhai, and Fei Xuebin all looked nervous.

They don’t know what will be waiting for them for a while, maybe as soon as they enter the release hall, countless people will take off their leather shoes and throw them at them.

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