The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade] Chapter: 4331 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 4331

Li Yalin said: “Look, since this Miss Gu has medicine that can save the old man, and she also knows that you were downstairs at the time, why don’t you say she didn’t give you the medicine directly?”

After speaking, Li Yalin said again: “And look, she didn’t chase after you right after you left, she waited until I left before coming out, which seems to be deliberately avoiding you.”

“This…” An Chongqiu couldn’t think of a reason, so he said, “You said she didn’t give me the medicine directly, probably because I was afraid that I wouldn’t believe it? If I didn’t believe her medicine, Whether it will be accepted is another question, and whether it will be eaten by the old man is another question.”

Li Yalin sighed and said, “Maybe, but I always feel that none of these things is completely logical.”

An Chongqiu said: “Okay, then don’t be too suspicious. I just received a news feed, and the Fei family’s press spokesman announced that the Fei family will hold a press conference at 8:00 in the morning, and the entire network will be at that time. Simultaneous live broadcast, it is estimated that the newly appointed little girl is going to turn the tide.”

Li Yalin sneered and said: “To turn the tide… This mess, I don’t think anyone can clean it up.”

An Chongqiu said: “If the strong man breaks his wrist at this time, there is still a chance, it depends on whether this little girl has the courage.”

Li Yalin said with a smile: “Then I want to see how capable this little girl is! If she can turn the tide and try to ease the public’s anger, she can be considered a favor to me, otherwise, I will be ******* worried. …”

After speaking, Li Yalin said with emotion: “Fei Haoyang died, Qiao Feiyun died, and dozens of young girls who were maimed were brought out. With so many murder cases, we really stepped on the face of our New York police on the concrete floor. Crazy friction…”

An Chongqiu said, “Fortunately, those young girls didn’t disappear in New York. You can excuse yourself for this.”

Speaking, An Chongqiu reminded: “But Lao Li, you have to find a way to stabilize the situation first, and you can’t let the situation go further.”

“Yes.” Li Yalin said, “I’ll have a morning meeting with them in a while. One of the attitudes must be clear. No matter what, New York can no longer die because of this incident.”

As soon as the words fell, a subordinate pushed in without knocking on the door, and said in a panic, “Detective, something has happened!”

When Li Yalin heard this, his head hummed with great pain.

He felt that his nerves were strong enough, but he never thought that he was tortured into a nervous breakdown by the words ‘something happened’.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard these four words, and every time I listen to them, my nerves will be tortured and stimulated.

So he could only bite the bullet and ask, “What the **** happened again?!”

The subordinate said in a panic: “Someone found more than a dozen floating corpses at the mouth of the Hudson River. Each corpse was tied with a buoy, and the body was also tied with an iron chain to the lead that sank at the bottom of the water. The murderer deliberately let them Floating less than one meter from the water surface, a boat saw a group of things dangling in the water in the early morning, and thought it was some large fish, only to find out that they were all dead people…”

“****!” Li Yalin stood up abruptly and blurted out, “How could so many people die?! Is the identity of the deceased determined?!”

“It’s confirmed.” The subordinate said very nervously: “The nearest branch has already sent people over. After a preliminary investigation of the scene, it can be determined that almost all of the deceased are well-known figures in New York and the sons of big families… ”

“Among them are the heirs of the Rothschild collateral family, and the eldest son of the Hudson family… the son-in-law of the British noble family from the Brant family…”

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