The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade] Chapter: 4328 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 4328

The words of his subordinates shocked Li Yalin.

He quickly asked, “What did you find?!”

The subordinates immediately reported: “I have found out Gu Qiuyi’s movements before going to the airport yesterday, and she actually has a spatial intersection with you, boss!”

“What?!” As a police detective, Li Yalin naturally knows what space intersection means, which means that he and Gu Qiuyi were once in the same physical space, which made him exclaim: “Where is there a space intersection? ?!”

The subordinate said: “She went to Fei’s house at noon yesterday, and then went from Fei’s house to the Cantonese-style roast goose shop in Chinatown. After she arrived at the roast goose shop, you and Mr. An also went to that roast goose shop!”

“****!” Li Yalin burst into a foul language and scolded: “So that’s how it is!”

Li Yalin was actually a little disappointed when he heard this.

He originally thought that by digging deep into Gu Qiuyi’s line, he would draw out the mysterious figure hiding behind her to protect her.

Moreover, he always felt that Gu Qiuyi must have a very strong intelligence network, so he was able to get the information that the old man of the An family was critically ill in such a short period of time.

However, after hearing such a report from his subordinates, he realized that it was a coincidence that Gu Qiuyi himself was in the roast goose shop at that time, so it was not surprising that An Chongqiu was chatting with him. …..

Thinking of this, he sighed lightly and asked, “Who did Gu Qiuyi go with? When did you leave?”

The subordinate said hurriedly: “I watched the surveillance video around, Gu Qiuyi was with a young man at the time, Mr. An left first, you probably came out after two or three minutes, Gu Qiuyi was behind you She came out in a minute or two, and after she came out, she went to the airport with that young man.”

Li Yalin hurriedly said, “Send me the video!”

“it is good.”

Soon, Li Yalin’s mobile phone received a video.

This video comes from the surveillance probe diagonally opposite the roast goose shop.

After Li Yalin opened it, he saw the process of Gu Qiuyi and Ye Chen’s car arriving at the roast goose shop.

However, because the main entrance of the roast goose shop is just in the blind spot of this surveillance probe, the video can’t see the situation when people get off the car.

If he could find the frontal surveillance video, Li Yalin would be able to see that after Gu Qiuyi got out of the car, he naturally and intimately took a fellow man into the roast goose shop.

And that man is Ye Chen, whom the An family has been searching for for twenty years!

In the video at this time, not long after the car that Gu Qiuyi and Ye Chen were riding in stopped, Li Yalin saw that his car and An Chongqiu’s car also entered the monitoring range.

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