The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade] Chapter: 4318 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 4318

After the An family reached a consensus on the matter of Huichundan, the old lady’s mood suddenly improved a lot. It seemed that her whole person was a little brighter, her smile was always on her wrinkled face, and her expression was full of expectation.

She couldn’t help but sigh: “Fix the rejuvenation pill for your father, and then find Chen’er quickly, that would be great!”

An Kaifeng, who was on the side, said quickly: “Mom, I plan to organize another group of people to go out to find Chen’er’s whereabouts and see if they can find any valuable clues.”

The old lady said earnestly, “We haven’t invested much in manpower and material resources for so many years, but we haven’t found any clues about Chen’er, so I now wonder if we were in the wrong direction from the beginning.”

An Kaifeng asked, “Mom, what do you mean?”

The old lady said: “I remember when we first searched the entire Jinling several times, and then spread from Jinling to the whole of China, but after searching for more than ten years in China, there was no clue, so we continued to expand the scope. In the whole world, there has been no clue until now.”

An Kaifeng said: “That’s right, you also know that it’s not easy to find people, and sometimes, luck is not so good. For a long time, we have been all over the world looking for people of Chinese descent who are about the same age as Chen’er. The orphan, and then find a way to collect each other’s DNA and compare the DNA information left by my sister, this is the most foolproof way.”

After speaking, An Kaifeng said again: “It’s just that there are too many variables here. There are at least 1.5 billion Chinese people in the world, who are about the same age as Chen’er. Even if we use up all our capabilities and resources, we will still It is impossible to compare all the DNAs of 100 million people. If we can achieve 90%, then at least 10 million people will not be compared. Moreover, many things are often so unsatisfactory. Many times you think The people you’re looking for are in the 10% that you don’t find.”

An Youyou also nodded and said: “Second brother is not wrong. Luck is often indescribable. Even if you find one out of a hundred, it may be wrong to find ninety-nine in a row.”

The old lady also nodded in agreement and said, “So I think we shouldn’t spread the stall so much now.”

An Kaifeng asked, “Mom, do you mean to narrow down the search?”

“Yes.” The old lady said very seriously: “I think Chen’er is still in China.”

An Kaifeng said: “Mom, there are more than 9 million square kilometers in China and a population of 1.4 billion. If you search for all of them again, it will take at least 10 years, and there is no DNA information database for the whole people in China, and DNA is usually left in the information database. For information, either have a criminal record, or go to the police to register to find relatives, otherwise, most people’s DNA information will not be included, and it is very difficult to find.”

But the old lady said very seriously: “It doesn’t matter, this time, we will start looking for it in China! Since we have already checked Jinling, let’s thoroughly investigate the surrounding provinces of Jinling, especially the ones south of Jinling. several provinces.”

An Kaifeng nodded and said, “Okay, then I’ll make arrangements first, starting with a few provinces around Jinling.”

An Chongqiu said: “Mom, Kaifeng, Zhaonan, and Yoyo are all busy with the group’s affairs, and they are not able to do anything. After I go to Yanjing this time, I will stay in the country to find Chen’er’s whereabouts.”

The old lady nodded lightly: “Okay!”

At this time, the third son, An Zhaonan, glanced at the phone that had been in Do Not Disturb mode, and suddenly exclaimed, “Something has happened to the Fei family!”

“The Fei family?” An Chongqiu recalled his and Li Yalin’s speculation, and blurted out, “Is there any scandal?”

“It’s more than a scandal…” An Zhaonan blurted out: “The Fei family is going to offend the whole world this time! According to the news, the kidnapped kid from the Fei family tortured and killed at least 20 innocent girls. There’s video evidence!”

When everyone heard this, they were all shocked.

An Chongqiu hurriedly took out his mobile phone, and just after reading some news headlines, he knew that his good brother Li Yalin was afraid that this time he would not be guaranteed for the evening festival.

Out of brotherhood, he said quickly, “I’ll go make a call.”

After all, he stepped out of the villa, came to the runway that had been closed again, and called Li Yalin.

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