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Chapter: 4270

In fact, Hong Tianshi’s heart was very tangled for a while.

He really did not believe in this blood-healing pill.

He always felt that the life-sustaining pill that he regarded as a treasure was useless, and there was definitely nothing in this world that could save An Qishan.

But I never thought that a young female star would have such a miraculous elixir that even someone who was almost declared dead could be rescued abruptly!

The key is that An Qishan was on the verge of dying, and this Blood Rescue Pill not only pulled him back from the gate of ****, but even made him instantly recover as if he was not injured. This medicinal effect completely subverted Hong Kong. Celestial Master’s understanding of the word elixir.

Although Taoist people pay attention to the unity of man and nature and self-cultivation, in fact, the most important thing they pay attention to is the way of alchemy.

In the feudal era, the Taoists who concocted pills with mercury and cinnabar and then ate the emperor to death were basically their predecessors.

When Hong Tianshi first started practicing Taoism, he also wanted to study the ancients’ alchemy technique, but there are too few ancient elixir books in existence today. It is difficult to make progress on this one.

For so many years, he has also tried to collect various materials and various medicinal formulas, and then tried to refine many kinds of medicinal pills, but basically no useful medicinal pills were made.

Repeated failures did not make him give up the pursuit of alchemy. On the contrary, as he got older, his sense of crisis became stronger and stronger. Therefore, in order to truly refine elixir for longevity and longevity, He began to retreat for a long time, shutting himself in his own dojo every day, and studying the art of alchemy.

But, so far, it hasn’t worked.

Because of the countless setbacks, he even once believed that in this world, there may not be any elixir to bring back the dead and prolong life. Everything is just a random fabrication by the ancestors of Taoism.

However, now that he saw the Sanxue Rescue Pill, he suddenly began to look forward to the technique of alchemy again.

That’s why he ran over, wanting to ask Gu Qiuyi for information about Sanxue Jiuxin Dan.

Gu Qiuyi didn’t have any prejudice against him, so he replied directly: “My father got this medicine by accident, but he didn’t tell me how to get it.”

When Tianshi Hong heard this, he immediately said anxiously: “Can you trouble Miss Gu and give me the contact information of Ling Zun, I really want to know, where did such a miraculous medicinal pill come from? …”

Gu Qiuyi didn’t think that this Hong Tianshi still wanted to break the casserole and ask to the end, so she could only say: “I’m sorry, my father is busy on weekdays, please understand.”

Hong Tianshi said in a panic: “It doesn’t matter, as long as you can spare a few minutes to tell me about the process of getting the medicine pill, I can fly to China to meet him and ask him for advice. …”

An Chongqiu, who came back with the title deed document, saw Tianshi Hong pestering Gu Qiuyi with an ugly expression, and said, “Tianshi Hong, you scoffed at this Sanxuexin Pill just now, but now you come over to ask questions with a calm face. , Isn’t this inappropriate? Don’t all of you cultivators say that you are pure-hearted and have few desires?”

Hong Tianshi heard An Chongqiu’s ridicule, and although he couldn’t hold his face, he said very sincerely and frankly: “Master An, to tell you the truth, I am indeed a bit of a person who sits and watches the sky. Before, I naively thought that the best elixir in the world was the life-sustaining elixir that I treasured, but now I realize that I was just a frog at the bottom of the well.”

Speaking of this, he quickly said: “It is precisely because I realize my problem that I really want to see the world outside, so I also invite Master An and Miss Gu to complete it… ”

When An Chongqiu saw that Tianshi Hong had such a good attitude of admitting his mistake, he swallowed the sarcasm he had prepared in his heart.

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