The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade] Chapter: 4268 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 4268

For the An family, they have long been accustomed to An Qishan’s symptoms.

Knowing that his memory loss was very serious, everyone tried very hard at first to help him restore the memory in his brain, but it turned out that this situation was just wishful thinking.

In fact, An Qishan has lost all his memories for the past 20 years. No matter how much he helps him recall, it is impossible for him to remember anything that has happened in the past 20 years.

Therefore, at first, the An family tried to explain to An Qishan every day, telling him the real time in reality and what he had forgotten.

But over time, they found that this did not have any effect.

Sometimes, the family chatted around him for a whole day before he accepted the reality.

But it won’t be long before he forgets everything that everyone told him, and returns to his previous state again.

Therefore, An Qishan’s current state has returned to 20 years ago, and it has returned to the state just after the Ye Chen family was born.

In this case, it was pointless to continue explaining to An Qishan, and the old lady didn’t want his brain to be forced to accept a lot of things that shocked him.

At this time, An Qishan said with a sad face: “You all go out and leave me alone.”

Everyone looked at the old lady.

The old lady sighed helplessly and said to everyone, “Let’s all go out.”

With the old lady’s order, everyone withdrew from the ICU ward.

The old lady kept holding Gu Qiuyi’s hand and said with a look of love: “Good boy, this is your first time here today, you must stay at home for two days!”

Gu Qiuyi hurriedly said: “Grandma, I can’t live at home this time, because my concert is about to start, and I have to fly back to New York overnight to prepare for the concert.”

Saying that, she looked at the time and said, “Grandma, it’s getting late, and it’s almost time for me to go back to New York.”

The old lady said very reluctantly: “You have come so far, how can you rush back at night, you have nothing to do when you rush back at night, at least stay at home for a day, and go back tomorrow morning!”

Gu Qiuyi said apologetically: “I’m sorry, grandma, I really have too many things to do. I have to do the final rehearsal early in the morning. If I go back tomorrow morning, the time in that morning will be delayed.”

For Gu Qiuyi, going back to Ye Chen as soon as possible is the most important thing for her right now.

As soon as the old lady heard what she said, she immediately said: “Then grandma will go with you! If your grandfather can escape from death, I’m relieved. I just happened to accompany you to New York and watch your singing by the way. meeting.”

Gu Qiuyi felt nervous when she heard this.

She knew that Ye Chen didn’t want to meet the An family yet, and Ye Chen had promised her that he would go to her concert to support her.

If the An family went there, they would probably recognize Ye Chen and Ye Changying because of their similar faces.

So she took the old lady’s arm and said coquettishly, “Oh, grandma, I don’t want you to follow me from the west coast to the east coast at night. In fact, I will have many concert tours in the United States. After that, the first stop on the west coast is Los Angeles, and I won’t come to visit my house at that time, and I will give you VIP tickets, please go to my concert, okay?”

The old lady was a little shaken all of a sudden.

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