The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade] Chapter: 4247 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 4247

Chen Zhaozhong said, “Actually, we have closed for lunch. The two you saw just now are the children of my old friend. It was so late that they didn’t have lunch, so I let them go upstairs.”

After speaking, Chen Zhaozhong said again: “But now that you are here, naturally you can’t let the two of you run around in vain. Well, you two can sit on the first floor and tell the man what you want to eat, and I will prepare.”

“Okay.” An Chongqiu nodded and smiled, “Then thank you boss.”

After that, he said to Li Yalin, “Old Li, sit down and let you taste the best Cantonese roast goose in New York.”

Li Yalin smacked his lips and said, “Oh, I actually want to have two drinks right now.”

After speaking, he looked up at the small wine cabinet behind the hotel counter, and said in surprise, “Boss, do you still have Erguotou?”

“Yes.” Chen Zhaozhong said with a smile: “It’s imported from China, would you like to try a bottle?”

Li Yalin smiled cheerfully and said, “Okay! Two bottles!”

An Chongqiu couldn’t help but tease: “You drink so much at noon, and you don’t work in the afternoon?”

Li Yalin shook his head: “I can’t find any clues anyway. I went to the office to sleep in the afternoon. I’ve been spinning for two days, and it’s time for me to sleep.”

An Chongqiu nodded and said casually, “Okay, let’s have a drink with you. After drinking, I’ll go home and sleep, and I’ll be back in Los Angeles early tomorrow morning.”

Li Yalin asked in surprise, “Why did you leave so early? Don’t you stay in New York for two more days?”

An Chongqiu waved his hand and said, “I can’t stay any longer, I have to go back to see the old man. It’s been a while since I came back from China, and I haven’t been back.”

Li Yalin nodded understandingly, and said, “It’s time to go back and take a look. Help me bring a good one for the old man and the old lady.”

Saying that, he remembered something, and said, “Master, should he still remember me?”

An Chongqiu nodded: “Remember.”

“That’s good.”

At this moment, Ye Chen on the second floor felt a little like sitting on pins and needles.

He didn’t want to have anything to do with his grandfather’s family, but both times he was separated from his uncle An Chongqiu by a wall, which still made him feel a little strange.

Strange to say, but more of a contradiction.

The source of the conflict is that, on the one hand, Ye Chen really wanted to draw a clear line with them and everything, but on the other hand, he couldn’t help but want to go up and say hello, and by the way, asked him why the An family looked down on him so much back then. father?

In addition, he also wanted to ask if the An family knew the real reason why his parents were killed.

Gu Qiuyi, who was sitting opposite Ye Chen, saw his discomfort, reached out and held his hand gently, with soft eyes and a soft voice, “Brother Ye Chen, what’s the matter with you?”

Ye Chen said casually, “Nothing, I’m fine.”

“It’s not.” Gu Qiuyi said seriously: “Do you think that your uncle sitting downstairs makes you very uncomfortable?”

“That’s right.” Ye Chen didn’t try to be brave, and nodded slightly to admit it.

Gu Qiuyi suddenly felt a little distressed for Ye Chen.

She knew that regardless of Ye Chen’s extraordinary strength and achievements, but in the ten or twenty years after his parents passed away, he had not been happy, so deep down in his heart, it was inevitable that he was somewhat sensitive.

So, she squeezed Ye Chen’s hand and said seriously, “Brother Ye Chen, if you feel uncomfortable staying here, I’ll lend you a mask to wear, let’s go first!”

Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “It’s okay, just get used to it a little bit!”

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