Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 277

Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 277

277-The Big Departure

Enya‘s POV:

I was able to loosen up a bit when Maynard left. I didn‘t get time to think about what had just happened between him and me, but I believed we needed to not be around for some time. As for Thiago, he casually walked over to the edge and looked down to let out a scoff.

“Life is such an unpredictable b***h. It makes you hate every bit of it and then shoves the most perfect person in your life. Just when you think you are done with life, you fall in love with that perfect person. And now the departure is going to be painful.” His words came from deep inside his heart. I bet he had tears in his eyes, but because he kept wandering around, I couldn‘t get a good look at them.

“Maybe that‘s life‘s way of telling you to love life and try to save yourself for that perfect person?” I didn‘t know how else to tell him I cared about him, that I loved him.

“Ah, Enya! If only life was that simple. But it is not. We are given demons that are trying to come out, break the shell, and hurt the most precious people we hold.” I have never heard him talk so deeply before. It was scary how he sounded exhausted with life.

“I just want to know what is going on with you, Thiago. I saw the red color in your eyes. That only indicates” | paused when

Thiago looked my way and the red in his eyes shone.

“That the Lycan has found its way to take over me?” He finished the sentence for me. “It was inevitable. We couldn‘t hold it for too long. It is still a miracle that I survived the curse for so long. But now that the time has come, I want to know more about my Lycan and how to—–” he paused just when I narrowed my eyes at him.

“How to what?” I sounded aggressive and demanding. “Look! The Lycan cannot be left around to wander. Especially mine. It is created with magic. You all will need a weapon to–” Once again, I didn‘t let him finish.

“No! Just shut up. We will find a way to break this curse. I am a witch–— I can definitely learn some magic and reverse the curse.” I was hyped all of a sudden. Why hadn‘t I thought of it before? As a witch myself, I can take care of it.

“Enya! It is not that simple. I have come across many witches; nobody could undo it.” The defeated look on his face upset me. I never knew Thiago to be the type who would give up.

“Okay, so we will do some research. I mean, we can now ask Christina about that library and we can do some research on how to control your Lycan or how to break the curse,” I was shaking when I suggested we look for ways to save him instead of kill him, like he was suggesting.

“Oh Enya!” He shook his head and smiled weakly. “Fine. But if it didn‘t work, then we would look for a weapon to kill me when the time is right.” The words from his lips angered me once again. I turned my face to the other side and grumbled.

“Hey!” he approached me but didn‘t touch me. I noticed how his hand would try to reach out for me before he would pull it back.

“What? Are you too afraid to touch me now?” That was it. If he hadn‘t forgiven me already, he needed to tell me. I could not watch him slip away from me.

“What? no!” He shook his head faintly, smiling sweetly at the same time.

“Then why can‘t you touch me? Every time your hand reaches for me, you just pull away from me. Have you not forgiven me? If not, then let me know so that I can—–” I was going on and on with tears in my eyes when he suddenly cupped my face in his hands and crashed his lips over mine. The sweet taste of cherries couldn‘t even compete with the taste of his lips.

I felt my body melting when he rubbed his lips all over mine and then broke the kiss, but kept breathing on my lips.

“Happy now?” he whispered, smiling on my lips.

“I don‘t know what happened. Can we try it again?” I played a fool. He laughed and then gently brushed his lips all over my

chin, leading down to my neck.

I found him licking my neck, just right where he had marked me. Every time his tongue would lick the mark, I would feel this enthusiasm in my body that I couldn‘t explain.

“I wish I could mark you,” I whispered. I wish I hadn‘t. He pulled away just a little and then shook his head at the idea. “Why not?” I inquired of him.

“It‘s different now. Things have changed since I marked you. My Lycan has more control over me now. I heard if a Lycan scratches you or bites you, you turn into one.” Thiago explained why it is no longer possible for me to mark him.

“That is why I am afraid of touching you.” He sounded so sad when expressing why we can‘t be together anymore. “I have been trying to learn to stay away from you. So far I was doing well, but this night made me lose my C––” he was explaining things to me when we heard loud screaming coming from downstairs. It was as if a war was happening.

The look we shared was a scared look. We were afraid of the monster attacking someone again. We started sprinting downstairs, and the sight shocked us. Everybody had come out of their rooms to stare at the dead body on the ground floor.

“What the f**k!” Lazlo gasped, his eyes staring at all the blood. Zander looked around for his sister, who was crying and

sobbing in the corner of the hallway. She seemed to be in a messed up state too.

“Oh, no!” | exclaimed in sorrow. “Maynard! No!” I broke down the moment I saw the dead body. It was too soon for things to be over for Maynard.

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