Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 276

Tasting All My Mates by Alexis Dee Chapter 276

276 The Beginning Up Her RIBE

Author’s POV:

Years Ago:

“Hey.” The boy smiled. “I am Shaun, the future Alpha King. I have never seen you two in my pack before.” The girls didn‘t need to ask him twice who he was. He was the Alpha King‘s son. He was going to be the leader of all the alphas.

“How about you two come join me?” Shaun offered them, and Hazel rushed inside his Lamborghini with Emelia, who was at this point completely lost.

“Why did we get into his car?” Emelia whispered in Hazel‘s ear, shaking and sticking close to her.

Once the car hit the road, Shaun turned to them to offer them drinks.

“We cannot drink outside because we are underage. But doing the forbidden things is what life is all about.” He smiled at the girls, his words impressing Hazel.

“I am believing you two are rogues,” as he couldn‘t figure out which pack they were from. He assumed the girls were rogues. Hence, it explains why they didn‘t have IDs.

“Oh, yes!” Hazel shyly answered, not knowing much about Rogue‘s life, “I am Hazel,” she blinked her beautiful eyelashes to mesmerize the future Alpha King.

“And who is that scared kitten behind you?” Shaun seemed to be taking more interest in Emelia. The smile from Hazel‘s face washed away when she saw Shaun staring at Emelia.

“She is Emelia. She is a coward.” Hazel rolled her eyes. “She was scared you would kidnap us,” she then added, while Emelia looked shocked.

“I think she is intelligent. And I love careful and intelligent girls,” he said as he praised Emelia.

“You know, you remind me of my friend. She recently found a friend and seems like she is happier to spend time with him than me,” He pouted sadly as he recalled the girl he wanted to be his mate.

“So, where are we headed?” Hazel inquired of the Alpha king. She wanted the attention to herself, but Shaun wouldn‘t shut up talking about Emelia and her similarities with his crush.

“How about we go to my mansion? Don‘t worry, I live there alone. My dad got me that mansion to have fun and host parties there,” Shaun stated with pride. Every time he would talk about his wealth, Hazel‘s eyes would shine brighter than the stars.

“We will go home now,” Emelia suggested, but it wasn‘t what Hazel wanted.

“How about we drop her here? She knows the way home,” Hazel glared at Emelia while suggesting they leave her on the side of the road.

“Whoa! That‘s harsh. She is your friend, and you want to drop her in the middle of the road?” Shaun didn‘t look too impressed with Hazel‘s idea of leaving a friend behind because she was too afraid to attend Shaun at his mansion.

“I was just joking, Oh My God!” Hazel faked a laugh, shaking her head at herself for being too desperate. Shaun took them to his mansion and gave them some beer and non–alcoholic drinks because he noticed Emelia was not in the mood to try anything.

“Wow! this is so pretty,” Hazel exclaimed as she walked around the mansion, complimenting everything, while Emelia stood by the pool, awkwardly holding the glass in her hand.

“You are not very fond of me, are you?” Shaun asked Emelia, who steadily pulled away from him.

“I am not good at small talk,” she said, trying to give him a hint that she wasn‘t interested in having a conversation with him.

“But I want to talk to you. You seem timid and comforting.” His way of completing her surprised her.

“Comforting?” she asked in confusion.

“Yes! as if you are a boat in the middle of a storm. As if you are a healer and I am a patient,” he said, drawing closer to her.

“I think my friend likes you.” Emelia immediately dragged Hazel into the middle of the conversation. She knew her friend too well. Hazel would love to date Shaun.

“But I like you. The moment I saw you, I knew you were my type.” Emelia intrigued Shaun. He had seen many girls like Hazel, but they didn‘t impress him much. But Emelia was different and unique.

“Oh!” Emelia whispered.

“Maybe if you give me a chance to get to know me, you will like me too?” Shaun suggested, but at the same time, his eyes traveled to her lips. This was the first time Emelia got a boy‘s attention. Back in the forest, every young wizard was into Hazel.

“I think you are very beautiful,” Shaun whispered before he crashed his lips against hers. A spark ran through Emelia‘s body after being touched for the first time in her life.

She didn‘t want him to stop. He deepened the kiss while snatching the glass out of her hand and dropping it on the floor. Hazel‘s attention was caught by the noise. She ran outside to check up on Emelia and was stunned to see Shaun and Emelia

making out like crazy.

“What a f*****g b***h.” The tears in her eyes were her dreams of making an Alpha King fall for her. She thought she shouldn‘t have brought Emelia with her. But she never saw her as a competition

“You will pay for this,” she said, making a plan to get rid of Emelia and save Shaun for herself.

“Emelia! We need to go.” She then pretended to be nervous and broke the two apart.

“What happened?” Shaun stepped forward to offer his help.

“It‘s just— we need to go.” Hazel eyed Emelia, who understood something was probably up.

“I need to go,” Emelia repeated after Hazel, but it upset Shaun.

“When are we meeting again?” Shaun asked, running after them once he realized they were not even going to let him drop them off at home.

“Very soon! I will bring her to you myself,” Hazel promised, taking Emelia with her back into the first. The two girls ran until they came through the protection spell. Once they landed on the grass, Emelia shyly laughed.

“I cannot believe I am going to say this, but your idea was the best. I had the best night of my life.” She expressed happiness to Hazel.

But little did she know, Hazel had planned a whole new ending for her fairytale.

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