Son In Law Madness novel Chapter 435

Son In Law Madness novel Chapter 435

Chapter 435 Insolence Donald, standing there without any movement, was shrouded in mystery. No one could tell what his intention or goal was. Before Arnaldo and Reina could leave, a thundering roar was heard. “Do you actually think you can escape now?” Turning around, Arnaldo felt his heart sink when he saw who it was.

Francesco Faraday! He actually came! Is he somehow connected to Crabface? Francesco didn’t come alone, as his entourage comprised at least thirty men. Given their bulging muscles, it was evident all of them were elite martial artists. It was clear that he was in a bad mood, for the Eighteen Copper Men he sent to kill Raymond had disappeared without a trace.

In fact, there was no sign of them in Pollerton at all. Nonetheless, the good news was that Silas had promised him half the spoils if he had succeeded in taking over Scarlet Swan Villa.

That alone would amount to more than a hundred million. Arnaldo questioned grimly, “Francesco, you’re a distinguished figure from overseas. Don’t tell me that even you are coveting the wealth of a young lady?” Francesco simply threw Arnaldo an indifferent glance before shifting his attention to Reina.

Despite her petite stature, she, with curves in all the right places, was an excellent feminine specimen. The organization he founded was named the Crimson Dust Order. Just from its name alone, one could tell that Francesco wasn’t someone that was bound by any rules. As expected, he licked his lips. “Is this young lady your daughter? She truly is a sweet young thing.” After a brief pause, he continued, “Come, spend a night with me, and I’ll reconsider my plans.” Reina glowered at Francesco. “Get lost!” “Oh? She’s a feisty one, exactly right up my alley.” Francesco sniggered lecherously before disappearing in a flash.

The moment he reappeared, he was standing beside Reina with a hand on her shoulder. Arnaldo couldn’t pull her back in time, as Francesco was one step ahead of him. Raising his hand, Francesco swung it at Arnaldo’s cheeks and gave him a forceful slap.

The instant a loud slap rang out, Arnaldo was thrown to the ground. The impact caused his cheeks to be badly swollen and blood to ooze out the corner of his lips.

He was, after all, an ordinary person. Arnaldo warned, “Francesco, if you dare touch her, I’ll go all out to make sure you never leave Pollerton unscathed.” “Are you threatening me?” Filled with contempt, Francesco reached out his hand to caress Reina’s face. “Even Yolanda doesn’t dare to talk to me that way.” “In that case, is Terrence Lowe qualified?” Arnaldo stared daggers at him.

Terrence, who was superior to Randy, was the anchor of the Lowe family. He was a distant uncle of Wynter’s and was currently in the army. “Even though I can’t defeat him, there’s someone else who can.” Francesco snorted in laughter.

“That person is my senior, Jeffery Lysle!” Arnaldo gasped. “Is Jeffery already in Terrandya?” “To be precise, he is technically in Pollerton. Where else do you think Silas obtained the courage to act with such impunity?” Stroking Reina’s face, Francesco prepared to execute his next move. However, Reina slapped his right hand away.

The audacity! As an icy glint flashed across his eyes, Francesco grabbed Reina by her hair and pinned her to the ground.

“Kneel!” Subsequently, he began to unbuckle his belt in an attempt to show his manhood. “Lick it!” Unfortunately, Arnaldo could only look on helplessly with rage burning in his eyes. As for Reina, she scrambled backward in absolute despair but was prevented from escaping by Francesco’s grip on her hair.

No sooner had Francesco unzipped his pants than he noticed Donald bearing down on him. Even though they were separated by a distance of thirty meters, Donald closed the gap in a single step. “Do you have a death wish?” Francesco thundered while unleashing a palm strike at Donald.

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