She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 624

Chapter 624 Exposed!

When he saw Nora, Justin hurriedly stood up and went out to welcome her. Xander whistled and said, “Your tigress is


Justin: “…”

He gave Xander a warning look. After Xander shut his mouth, he looked at Nora again.

Nora had already arrived in front of them. Her gaze avoided Justin and looked at Xander.

Ignored, Justin’s lips twitched before he waved at Xander. “Come here.”

Xander pursed his lips and walked to the two of them with a disdainful expression. Then, he glanced past Nora and looked at the sky. “Greet her.”

Justin ordered.

Xander raised his eyebrows. “Okay, you’re the one asking me to greet her.”


Justin: “?”

A bad feeling had just risen in his heart when he saw Xander wave at Nora. “Hello, tigress!”

The entire living room suddenly fell silent.

Nora frowned and looked at Justin. She asked coldly, “Did you ask him to call me that?”

Justin denied it flatly. “No.”

Xander said, “It was you, Demon King. You made me call her that. How would I know what tigress means at my young age?”

Justin: “…”

This time, it was really difficult to explain. He wanted to explain, but he saw Nora frowning

Justin’s heart instantly became even more perturbed.

However, Nora was thinking. Why was this child’s tone so familiar?

At this moment, her phone suddenly rang. Nora lowered her head and saw that it was Lily. She nodded at Justin and picked up the call.  read-only on wuxia world site. The other party said something and she nodded. Then, she said that it had been hard on her and hung up. She looked up again and nodded at Justin. Justin said, “Take Xander to the room upstairs.” “Yes, sir.”

The butler walked over smartly and said to Xander, “Xander, please follow me upstairs.”

Xander glanced at Justin and looked at Nora again. His eyes darted around before he said, “Dad, can I go to the basement?”

Justin narrowed his eyes.

Was this child finally thinking of Ruth? Had he realized his conscience?

He lowered his eyes in thought for a moment and nodded.

Then, Xander said, “She hasn’t eaten in a long time. Can I bring her something to eat?”

Justin did not want to leave any bad psychological trauma for the child. Furthermore, he had other plans, so he nodded and agreed. “Go to the kitchen and pick something.”

Xander nodded and went to the kitchen.

The chef was still standing there as he asked, “Xander, should I take down the roasted rabbit you don’t like?”

“No need, no need. It’s too cruel!”

Xander hurriedly waved his hands. “You guys don’t know how to cherish life. You can’t kill animals!”

The chef was speechless.

Xander placed his hands behind his back and entered the kitchen. “Let me see what’s good. Do you have vegetables?”

The chef hurriedly said, “Yes, they’re all fresh organic vegetables. Can I make another one for


“There’s no need.” Xander continued, “Do you know that the best thing to eat is food in its original state? If you c**k it, it won’t have the original taste! Eh, these vegetables and that carrot over there look alright. Let’s take these.”

Xander picked up a yellowed vegetable leaf that the chef had picked when cooking and a dry carrot. Then, he looked at the butler. “Let’s


The butler’s lips twitched as well, and he led Xander toward the basement.

The two of them quickly disappeared from the room.

After confirming that Xander could not hear their conversation, Justin then looked at Nora. Before he could ask, Nora replied, “No.”

Justin was stunned, a hint of disappointment flashing across his eyes.

It was not…

But if not, why did Nora come over to see him?

According to her lifestyle, even if she had such a child, she would not be so proactive if she did not care about it.

Justin was thinking when he heard Nora continue, “When I called you, Lily had just gotten my results. We’re not mother and son. The DNA similarity is only 80%.”

Justin frowned.

He was thinking about something when he heard Nora continue, “Then, I asked Lily to compare his DNA with yours.”

When Justin heard this, his eyes instantly narrowed. “You mean…”

Nora slowly said, “Don’t forget what kind of organization Trueman is from.”

Justin instantly understood. “You’re saying that this child might have been injected with a gene serum?”

“Yes.” Nora sat down on the sofa. “The younger a child is, the more their genes change after they are injected. I personally came over to take a look to confirm if he really is your


Justin asked, “And what do you think?”

“He’s almost the same as you. He must be your son. But… Lily called me just now after doing a DNA comparison between you and him. Your genetic similarity is only 93%.”


What kind of result was this? Only cousins or relatives had this percentage. If they were were biological father and son, it should be 99%.

Justin realized something.


Nora said again, “So I’m certain that this child was indeed injected with a gene serum. Therefore, my DNA comparison with him can’t be counted.”

Justin hesitated for a moment. “There’s no way to investigate?”

“Yes, there is.”

Nora looked at him with certainty. “Genetic changes mean that the DNA sequence has changed. We can extract samples from different places and send them to Lily, she can piece together the original DNA sequence. When the time comes, she can it with us separately.”

When Justin heard this answer, he nodded. “Lily will have her work cut out for her.”

“Yes, but it will take a while.”

After Nora finished speaking, Justin suddenly walked to her side and took out his phone to hand it to her. He rubbed her hand affectionately. “Then let’s see if Ruth is his mother, first.”

He touched his phone a few times with his fingers and opened the surveillance video of the basement.

Justin had not asked Xander to go down earlier because he wanted to confirm this.

After all, Ruth was in a life-and-death situation. A hungry person would not be very careful and would definitely expose the truth!

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