She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 620

Chapter 620 Xander Yale Is Here!!

Everyone shut their mouths at this.

Sean nodded. “Yes.”

He and Justin looked at each other.

Lawrence thought carefully and came to a realization. “Yes, this is too coincidental! The organization ignored Henry till now, but when the child’s existence was revealed, they suddenly killed him! If it were in the past, we would have wondered if the doctor who delivered the child had been sent overseas by Henry or by the mysterious organization. But now, it seems obvious that it was the mysterious organization! There’s indeed a problem with Xander’s identity!”

Seeing that he was finally being smart, Sean gave him a thumbs up.

Lawrence was speechless.

Justin did not say anything and went upstairs.

The two of them followed behind him. Justin asked, “Have you asked Ruth when that child will get here?”

Lawrence said, “Yes, our people call her every hour. Besides, she’s very hungry. She doesn’t need us to rush her now. She’s already taking the initiative to call.”


When they went upstairs, Justin sat on the sofa.

His long fingers tapped the table as if he was waiting for something.

At this moment, his phone rang.

Justin looked down and realized that it was an unknown number.

He picked it up and a sharp voice came from the other end. “Mr. Hunt, the mysterious organization has never thought of you as our enemy.”

Justin paused and suddenly asked, “Trueman?”

“Yes, it’s me.”

Trueman said, “My sister was insensible back then and hid your child in secret. In the end, she took root and gritted her teeth. However, for so many years, this child has always been kept safe and healthy. On the account that I took care of him for five years, why don’t you spare my sister’s life?” Justin sneered. “Are you sure she gave birth to the child?”

“Of course, I’m very sure.” Trueman smiled. “If you can guarantee that you won’t kill my sister, I’ll send Xander back to the country.”

Justin said, “Send him back first. We’ll discuss the rest when the child comes to New York!”

Trueman suddenly sneered. “Mr. Hunt, I thought this was a fair deal.”

“Is that so?” Justin said calmly. “With me, it doesn’t matter if the transactions are fair or not. It all depends on my will! I’ll give you two days. If the child hasn’t arrived by then, your sister’s life will be gone!”

Trueman sneered. “Don’t you even want to negotiate, Mr. Hunt? Why?”

Justin didn’t say anything.

Trueman knew that he wanted to ask for more. He suddenly laughed. “Alright, Ruth is not that important here. I’ve already sent the child back to you. Mr. Hunt, remember to pick him up~” As soon as he finished speaking, Trueman hung up.

His sudden retreat made Justin frown.

Lawrence and Sean stood beside Justin. The two of them asked hesitantly, “Boss, why did Trueman suddenly give up?” Justin lowered his eyes and said, “When Ruth appeared in front of me and came here, she had actually been abandoned. Trueman has never cared about this sister.”

Lawrence was puzzled. “Then why did he still give in and send the child over?”

Sean also clenched his jaw.

However, Justin suddenly said, “He didn’t say, so he must have bigger plans! We have to be careful. Double the number of secret guards around the Smiths.”

“Yes, sir!”

Currently, Cherry and Pete were both living in the Smiths. Other than the Smiths’ own secret guards, the Hunts had also sent many people over and surrounded the Smiths like an iron bucket.

Justin had a feeling that although Trueman had been forced to leave New York, he still had a big move left. He definitely had a trump card.

Perhaps there would be a bloodbath in the future!

Cherry’s phone rang again. She glanced at it and realized that it was still a Facebook voice message. She cut off his voice again and sent a voice message. “If you don’t apologize to my mother, I won’t talk to you!”

In the end, the other party also sent a string of voice messages. Cherry stared at it curiously for a while and could not help but open it. She heard the other party’s naughty voice. “Good sister, I’m in New York!”

When he said this, Cherry was instantly surprised. She asked in a voice message, “What are you doing here?”

“Of course… I’m here to apologize to your mother in person!”

The other party replied.

Cherry: “??”

She had chatted with him for about half a year and would not believe that he had suddenly become a good person. The corners of Cherry’s mouth twitched. “Why don’t I believe you?”

The other party: “You disappoint me too much. How can you not believe me? Aren’t we good friends? You should understand me. If you don’t believe me… You’re right, hahaha!”

Cherry: “!!”

She was so angry that she threw her phone on the table and ignored him!

This boy was too bad. He was not as good as her brother at all!

At the same time, outside the Hunts’ house.

A small figure stood there. After sending the voice message, he threw the phone into his pocket.

Then, he looked at the door in front of him.

Dad had asked him to come here and had said that his biological father was here.

Only then did he realize that Trueman was not his biological father. Pfft, he was not his Trueman’s biological son. Other than having an unknown mother, he also had a father?

This couple was really ruthless. It had been five years, but they had never looked for him.

Moreover, it seemed like his biological father did not like him?

He sneered and walked forward to knock on the Hunts’ metal door. “Who is it?”

The guard inside asked.

The little fella shouted, “It’s me! I’m looking for Justin!”

The guard was stunned. “Who are you?”

The little fella placed his hands on his hips and sneered. “I’m your grandfather! Open the door! I’m looking for Justin!!”

At the Hunt Corporation.

Justin, who had received the news, stood up immediately. As he walked to the Hunt Manor, he said to the butler, “Pick up some of his DNA samples and send them to Miss Smith immediately.”

“Yes, sir.”

He did not expect this child to come so quickly and suddenly.

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