She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 606

She stared at Caleb.

Caleb waved his hand. “Don’t look at me like that. I don’t need that drug anymore.”

Nora was surprised.

Caleb laughed softly. “I’m one of the few remaining children out of the 1,000. Logically speaking, my transformation was very successful. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with lung cancer when I was 26. That’s why I no longer need that drug.”

Nora fell silent.

Suddenly, she felt that the deal between the Grays and her mother was not worth it. They had helped hide their identities for so long, but in the end, fate had played a joke on Caleb.

She lowered her eyes. “If I can find the formula for the last drug, I’ll give it to you.”

Caleb laughed softly. “Aren’t you afraid that I’m still loyal to the mysterious organization and am lying to you about the formula?”

Nora stared at him and did not speak for a moment.

Caleb sighed silently. “I won’t tease you anymore. I’ve already hated the mysterious organization deeply. This illness has instead helped me. I can finally get rid of them. However, I’ve always been living on the edge. I only have two months left to live. I want to use my limited life to help the special department. It could be my help to humanity. Let’s make them pay for the thousand children who died in front of me!”

Nora understood. “So Morris will let you go and you’ll go undercover?”

“Yes.” Caleb looked at the ground. “Trueman is one of the children of the leader. Back then, the leader threw his children in and injected them with serums. Only Trueman survived, so he’s the second-in-charge of the mysterious organization. This is also the main reason why the mysterious organization has been looking for the last formula your mother left behind! If he doesn’t inject the last dose within half a year, Trueman will die.”

Nora was stunned. “Then you and Trueman…”

Caleb chuckled. “That’s right. I grew up with him. Many of us kept dying every month. In the end, only four have survived till now. Perhaps because of our experiences together, Trueman is still polite to me. Furthermore, because of the serum, I’m smarter than ordinary people. My status in the mysterious organization is higher. But even so, I don’t know where the leader and Trueman’s nest is… My goal for returning this time is to find their foundation so that the special department can cooperate with Interpol and eliminate them all!”

Nora was silent for a long time. The truth she had been searching for was exposed in front of her just like that, but this truth was incomparably cruel.

After a long time, she asked, “How did my mother die back then?”

Caleb was silent for a moment.

Nora stared at him with a determined look. “I want to hear the truth.”

Caleb sighed. “The mysterious organization is very powerful. Back then, your mother leaked some information under the cover of my parents. Seeing that they were about to come looking for you, your mother chose to die to protect you.”

Back then, Yvette had left Ian because she didn’t want to drag him into all of her mess.

She had used her death to stop that pursuit.

Caleb continued, “After your mother died, my parents helped cover all the evidence, and you were safe. But no one expected for the Andersons to recognize you. You even appeared in New York in such a high-profile manner. Yvette had a daughter who was still alive. This attracted the attention of the mysterious organization, and it finally made them discover what had happened back then.”

Caleb lowered his eyes. “When he found out that my parents and I had hidden your whereabouts to protect you, the leader wanted to kill me. It was Trueman who begged for mercy and saved my life.”

Nora also said, “After you were caught, Trueman sent me a message. He said that he would answer one of my questions in exchange for me to give you medicine. He treats you pretty well.”

Caleb sighed. “Yes, this is also why I didn’t betray all these years the mysterious organization despite knowing that they were in the wrong.”

Nora nodded and asked again, “About my pregnancy…”

“I don’t know anything about that,” Caleb replied. “I don’t understand why you got pregnant. I don’t understand why my family has protected you for so many years.”

Caleb smiled bitterly. “Back then, Anthony despised you and refused to fulfill the marriage agreement. After this matter blew up too many times, my family even suggested that I take his place and fulfill the marriage agreement.”

He looked at Nora, his eyes were suddenly deep. “In the end, we’re not fated to be together.”

Caleb muttered to himself, “Fortunately, you didn’t marry me.”

He coughed.

Nora looked at him and sighed. She did not say anything and patted his shoulder. “When are you leaving? I’ll see you off.”

“No, it’s fine.”

Caleb replied slowly, “I’ll pretend to escape. Otherwise, Trueman would find out.”

Nora nodded.

The two of them were speechless for a moment. Nora simply said, “I’ll get going then.”

“Okay, goodbye.”

When Nora walked to the door, she realized that Caleb had already picked up the book and was back to reading it leisurely.

Nora then went out and did not see Caleb suddenly put down his book after she left. He looked at the door and let out a long sigh.

Then, he covered his ċhėst and coughed violently.

He quickly took out the medicine Nora had prepared for him. He opened it and wanted to take a pill, but he suddenly realized that there was only one pill left in the bottle.

He stared at the pill for a while and suddenly laughed at himself. He placed the pill back into the bottle and could not bear to take it.

Nora, who was outside the door, did not know this.

She only looked at Morris and asked, “When did Caleb start talking?”

Morris stared at Nora for a while and replied, “The day after you sent him the medicine.”

Nora: “…”

She did not speak and just waved at Morris before leaving..

Life was not worth looking back at.

Nora arrived at the parking lot and saw Justin’s car parked not far away. She had just walked over when she saw Ruth standing in front of Justin.

She was tightly clutching Justin’s sleeve. “Mr. Hunt, I knew it. I knew you would definitely come if I locked up Nora. It’s too difficult to see you!”

Justin’s expression was cold and even a little impatient.

He was about to speak when Ruth shouted, “You can’t treat me like this. Have you forgotten that night five years ago? I was the woman that night!”

Nora, who was about to walk over, was speechless.

She stopped in her tracks.

Her first thought was not that Justin was dating this woman, but that Ruth was somehow involved in the matter of extracting Justin’s spėrm and injecting it into her body to make her pregnant?!

How did she get pregnant? How did Justin lose his memories and got schemed against? She was still wondering when this woman exposed herself.

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