She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 603

Half an hour later, a dispirited Ruth walked out of the interrogation room with the others.

All of them had rather awful looks on their faces as they looked at Ruth. Mark said, “I will send the new information from the interrogation to Captain Ford right away. As for how you will be dealt with, it’s up to Captain Ford.”

After speaking, he hurriedly walked to the side and called Morris to give him a report.

The others stared at Ruth.

Five minutes later, Mark returned.

He stared at Ruth and said, “Captain Ford says that the special department does not need a hypocrite like you. Please leave!!”

Ruth might have deceived them, but her academic qualifications were real. Her claims of knowing Q and Black Cat were all made verbally, so there was no actual accountability to be held.

It was just like how a lot of ordinary people would brag and claim that they knew certain high-ranking officials. Even if one saw through their lies, could they arrest him?

As long as they didn’t make use of that to break the law, no one could arrest them.

Ruth hadn’t broken the law either. If one must say that she had made a mistake, then it would just be negligence at work at most. Her academic qualifications and so on were all real. The interrogation plans she had produced were also all rigorous and backed up by science.

It was just that the information she received from the interrogation was different from the final answer.

Ruth bit her lip. Even without her looking up, she could still feel the gazes from the people around her. She balled up her hands and suddenly shouted, “You can’t do this to me! Captain Ford can’t do this to me! Be it my interrogation methods or the statements, none of it is wrong! Nora’s mother really is the mysterious organization’s second-in-command! There is no doubt about that!”

Seeing that she was still unrepentant, Mark sighed and said, “But she has already betrayed the mysterious organization! You didn’t manage to get them to tell you this critical fact! That makes the statement you got the complete opposite!”

Yes, that’s right…

Yvette had indeed been the second-in-command in the mysterious organization. In fact, she had even been a key figure in the gene serum’s research and development. However, she had later betrayed the mysterious organization and fled back to the United States.

After being arrested in the country, the reason why she had fled from prison was also to escape the mysterious organization’s pursuit! That was why she had escaped to California!


When Yvette escaped, she had taken away a key part of the mysterious organization’s research and development of the gene serum. As a result, their gene serum research and development had been missing something all these years. All the gene serums they had developed were also incomplete.

This was why the people who consumed the gene serum either went crazy or died.

Why had Yvette betrayed the mysterious organization? The bodyguards did not know the reason. All they knew was that the purpose of them coming to the United States was to take back from Yvette’s successor everything that had belonged to the mysterious organization.

It could be said that based on Ruth’s interrogation results, Nora had become the enemy of the special department.

But when one looked at the final interrogation results instead, not only was Nora not their enemy, but she was even in the same camp as the special department.

These were two completely different conclusions.

As for whether it was Ruth’s lack of ability that led to her failure to uncover the final conclusion or a deliberate act on her part, Morris couldn’t be bothered to pursue this.

At least, on the surface, she was no longer suitable to stay in the special department.


Nora was outside the interrogation room. She had also interrogated the other bodyguards. The answers she got from them were the same.

She clenched her jaw.

She picked up her cell phone and looked at Trueman’s reply to her text message:

“Your pregnancy was out of everyone’s expectations. After an investigation into it, we were able to confirm that your mother was the one who had set up the whole thing. You should be aware that she made a deal with Caleb, but she deceived him, as well as the rest of us all. The original agreement between Caleb and her was that once you came of age, she would return to the organization what she had stolen while you married into the Grays. But for some reason, she broke the agreement. Your mother has never been someone trustworthy!”

Nora stared at the text message.

What she remembered of her mother was that she had fled to California behind Ian’s back. She was the one who had left her the audio recording in California, as well as the one who had made various arrangements for her future.

After she came to New York, she had also learned from other people what her mother had been like. Therefore, the image she had of her mother had gradually started to take a clear shape in her mind.

Even if she had never felt her mother’s embrace before, the impression she had of her mother was now that of a strong, independent, powerful, and unrestrained woman.

She was the center of attention that even young and talented men like Ian had pursued. It could be said that she was someone whom almost everyone looked up to.

The Carefree Pill she had developed on a whim had become sought after by all after she improved its formula.

Her prowess in alternative medicine was recognized by everyone in the field. Even Jon, no matter how much he disliked her, always looked like he thought of her as a talented person whenever he mentioned her.

Everyone who had lived in the same era as her mother called her a legend whenever they mentioned her.

She was just like the sun—alive and vibrant, yet also enviable.

People only had praise for her whenever they mentioned her name!

Yet, she had really once been a member of the mysterious organization… On top of that, she had even made use of a method like artificial insemination to make her daughter pregnant!

She took a deep breath, Caleb’s words suddenly flashing across her mind: “… the final truth will definitely be cruel.”

Nora clenched her hands into fists.

But for her…

Why on earth would she want to plot against her own daughter like that?!

She had always hated how her life was out of her own control. Becoming pregnant was the only thing in her life that had deviated from her expectations.

She could only say that she was fortunate that Justin was the children’s father. But… what if she hadn’t fallen in love with Justin her whole life? Would those two children have been destined to grow up without a mother or a father?!

For a moment there, her feelings towards Yvette became rather complicated.

At this time, Morris finally came back.

He looked like he was in a hurry. From the looks of it, he had just gotten off the helicopter. After entering the special department, he immediately made eye contact with Nora.

Then, he took a deep breath and said, “You can’t leave.”

Nora didn’t respond. She was uninhibited by nature, and such a lifestyle of having to adhere to rules and regulations in everything she did actually didn’t suit her.

Besides, now that they had figured out the truth, she didn’t feel that there was a need for her to stay anymore.

She didn’t speak, her stance clear.

Morris gazed at her. A while later, he finally heaved a sigh. “Never mind. It’s only because certain people in the department disappointed you.”

His gaze swept towards Mark and the others nearby.

Mark and the others hung their heads at once.

Cooperating with Ruth to interrogate Nora was indeed something that filled them with guilt.

Nora said, “It’s nothing.”

She wasn’t planning on holding those things against them—because she had never once regarded Mark and the others as friends.

Seeing how indifferent she was, Morris kept quiet for a moment before he finally said, “If you want to leave, then why don’t you pay Caleb Gray one last visit? He probably has something to tell you.”

Nora was a little surprised. She then turned and walked towards Caleb’s interrogation room.

In the hall.

With a sharp look in his eyes, Morris stared at the people who had cooperated with Ruth. He pointed at them and said, “Do you guys know what you have done wrong?!”

However, they didn’t know what Morris was upset about. Someone among them even said with dissatisfaction, “Captain Ford, we were just following procedure. We can apologize to Ms. Smith.”

“It’s too late.”

Morris knew that Nora would never turn back once she made up her mind.

He also knew that everything that took place in the special department during this period of time had immensely disappointed her.

Those people curled their lips disdainfully. “That’s Ms. Smith being petty, then. Is there anyone here who wouldn’t have the occasional disagreement with one another? How is it that she’s the only…”

But before he could finish his sentence, Morris’ gaze had already swept towards him, causing him to shut up.

“Isn’t she just a forensic doctor? What’s she being so arrogant for?!”

Someone muttered under their breath.

When Morris heard this, he sneered, “A forensic doctor? Do you think she is just a forensic doctor?! The way I see it, you still don’t understand what you have missed out on!”

“What else could it be…”

The man replied with dissatisfaction.

At the side, as Damon stared after Nora, for some reason, he couldn’t help but feel like there was some sort of mysterious and unfathomable aura around her. He suddenly asked, “She’s… not Q, is she?”

Morris didn’t say anything.

He did not deny it, but he did not refute him either.

Damon’s eyes gradually widened. He thought of some of the things they had done to Nora after she joined the special department and he held his head in regret. “If… if she really is Q, then… my god, what have I done to her?!”

The person next to him was taken aback when he heard him. However, even though Q was a god to the people in the IT department, they were nothing to them. Thus, he said, “What’s the big deal about people like Q and Y? At the bottom of it all, they are just hackers. For the special department, it’s Black Cat who is the most impressive! As long as she isn’t Black Cat, our loss is negligible!”

But as soon as he said that, someone nearby poked him.

In a low voice, he said, “After she interrogated the bodyguards just now, the bodyguards called her the devil and revealed everything…”

As soon as he said that, the whole place suddenly fell silent.

A short while later, someone murmured, “S-surely not…? Could it be that…”

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