She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 596

Karl was still holding the bowl of dumplings that Tanya had prepared for him when the policemen surrounded him. The officer at the front looked at him warily and asked, “Who are you?”

Karl neatened his uniform, waved, and replied, “One of you, obviously!”

Sue immediately yelled, “You mustn’t believe him, officer! His affairs were all over the news just some time ago! Quick, arrest him! He had already escaped from jail once to attend his daughter’s wedding!”

Someone had filmed Karl’s escape from prison to attend the wedding the other time. The video had made it to the news, making him a household name in New York.

Therefore, the police officers had also heard a little about it. They looked at Karl in surprise.

Karl: “…”

He put down the bowl of dumplings, sighed, and then took out his ID from his pocket and threw it to the leading police officer from a distance.

The man flipped open the ID. Upon seeing the badge number on it, he opened up the system and keyed in his information. Karl’s profile appeared at once.

When he saw the words “Went undercover for 25 years. Returned to the team on XX day of XX month of XX year” among other things, he was filled with awe and respect at once.

Sue was still sneering at them. “Tanya, you are too much! Hurry up and persuade your father to surrender! Don’t drag the Smiths into this! You mustn’t be so selfish! Now that you have become known as a murderer’s daughter, it’s already very hard for you to socialize in New York. You’ll be breaking the law if you continue to shelter a criminal! Even if you must break the law to help your father, how can you drag the Smiths? You—”

Sue was very afraid of Karl, so she was hiding behind the leading policeman as she spoke. While she was speaking, though, she saw the policeman suddenly straightening his back. Then, he saluted Karl!

After that, with a wave from him, the other SWAT officers also immediately stood straight and put away their weapons. Then, the leading policeman walked up to Karl and respectfully returned his ID. “Thank you for your hard work!”

Sue: “??”

Karl waved him off. “Not at all.”

After Kal put away his credentials, just as the policemen were about to leave, he suddenly said, “There are costs for you guys to respond to a call like this, right?”

Of course.

It took time for everyone to gather at the training ground, collect their equipment, and set off.

Before the leader could reply, Karl looked at Sue again and said, “You can’t just respond to a call for nothing. Why not take this woman who made the false police report back with you and educate her?”

“Yes, sir!”

Karl was a retiree of the special department. Morris had even given him several medals. All the contributions he had made were all apparent on his clothes in the form of medals.

Thus, his position was much higher than the other officers’.

Upon hearing what Karl said, the officers immediately held Sue down.

Dumbfounded, Sue shouted, “No! I’m not…! I didn’t…! What is going on? I don’t know anything at all! …”

It was just a shame that they couldn’t hear the rest of what she said as the group of policemen was very efficient. They took her with them straightaway.

After they left, Karl looked at Ian. “The Smiths s**k. How come random people just waltz in so casually?”

The butler came in at this point.

To be honest, the butler had already received news of the police officers’ impending arrival before they had even arrived. He had specially asked Joel whether he should let them in or not.

The Smith Manor wasn’t a place that they could enter just because they wanted to!

Joel had agreed to it at that time and instructed the Smiths’ bodyguards not to get into a conflict with them.

However, Ian and Joel couldn’t be bothered to explain.

After mocking them about it, Karl took his bowl of dumplings and started digging in. He even said unceremoniously, “Get a room ready for me.”

Ian looked at him frostily. “Are you even planning to take up permanent residence here?”

“Of course.”

Karl said, “I am now employed, so I will have to work in New York from now on. What, are you guys going to drive me away? If so, then I’ll be taking both my daughter and granddaughter with me.”

Ian curled his lips disdainfully. “Would I be afraid of you? I just think that it’s too pitiful for you to live all by yourself! Fine, fine, stay here if that’s what you want!”


Seeing the two of them bickering, Joel and Tanya looked at each other.

Earlier, Tanya had no father.

Ian had also given up on life and sought death.

But now, it seemed like everything was developing for the better…

Nora woke up after just 48 hours this time.

Firstly, it was because she had already made up more than thirty hours of her sleep debt previously. Secondly, it was because she had to go to the hospital to visit Quentin. Although the bone adhesion balm was great, it was necessary to reapply it every other week.

When she stretched, she saw that both Cherry and Pete were also on her bed and taking a nap with her.

Everyone who should know about Cherry and Pete’s identities was already aware by now, so Pete had cut his hair short while Cherry was slowly growing out her hair.

The two little fellows’ mouths were slightly open, and they looked really cute asleep.

While she was looking at them, Pete suddenly opened his eyes.

Although his eyes still looked a little dazed, he quickly recovered. When he saw that she was awake, a touch of a smile formed on the little boy’s face.

He rubbed his eyes and sat up. “Mommy, do you want a glass of water?”

Nora had been asleep for an extended period of time. Even though she had been injected with nutritional fluids, her throat was still parched and dry. She replied hoarsely, “Yeah.”

Pete slipped off the bed at once. He was about to go out and pour her a glass of water when the door opened. Justin pushed the door open and walked in with a glass of water and a bowl of plain oatmeal. “I thought you might have woken up when I heard sounds coming from the room. Here, have some water and oatmeal.”

Nora: “…”

She felt a little touched.

Her cell phone beeped just as she finished the oatmeal. She picked it up to see that it was a message from Brenda.

The message she had sent a day ago was: “Johnson has been tried and sentenced to death. He will be executed immediately. Most of the money that Karl gave him over the years has also been recovered, but there’s nothing to be done about the portion that has been spent.”

The message she had sent just now was: ‘Are you awake?’

Nora replied: ‘Yeah.’

Brenda called her at once.

When Nora answered, an agitated Brenda said, “Hurry over to the special department, Nora! Ruth has managed to get those people to talk after using the plans that Black Cat drew up! As it turns out, the mysterious organization really is related to your mother! The situation is very disadvantageous for you right now!”

Hearing this, Nora narrowed her eyes at once and said, “Okay, I’m on my way.”

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