She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 587

Chapter 587 Johnson Takes Action!

Johnson had always been someone who could keep himself calm.

From the start to the end, he had never believed that someone who had taken a bullet through the temples could survive.

That was why he had not done anything all this time. Neither would he leave behind any potential blackmail material for Nora.

However, things were starting to develop more and more bizarrely.

Even the inspection unit’s forensic doctor was saying that Terry had a chance of regaining consciousness?

However, he mustn’t panic.

Regaining consciousness did not mean that he would remember the past! Surely there was no way newly-grown brain cells would retain past memories, right?

He couldn’t help asking, “Would he remember what had happened in the past?”

The forensic doctor replied, “One’s memories are stored in the central nervous system. As long as the nerves are not destroyed, the memories could be retained. It all still depends on Terry’s condition after he wakes up!”

Johnson was dumbfounded when he heard this.

The forensic doctor went back into the ward and continued to observe Terry’s condition.

Johnson stood outside. Then, he suddenly turned and headed outside. When he was about to go down the stairs, he saw Lily supporting Quentin as he walked about in the corridor.

Shockingly enough, Quentin, whose body had been limp all over, could already walk a great distance without any help or stops.

Lily was even giving him compliments. She said, “Nice! Your recovery is progressing so fast!”

Quentin explained, “Yeah, I can feel my body repairing itself bit by bit every day. I can feel the bones growing, it’s as if something is bubbling inside me… It’s amazing! I’d always known that Nora’s medical skills were amazing, but I didn’t expect them to be this good!”

Lily also nodded. “I finally understand why people are chasing after the gene serum. It’s simply too amazing!”

Johnson kept walking downstairs as he listened to their conversation.

He lit up a cigarette downstairs in the hospital and started smoking, his emotions becoming more and more irritable.

He extinguished the cigarette b**t and tossed it into the trash can. Only then did he get into his car and make his way to the special department.

As soon as he stepped inside the special department, everyone there gathered around him. They looked at him and asked, “Captain Johnson, what happened to Captain Ford? Did he really violate the regulations?”

“Captain Johnson, shouldn’t Mark be released by now?” The attitude of the people in the department towards Johnson had clearly become a lot more enthusiastic than before, all just because Morris hadn’t immediately taken revenge for Janson when the accident happened. This had made everyone unhappy with him.

Johnson smiled and replied, “He’s fine, they are just trying to thoroughly investigate what had happened. All of you are also aware that Captain Ford’s way of doing things is too non-compliant with the rules. Sigh! Alright, let’s just free Mark for now! Also, you all shouldn’t be gathering here. Go and do what you’re supposed to be doing!” Everyone nodded.

They wanted to say more, but Johnson had already entered his office. He took out another cigarette and started to smoke. He was still waiting-waiting for further news from the hospital about Terry’s condition. Brain damage could lead to many different scenarios. He couldn’t take any risks yet!

After some time, it gradually turned dark outside.

Someone suddenly pushed open the door to Johnson’s office. An excited Mark rushed in and said, “Johnson, I think Karl is about to be convicted of his crimes!”

Johnson was surprised. “What do you mean?”

Mark replied, “Janson just contacted me and said that Terry opened his eyes today! He obviously wanted to say something, but because he couldn’t control his body yet, he couldn’t speak. Janson also said that Terry will be able to speak after another day’s time. When that happens, we will have a testimony! Let’s see what Karl has to say after that!”

Panic entered Johnson’s eyes, but he nevertheless feigned surprise and said, “Really? That’s great!”

After Mark reported the “good news”, he left the office.

Johnson stayed in the office for a while more. He suddenly extinguished the cigarette. A sharp look flashed in his eyes. After that, he went out and called Mark over.

He instructed, “Interrogate Karl overnight and try your best to get him to confess to his crimes! This will be a gift for Terry once he wakes up!”

A fierce look appeared in Mark’s eyes. “Don’t worry, I will definitely get you a satisfactory outcome!”

Johnson nodded. “I’ll head to the hospital and watch over Terry, and strive to get a statement from him! This way, we’ll be able to have Karl convicted as quickly as possible!”

“Yes, sir.”

Johnson then went out and drove off. However, he did not go to the hospital. He stopped by a pharmacy and bought some drugs capable of instantly suffocating someone…

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