She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 582

Chapter 582 Is Austin Coming?!

Austin narrowed his eyes. His phone was also protected. Logically speaking, unknown numbers should not be able to reach his phone. But now, his phone was ringing. Austin was silent for a moment before picking up his phone and answering the call. A pure British accent came from the other end of the line. “You’re too bold, Austin.”

That voice…

Austin stood up in shock. He swallowed and asked tentatively, “Mr. King?”

The voice on the other end was low as if it came straight from hell. It made Austin feel like someone had poured a bucket of ice water on his head in the middle of summer. “It’s


Austin hurriedly said, “Mr. King, I don’t know what I’ve done to make you call me personally?”

His mind was racing, he was afraid that he would anger him if he was any slower. “Is it that gene serum? Do you want it too?” The other party: “…Scram.”

Austin: “Okay, I understand. I’ll immediately cancel all the flights to New York… I guarantee I won’t appear in New York anytime soon!”

“Beep, beep, beep…”

The call ended.

It was only then that Austin realized that his entire body was drenched in a cold sweat as if he had just been scooped out of water. He looked ahead in surprise and muttered to himself in confusion, “Mr. King is also after the gene serum? If he wanted the gene serum, he only to say the word and the other party would have obediently given it to him, right? Besides, why would Mr. King need such a thing?”

Austin was very puzzled, but he did not dare to ask anything else.

One of his subordinates asked, “Are we still leaving?”

Austin kicked him. “For what? Do you want to die?”

In the country.

After Ian hung up the phone, he thought for a while and finally called Joel. He asked him to send all the people from the Smiths’ dark forces to protect Nora at the hospital.

After speaking to Joel, Ian was silent for a while but remained worried.

Austin was too terrifying. He was the worst at keeping his promises. Furthermore, he was ruthless. Ian was afraid that the Smiths would not be able to withstand his attacks.

At this critical moment, Ian put down his prejudice against Justin and called him.

Justin picked up quickly. “Mr. Smith, what’s the matter?”

Ian coughed. “You must have seen the post on the foreign forum by now, right? Austin is coming to s****h Nora’s medicine. Although I don’t know what it is, Austin is a little difficult to deal with. I’m worried about Nora’s safety. The Smiths’ men are already on their way to the hospital…”

He suddenly could not say anything about asking the Hunts to send someone out.

He was pleading, after all.

However, before he could think of a way to say it, he heard Justin say, “I have 81 bodyguards here. I’ll personally guard outside the hospital. Is that okay?”

Hearing this, for the first time, Ian felt that this son-in-law seemed pretty good.

He coughed again. “Yes. I’ll be more at ease if you guard it personally.”

Justin said politely, “I’m still young, after all. There are some things I couldn’t do well, so I still need your guidance. This time, you’ll be the commander, and I’ll listen to your orders. How about that?”

He was showing weakness.

It also made Ian lower his guard against him for the first time.

In the end, Justin was only a man who had just fallen in love. He shouldn’t be that dangerous, right?

Ian said, “Okay, sure. Then listen to the arrangements.”

“No problem.”

Justin hung up the phone. Lawrence shouted from the side, “Boss, how can you not let Miss Smith know that you’re the one actually saving her?”

Sean also looked at Justin.

Justin touched his nose. The mole under his eye flickered, and a sly look appeared in his eyes. “If I’d done something Ian couldn’t, do you think he’d still be at ease handing Nora to me?”

Justin had suddenly understood Ian’s thoughts.

Thinking about it, if he were to find a husband for Cherry in the future, he definitely would not want her husband to be too powerful. He only hoped that Cherry would be happy and healthy and could find a reliable person to take care of her for the rest of her life.

The more capable a man was, the grander his ambitions. Such a man would be all the more difficult to control.

If Cherry’s husband was stronger than him, how could he help Cherry take revenge if he bullied her in the future?

Therefore, the best way was to prevent Cherry’s boyfriend from having the ability to overpower him!

Therefore, not only could he not follow Lawrence’s instructions and show off his abilities, but he also had to keep a low profile and make Ian put down his guard against him.

Justin stood up and walked out.

Lawrence asked, “Boss, where are you going?” Justin turned around. “The hospital, of course. Didn’t I promise Ian that I would guard Nora?”

Lawrence was confused.

Austin did not dare to come!

However, before he could finish speaking, Justin had already strode out the door.

Austin was coming.

This news made Captain Johnson excited and he was constantly paying attention to the movements outside.

The next morning, there was still no news from the hospital.

Captain Johnson comforted himself. It would take 12 hours for Austin to fly from the UK to New York. He must not be here yet! At noon the next day, there was still no news of him at the hospital. Everything was unbelievably stable.

Captain Johnson could only continue to comfort himself. Austin had arrived in New York, and he definitely needed to rest. He could not do anything without the proper preparation.

However, by the morning of the third day, Austin still hadn’t shown up!

Captain Johnson could not sit still.

He walked around the room. He, who had not slept the entire night, had serious dark circles under his eyes. He even went online and sent a message to Austin: “You didn’t come?”

Austin replied: “Are you looking for death? Scram!”

Johnson: “???”

He looked at Austin’s reply on the screen in a daze. Was Austin really not here?

He said he would come, and then posted a comment that frightened others so much that they did not dare to jump in. But in the end, Austin still did not come? Why?!

Captain Johnson abruptly stood up.

He wanted to rush to the hospital, but his last remaining rationality calmed him down. Don’t be anxious, don’t be anxious…

What if that gene serum was useless? He definitely could not fall into Nora’s trap!

At this moment, Janson called. His voice was a little dull. “Captain Johnson!’

He was choking on his tears as he spoke. Captain Johnson heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly said, “Did the experiment fail? Nora’s brother didn’t stand up, right? Like I said, using the gene serum to treat illnesses is impossible! But Janson, don’t be too depressed. Life and death are determined…”

At this point, Janson interrupted him. “No, Captain Johnson, that’s not what I meant. I called you to tell you… It worked! Quentin has stood up!”

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