She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 577

Chapter 577 Stay or Leave?

Nora’s words caused everyone to look at her.

Morris’s eyes darkened and he glanced at Captain Johnson. However, there was no surprise in his eyes. He sighed silently at this old fox and looked at Nora at the same time. He asked, “Old Terry isn’t dead?”

“His heartbeat just returned to normal.”

Nora said, “But his head was blown up at his temple. He’s currently in a coma…”

When Captain Johnson heard this, his deep eyes were filled with contemplation, but he pretended to be excited. “What? Old Terry really isn’t dead? That’s great! He’s in a coma. Can he recover?”

Nora nodded. “Of course. I have a way to save him!”


Captain Johnson was so excited that his eyes were red. “Old Terry is an outstanding police officer. If he died just like that, it’d be all my fault!”

Nora kept staring at Captain Johnson, hearing all his lies with interest. Originally, she had thought that Captain Johnson was a brainless and impulsive person. But at this moment, she suddenly realized that she had misjudged him!

Ever since Captain Johnson had entered the picture, he had been very troublesome. He was easy to anger and his hate for her was obvious. This had made her lower her guard, thinking that Captain Johnson was really such a person.

It was only after this incident that Nora suddenly realized that this Captain Johnson was really a sly old fox!

If he was really just a senile old man, how could Captain Johnson have killed someone and framed Karl? How could he have done everything so naturally? Having worked alongside these five years, Nora trusted Karl more.

Although Karl did not say anything, she had already guessed the reality of the matter.

Captain Johnson fired, and Karl snatched the pistol. There could be a ballistic analysis. However, Captain Johnson’s fingerprints were definitely not on the pistol in Karl’s hand!

Captain Johnson was careful enough not to leave any evidence.


Old Terry’s temple was pierced by a gun. The bullet trajectory was also calculated in advance.

Now, Captain Johnson was so calm, and he was also certain that Old Terry would not survive. What Nora had said earlier was actually a lie…

Nora lowered her almond-shaped eyes slightly. She did not look at Captain Johnson but at Karl. She said calmly, “Now, all the evidence points to you, but Old Terry is still alive. Whether you leave or stay is your decision.”

Karl tightened his jaw.

After repeatedly breaking out of prison, he could already be the number one criminal in the special department. If he stayed, it would be even harder to escape next time.

Furthermore, the situation was not optimistic for him.

When Karl hesitated, Captain Johnson shouted angrily, “Nora, what nonsense are you talking about again?! Make him stay and bear the punishment! Even if Old Terry didn’t die, he was the one who injured him!”

Janson clenched his fists. “He’s my father’s murderer. Even if he leaves, even if I have to chase him to the ends of the earth, I’ll catch up to him!”

Karl looked at the people in front of him.

Not long ago, he was also one of them. It was because he looked evil and did not look like a good person that he was chosen by Old Terry to be an undercover agent.

After being undercover for so many years, he really wanted to go home.

However, there was no one at home, and it was meaningless to come back. Therefore, he had established an Assassin Alliance overseas. On the surface, he took money to do things, but was it not just another way to maintain peace?

After leaving this place, he could continue to live a happy life.

But was he really leaving? His gaze fell on Tanya, who was following Nora and stumbling out the door. On his daughter’s bright face, her eyes were stuck on him. There was reluctance, hesitation, and confusion in them.

Karl understood her thoughts.

She wanted him to stay, but she was afraid that he would die if he did. She wanted him to live, but she did not know what to do.

Karl suddenly lowered his eyes.

He turned to look at Black Panther and said, “Get in.”

Black Panther heaved a sigh of relief and sat in the driver’s seat.

The others immediately took a step forward. Morris said in a deep voice, “Karl, don’t make the wrong choice! We will give you justice! You have to believe in us!”

Captain Johnson picked up the walkie-talkie and said to the sniper hiding in the dark, who was searching for the best sniping position, “Find an opportunity and kill him! Take revenge for Old Terry!”

When Nora heard this, she glanced at Captain Johnson.

But she said nothing. Strictly speaking, Captain Johnson wasn’t doing anything wrong. For the safety of the hostages, shooting was inevitable.

Just as she was worried that Karl would really leave, she saw him grab Ruth and say to Black Panther in the car, “Go!”

Black Panther was stunned and shouted, “Brother!”

Karl did not speak. His eyes were very firm. “Go!”

Black Panther bit his lips in anger. However, when he saw the people slowly surrounding him, he knew that if he did not leave now, he would probably be trapped if the sniper found his position.

If his brother would not leave, then he had to leave first to find a chance to save him.

Thinking of this, Black Panther became ruthless. He stepped on the accelerator and rushed out!

Other police officers chased after him, but unfortunately, they could never catch a top killer like Black Panther.

Karl pushed Ruth and slowly raised his hand.

Captain Johnson instantly picked up his gun and was about to shoot Karl when Morris suddenly held his hand and said in a deep voice, “Captain Johnson, he has already surrendered. It’s probably inappropriate for you to kill him, right?”.

Captain Johnson took a deep breath and shouted angrily, “He killed Old Terry!”

Janson, who was beside him, rushed forward.

Ruth thought that Janson was here to pick her up and reached out. However, the next moment, Janson circled around Ruth and rushed to Karl, waving his fists at him!

With a bang, Janson hit him in the face.

Karl did not dodge. He stood there and stared at Janson. “You’re Old Terry’s son, so I’ll take this punch!”

Just as Janson was about to hit him again, someone rushed forward and stopped him. “Alright, alright. That’s enough. We have to follow the law!”

“Yes, we can’t beat others up in private… Let’s go see your father quickly!”

Janson was taken away by the other colleagues. A group of people immediately rushed forward and detained Karl. They twisted his arms behind his back and restrained him.

At this moment, Karl’s face was swollen and he did not look good.

However, he still looked up and gave Tanya a reassuring look.

Tanya’s eyes instantly turned red. She held Nora’s hand. “He’s innocent!”

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