She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 533

Chapter 533 Jill’s True Colors!

Nora stared at the screen for a while before she suddenly realized something. Well, that made sense. Out of the few known hackers in the world, who else besides Y could compete with her for a few rounds? Justin hadn’t showed up the whole day even after learning what happened to Karl. As it turned out, he had the same suspicions as her, so he was also hacking into the system in the middle of the night?

The corners of Nora’s lips spasmed.

Just because Justin hacked into the system first, she had thought that he was someone from the other side.

The corners of her lips spasmed again. Her phone rang at this point and then Justin’s low and deep voice came from the other side. “Are you planning to make me take the rap again?”

Nora thought back to when the two of them had first met. Every time she did something with one of her identities, upon being discovered, everyone would think that it was Justin who had helped her. She didn’t want to reveal her identity at that time, so she hadn’t refuted it.

However, the two of them weren’t familiar with each other yet at that time. She had even felt a little embarrassed having him take the blame.

As for now… Had she already become so used to it?

Nora coughed and changed the subject. “What did you find?”

Justin, who had sensed her intentions, let out a low chuckle. His laugh reached her ear through the phone, making her feel as if she was about to have an eargasm.


Justin slowly said, “I discovered that there isn’t any information about Karl in the system!”

A surprised Nora subconsciously replied, “Something’s off.”

As she spoke, Justin stopped obstructing her and Nora entered the system too.

When Karl went to Switzerland more than twenty years ago, he had actually sneaked into the country illegally. Therefore, there definitely wouldn’t be any record of him purchasing air tickets or leaving the country.

However, before he entered the country illegally, Karl had been a gangster in New York. At that time, when he was dating Tanya’s mother, he had committed a crime and ended up being arrested. That was why he had broken off contact with Tanya’s mother.

So, how could he not have any criminal record in the police station?

The fact that there wasn’t anything was, in fact, the biggest problem of all!

Justin said, “I’ve already checked for more than three hours. He indeed doesn’t have any criminal record.” Nora took a deep breath. “I see.” She exited the system.

There were only two possible reasons for Karl’s lack of criminal record in the system. The first was that Karl himself had engaged a hacker to infiltrate the system and delete his records after he made a name for himself.

After all, he was part of the Assassin Alliance abroad. The less others knew about him, the better it was.

Of course, there was also the second possibility

– his records had been transferred away, so they weren’t on the Internet.

But why had they been transferred away?

This was what Nora had to investigate next.

She said to the phone, “I’m hanging up.”

She planned to go to the special department to interrogate Karl again the next day.

But unexpectedly, when she said that, Justin quickly replied, “You’re so heartless.”

There was a bit of resentment in his voice. “… What?”

Justin sighed. “You throw me away once you’re done using me. Are you already denying doing anything with me when you haven’t even pulled your pants back up?” Nora: “??”

She hadn’t done anything with him at all!

Nora hung up straight away. Her cheeks were a little red. What kind of nonsense was that man spouting? What pants didn’t she pull back up?!

Elsewhere at the Hunts’.

Justin, who had been busy for more than four hours, came up empty-handed. However, the computer made the corners of his lips curl upward into a smile in the end.

He shook his head and went to bed.

After he lay down, he fell asleep very soon.

He couldn’t tell if it was because he had talked about pulling up one’s pants with Nora, but he had an unexpected dream that night.

In the dream, it seemed like someone had drugged him and knocked him out, it was six years ago.

While he was half-awake, he’d had his way with a woman… The woman was very fat and very soft… In his daze, he seemed to have seen a pair of almond-shaped eyes.


Justin’s eyes suddenly flew open and he stared at the ceiling.

To be honest, he couldn’t remember a thing about how he had been drugged and knocked out, or how his sperm had been retrieved six years ago. Throughout all these years, that was the sole night he had no memory of.

But the dream from the previous night was too real.

It felt so real it was as if he had actually experienced it… Looking back at it now, it seemed like the memory of that night back then was gradually coming back to him.

The next day.

After she woke up, Nora originally planned to head to the special department to ask Karl what exactly was going on with his criminal record. However, the moment she went downstairs, she instead saw people coming and going in the living room, which was filled with people.

Tanya was sitting on the sofa and looking at these people with a numb look on her face.

As for Maureen, she was busy greeting the wealthy ladies visiting them.

Most of them were here to ask if the wedding would still be held. When they heard that it would be, they started to give her wedding gifts in the pretense of friendship.

Maureen found someone to make a note of the gifts and their senders, so that Tanya could return the favor later.

Seeing how troublesome the situation was, Nora frowned.

She suddenly didn’t feel like having a wedding anymore. How boring must it be to just sit and wait on the sofa? If she had that much spare time, she might as well just go to bed instead!

But it seemed like she was thinking too much. She didn’t have many friends in the States anyway. It was different for Tanya, who grew up in New York, after all… With that in mind, Nora went down the stairs and up to Tanya. She said teasingly, “To think you said that you didn’t have any friends. Does this look like you don’t have any friends?” “… Do you even remember your kindergarten classmates?”

Nora: “?”

Tanya smiled wryly and said, “I really don’t have any impression of them. These people even said that they danced with me when we were children! How would I possibly remember anyone from when I was five or six?!”

Nora instantly understood.

These people were here to ingratiate themselves with the Smiths in the name of being good friends with Tanya!

The corners of Nora’s lips spasmed.

At this point, the butler hurriedly walked in and said, “Ms. Nora, Mdm. Tanya, this is terrible! Mrs. Jones is here again! She’s crying at the door because we refuse to let her in…”

Nora and Tanya looked at each other.

The butler sighed. “We do want to drive her away, but with so many people coming and going today, it won’t reflect well on us if people were to notice. How should I handle this?”

Nora sneered.

She was originally planning to find an opportunity to spill the beans about Jill and Mr. Jones’ conversation in the car. With Jill rushing over to court death now, this was undoubtedly a great opportunity!

She sent Lily a message straightaway: ‘Have you brought the DNA report back?’ Lily responded very quickly: “I’m on the way.”

When Nora saw her reply, she stood and raised her almond-shaped eyes, making her seem like someone who took swift and resolute action. She walked out of the house slowly and said, “Then let’s go and meet her.”

Tanya originally didn’t want to, but Nora was already walking out of the house, so she could only follow behind.

As soon as the two went out, they saw Jill sitting on a big rock outside the gate to the Smiths’ manor. She was wiping her tears with a handkerchief.

Next to her, someone was passing by and asked, “Mrs. Jones, are you crying because you can’t bear to part with your daughter, who will be married soon?”

Jill heaved a huge sigh. “Of course. I gave birth to her after all. No matter how badly I treat her, she was once part of my body…”

When Hillary and Tanya were embroiled in a lawsuit, Jill and Tanya had fallen out very badly. To be honest, everyone knew that the relationship between the mother and daughter was not good.

So, what was Jill here to show off about?

A lot of people had come to the Smiths’ to deliver gifts today. More than a dozen ladies had slowly gathered around Jill by now. Including their chauffeurs, assistants, and servants who had come with them, there were nearly thirty people surrounding Jill at the moment.

Jill stood there and wept. “My life is so hard. What could I do after those things happened and I became pregnant with that murderer’s child back then? Being young and kind, I could only give birth to the child… It’s true that I didn’t treat her well, but she is the child of a murderer and even a rapist! I can’t help but think of her father whenever I see her. How could have I treated her well? Sob…”

As soon as she started weeping, the unsuspecting people around her immediately realized something.

“As it turns out, there is actually more to it than it seems!”

“It’s no wonder Jill treats Tanya so badly, then. If you look at how she treats Hillary, she’s actually not a wicked mother. To be honest, if I were her, I might not have been able to even keep the child.”

“Me too… Come to think of it, I even scolded Jill for treating her daughter badly back then. But if that’s the case, then her actions are indeed forgivable!”


“She has already done pretty well by giving birth to Tanya and giving her life! After that, she even raised her and didn’t kill her… Come to think of it, Tanya should really thank her.”

“I wasn’t understanding towards her previously. They are both her daughters, so how could she treat them so differently? Whenever I visited the Joneses when I was young, she had never really treated Tanya well. But now, I suddenly understand why she did that.”

Everyone passed comments one after another.

Jill wept even more miserably. “Yes, I was really hesitant back then. I didn’t want to give birth to her, but in the end, I still couldn’t bear to abandon a tiny little life, so I gave birth to her!”

She looked at Tanya, who had come out. She cried and shouted, “Tanya, I know I was wrong. All of this is my fault. I misplaced my resentment towards your father on you. Can you forgive me?”

As soon as she said that, everyone looked at Tanya.

“Ms. Turner, why don’t you forgive her?”

“Yeah. In a situation like this, if you still don’t forgive her, then you’ll be the one at fault!”

“She didn’t mean it…”

Lily’s car arrived at the gate at this point.

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