She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 516

Chapter 516 The Scheming Father And Son

Nora’s eyes widened in astonishment and she looked at Justin in disbelief.

She really had asked him up just to let him visit the children!

Wasn’t the guy a slave to his daughter?

Why did he chase Cherry out of the room when he hadn’t even touched her little finger yet? Also, what was he talking about when he told her that they had to hurry?!

The corners of her lips spasmed and she subconsciously asked, “Hurry and do what?”

Almost right after she spoke, Justin turned and walked towards Nora. In just a couple of steps, he came up to her, held her around the waist, and said aggrievedly, “Although a man shouldn’t be talking about going fast, I still want to have you as soon as possible.”

Nora: “!!!”

With the man coming so close to her, she could smell the vanilla scent on him again. The man’s masculine pheromones filled her nose and made her swallow. She wanted to push the man away, but Justin had already lowered his head and was whispering into her ear. He said, “Nora, this is my first time, so I don’t have any experience. Please be patient with me.”



The man’s voice was very deep, making him sound like a subwoofer. His voice was so pleasant it could give one an eargasm.

Nora felt as if her ears were being tickled. In fact, she felt as if even the depths of her heart were slowly starting to itch. However, she could nevertheless sense that the man was nervous—his heart had started to pound violently again.

Her cheeks turned red. She wanted to speak, but the man suddenly nipped her ear.

Nora froze all over at once!

The sensation on her ears was soft and icy-cold. He nibbled on her ear gently, making her feel as though an electric current had surged straight into her heart!

She wanted to push Justin away, but it was as though all her strength had been sapped away, rendering her unable to move. The next moment, the man pushed her down onto the soft bed.

Then, his lips covered hers once more.

His lips were soft and delicate, making Nora slowly close her eyes…

Justin had always exercised self-control in everything he did, but after he kissed Nora the night before, he had dreamed about kissing her the whole night.

He never knew that kissing was this addictive.

It was as if it wouldn’t be enough no matter how much he kissed her…

As a result, during the ten minutes that Ian had kept him downstairs after he arrived, he had been terribly distraught.

When he came upstairs, he couldn’t wait any longer to continue where they had left off the previous evening Nora felt her chest becoming awfully tight. It was as though the man had sucked away all the air in her lungs, making her so tense and nervous that her body was becoming limp.

She was already a mother, but in her memory, this was the first time that she was being so intimate with a man. This continued until…

Knock, knock.

It was only when someone knocked on the door that the two of them finally came back to their senses with a start.

Nora subconsciously glanced at her cell phone

—they had already been kissing for half an hour… But she clearly felt as if only a minute had passed…


Justin sighed softly and said, “Time flies… Even though I’m already making the most out of the time we have, it still feels like there isn’t enough.”

Nora: “…”

Knock, knock!

Someone knocked on the door again. Then, Ian’s voice rang out outside.


Nora abruptly pushed Justin away and sat up straight when she heard Ian’s voice. She took a couple of deep breaths and glared at Justin before she finally walked over to open the door.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Ian standing outside and pulling a very long face. Behind him were Cherry and Pete.

Cherry said “Daddy lied! Mia is already asleep! Mommy, Daddy, what were the two of you doing, though?” Nora was about to say something to gloss over the topic when Pete asked, “Were you two making more brothers and sisters for us?”

Nora: “!!!”

She almost choked on her saliva!

Her cheeks immediately flushed crimson. She sounded a little panicky as she replied, “No, we weren’t!”

Behind the children, Tanya and Joel were craning their necks and watching the excitement like the nosy bystanders they were. In particular, Tanya’s pretty eyes swept across Nora’s face before finally stopping at her lips. She stared at her lips thoughtfully for a while, and then a touch of a smile formed on her face.

Pete frowned. “Oh, you weren’t? Mia said that her parents told her that they are planning to give her a younger sibling, so they kicked her out of the bedroom while her mom and dad slept together. That’s why I thought Mommy and the tyr… I mean, Daddy were also making younger brothers and sisters for us!” Tanya: “??”

Joel: “???”

How did the focus turn to the two of them when they were just watching the excitement?!

Tanya’s cheeks immediately turned red. The miffed woman glared at Joel and then, she turned and left.

Joel hurriedly followed after her. “Tanya, don’t be mad…”

Tanya’s spluttering voice traveled over faintly: “It’s all your fault for saying such nonsense to the child…”

After the two left, Pete gave Nora a look. Only then did Nora understand that Pete was actually trying to help her. That’s for watching the show and not helping out! Not only did Tanya and Joel not help, but they had pretty much even brought stools and popcorn over. Regardless, despite Pete’s young age, he knew how to set up traps for others. He was simply too scheming!

Nora’s lips curled into a smile and she finally looked at Ian.

Ian was glaring at Justin angrily. “What were the two of you doing?”. “… Discussing that matter about modern and alternative medicine, of course,” replied Justin.

Ian didn’t believe him. He frowned and asked, “That’s it?”

Justin nodded with a straight face. “It’s true, Uncle Ian. What else could we have been doing? Even if you don’t trust me, surely you trust Nora, right?”

Ian: “??”

The corners of his lips spasmed a little. In this instant, he suddenly felt as if he was being forced to suffer in silence.

Of course, he didn’t trust him!

He had already seen the two of them cozying up to each other outside the night before!

Now that they were hiding in the room today, they must have gone even further than what they did the day before.

But could he say that he didn’t believe what Justin said?


No, he couldn’t!

Because if he did, then Nora would realize that he’d seen them the day before! When that happened, things would become awkward for all three of them!

Ian suddenly felt like he had been tricked.

He glared at Justin furiously, upon which he heard him say to Nora, “I’ll come again tomorrow… to visit the children. Uncle Ian, you said just now that I am the children’s father, so you won’t stop me from coming over to visit them. In that case, you won’t stop me from coming tomorrow, either, right?”

Ian: “…”

Was he openly moving in now?! He felt like throwing up blood! He took a deep breath and held back his anger. At last, he said reluctantly, “Yeah.”

With a faint smile in his eyes, Justin looked at Nora with lingering affection. The look of reluctance to part in his eyes was so intense that Nora felt if it might make her stick to him.

She retracted her gaze, opened the door, and drove both Justin and Ian out. Then, she whispered, “See you tomorrow.”

The next day, it was finally time for the modern versus alternative medicine competition!

After Nora woke up in the morning and washed up, she drove straight to the New York University of Medicine’s grand hall.

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