She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 506

Chapter 506 Modern Medicine And Alternative Medicine Competition!

Worry crept into Simon’s voice again. “Nora, now that he has gotten involved, you’re going to be in a pickle.”

Like what had happened previously, if the matter had just been about something she had supposedly said, Simon could still suppress the matter and explain to everyone that she hadn’t said anything like that.

However, Blaine had popped up out of nowhere and issued a challenge to the alternative medicine circle. On top of that, he had done that in her name and even claimed that he was fronting the campaign for her.

Winning or losing was no longer importantbecause Blaine’s actions had successfully caused a confrontation between alternative and modern medicine practitioners!

Should Nora show up with Blaine, it would cement what she had supposedly said previously. Even if she won the competition, she would lose the support of the alternative medicine community and would struggle in the States in the future.

Yet, if she stepped forward and apologized to the alternative medicine community, people would say that she had chickened out. Angering the modern medicine community would also make her life a struggle in the country. This wasn’t to say that she wouldn’t be able to use her identity as Anti to make money anymore, though. However, she would no longer be respected by people in the medical profession both domestically and internationally like how she currently was!

Moreover, as the Smiths’ young lady and the future matriarch of the Hunts, she would also end up making the Smiths and the Hunts look somewhat flighty and frivolous.

In short, there were a lot of disadvantages!

Nora figured out all this in an instant. She curled her lips into a smile. When Simon was about to nag at her some more, she suddenly said, “Don’t worry, Uncle Simon, I know what I’m doing.”


Simon’s anxious words immediately became stuck in his throat.

After so much had happened, Simon now wholeheartedly trusted and believed in his niece. It was as if he was sure that she could resolve the problems just because she had said that she knew what she was doing.

Thus, he paused for a few seconds before he finally said, “… Alright, it’s great that you have a solution.”

Nora made a sound of acknowledgment. When she wanted to hang up, Simon said, “By the way, when will you be free to come home for a visit? Your aunt and both your cousins miss you!”

As soon as he said, Nora heard Logan’s voice faintly in the background. “Who misses her?! Dad, don’t talk nonsense!”

Next to him, Melissa asked softly, “When did Nora say she will be back? I will make her an entire table of delicious food!” Nora then asked, “Where is Sheril?”

Simon replied, “She’s at the lab. Ever since you borrowed the lab to make the Zabe Corporation’s Calming Pills, and she won a bet with some of the old stick-in-the-muds there, they have completely conceded defeat to her. Everyone at the lab listens to her now and has been trying out many new ways of making medicine. She’s so busy that she doesn’t even come home anymore.”

It was indeed a good thing to be able to find what one liked and stick to it.

Although Sheril lead a simple life, it was a fulfilling and happy one. Nora thought of Sheril’s optimism and cheerfulness when she was living with the Andersons, as well as the conflicting contrast between her cute and docile appearance and her love of vodka. She smiled and said, “Well, as long as she is happy.”

As soon as she said that, Melissa snatched the phone from Simon and said, “Nora, get in touch with her when you have time, and get her to participate in other activities. The key thing here is that it’s time that she starts dating!”

Nora was dumbfounded. She didn’t expect that a woman as elegant as her aunt would actually force her daughter to date.

She coughed. “Okay.”

After hanging up, she picked up the phone again. After a moment’s thought, she called Blaine.

The two of them had both been part of a patient’s consultation years ago, so they had exchanged contact information with each other.

Blaine picked up the call very quickly. “Anti, are you here to thank me? I’ve long been unhappy with the alternative medicine circle. They are no different from a bunch of frauds! Imbalance of energies in one’s body? What nonsense! We modern doctors are not gonna recognize such talk! It’s just a pity that your words the last time didn’t have enough of an impact, so I have given you a hand. With that, the two of us will be able to cause a huge stir in America’s alternative medicine circle and turn it upside down!”

Nora: “?”

After hearing what he said, she cast her eyes down. “Who says that alternative medicine is inferior to modern medicine?”

Blaine paused for a moment before he asked, “What? Do you actually think alternative medicine is better than modern medicine?”

Nora lowered her gaze. “You don’t have to deliberately misinterpret my words. Neither did I say anything like that. I just find your act of provoking the alternative medicine circle… very stupid.”

Blaine snorted. “What do you mean by that? I did all of this for you! Never mind that you’re not thanking me for it, but you’re actually saying that… I get it now. Surely you’re not chickening out now that you’re back in the States, are you?”

“To think the top surgeon of modern medicine is afraid of the alternative medicine practitioners in America! Aren’t you afraid that you’ll offend the modern medicine circle if you say that?! Alternative medicine is just a niche, whereas modern medicine has become mainstream. I urge you to think carefully about this! Also, I’ve contacted a few modern medicine doctors and made an appointment with people of the alternative medicine circle for a competition two days later. If you don’t show up, I’m afraid the modern medicine doctors who put you on a pedestal will be very disappointed in you! I will send you the address. You are free to decide whether you want to show up or not!”

After saying that, he hung up. Then, he sent her the address.

Nora: “…”

She had obviously been the one who called to question him. Where did Blaine get the confidence to talk to her like that?

Nora’s expression had darkened.


She let out a cold laugh. Then, her phone rang. When she picked up the call, she found that it was Sheril. Sheril asked tentatively, “Nora, did you issue a challenge to the alternative medicine circle?”

Nora was angry at the moment, so she immediately answered, “It wasn’t me. Some idiot did that.”

Sheril’s cautiousness immediately disappeared and she became furious. “I knew it couldn’t have been you! Given how strong your skills at making medicine are, why would you ever look down on alternative medicine? This must be a conspiracy that Blaine or whatever his name is came up with! He must be sick in the head. Otherwise, why would he do that? Don’t worry, Nora, the few of us have already discussed this, and we’ve decided that I will participate in the competition! I will beat Blaine and then declare in front of everyone that you were the one who made the Zabe Corporation’s Calming Pills and that not only are you a master of modern medicine, but also a master of the pharmaceutical industry!”

Nora: “?”

Touched, she said, “Okay. I’m rooting for you.”

Sheril also felt rather embarrassed after saying that, so she immediately asked with a smile, “By the way, will you be there on that day?” Would she be there?

Nora’s lip corners curled up into a smile. “Of course.”

Of course, she had to be there. Otherwise, how was she going to slap Blaine in the face?!

Besides, alternative medicine’s effects in treating illnesses had always been slow. Without her, going by the skills of those few people in the alternative medicine circle, she felt that they might lose to Blaine!

Sheril breathed a sigh of relief. “Okay. Don’t worry, Nora, I will definitely settle this for you! Even if I lose the competition, at the very least, I mustn’t let the people in the alternative medicine circle hate you… I am confident that I can at least achieve that!”

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