She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Chapter 449

Her words made Tanya feel incredibly furious and shamed!

Honestly speaking, her status was indeed too low in comparison with Joel’s.

After all, the Smiths’ status was clear for all to see…

Moreover, she was already way past the point in her youthful days where love eclipsed all.

Were it back then, she would have said mockingly, “So what even if I don’t have a notable background? Joel and I are truly in love with each other!”

However, the five years she had spent living abroad had made her thoroughly understand what life really was like. She had also come to understand that one’s birth and family background were indeed their first hurdle in life!

Some people were born at the top of the pyramid, but she was instead at the furthest end of the line, unable to hold a candle to them.

She clenched her fists tightly, and her face flushed with shame.

Nora couldn’t make herself listen anymore. She looked up and said in a low voice, “Who says she doesn’t have anyone backing her up?”

Sue looked at her.

She didn’t want to offend Nora—after all, she was Ian’s daughter!

The entire family knew just how protective Ian was of his own. If she dared so much as to look at Nora the wrong way, Ian would surely crawl all the way out of the hospital and barge into their home to beat them up the very next moment.

However, she still curled her lips disdainfully. At the bottom of it all, she was still just a girl raised in a small household in a small town in California. She simply spoke so arrogantly and was completely lacking in foundation and cultivation.

She asked with a big smile, “Oh? Is Tanya the daughter of an internationally wealthy family? So, she comes from a very impressive family? Why haven’t I heard of that?!”

Tanya: “!”

Just as Tanya was at a loss for words, Nora glanced at Justin.

Justin got the hint and got up at once. “Mrs. Smith, I forgot to make the introductions. Tanya is my younger god-sister.”

As soon as he said that, Nora coughed and retorted, “She’s your elder god-sister.”

Tanya was a year older than Nora.

Justin: “…”

He coughed and said, “Well, yes. Therefore, the Hunts are her family!”

Sue narrowed her eyes at once. She smiled awkwardly and said, “Heh. Ms. Turner sure is pretty skilled at becoming god-relatives with others.”

However, with Justin standing there, she ultimately didn’t dare to say anything else.

At this moment, the butler outside came in again. This time, he had a solemn look on his face. Upon entering, he immediately said, “Mr. Joel. Karl Moore has brought his men here again!”

Joel: “??”

He narrowed his eyes and subconsciously exchanged a look with Justin.

In this instant, both men had figured out what Karl was here for!

… even if Lily’s test results weren’t out yet!

Karl had the DNA test expedited, so the lab completed it in three hours for him. On the other hand, after Nora retrieved Karl’s hair samples, she had gone to the hospital to pass them to Lily, who then went to the relevant departments to borrow their equipment and so on. As a result, they were delayed by an hour.

However, if Tanya wasn’t Karl’s daughter, he would not have come to the Smiths’ but gone to break Hillary out of jail instead!

Therefore, a relaxed Joel said, “Invite him into the house.”

The butler nodded and left.

However, he didn’t expect Samuel to suddenly latch on to this. He looked straight at Joel and said, “Did you see that? He’s here again! He must be here because of the Joneses again! If you ask me, you shouldn’t have offended people like him!”

Sue also said, “Yes, this is so scary. I heard that gangsters like them don’t give two hoots about anything and are very unreasonable! We, the Smiths, are people who obey the rules and do business legitimately. We can’t offend big figures like him! Joel, you have to think this through carefully. Are you really going to fight him at the cost of our family?!”

Joel sneered at their words.

He lowered his gaze and said slowly, “Granduncle Samuel and Grandaunt Sue, perhaps Karl is here to make peace?”

“That’s impossible! You must be out of your mind!” Samuel angrily rebuked, “Why would someone like him bow down to you? He’s definitely here to settle scores with you! You’d better hurry and think about what to say to him!”

Then, he looked at Tanya earnestly and said, “And you, too. Even if you are not a daughter-in-law of the Smiths yet, you are still more or less Joel’s woman. Can’t you be a bit more sensible and not make so much trouble for the Smiths?!”

Sue nodded. “Ms. Turner, you are still young, so you must feel like you have to get even with them. But by doing so, do you know how much risk you’re putting the Smiths at?! There are tons of people waiting to see you make a fool out of yourself! Hurry and talk some sense into Joel. I don’t think the Joneses want the child anymore, so why not just have the two families reconcile?!”

Tanya’s thoughts were not on these matters at the moment, however.

She stared at the doorway with complicated feelings.

She had a vague inkling why Karl had suddenly come to the Smiths’. She had already considered the possibility when Lily went to redo the DNA test.

But was he really her father?

In that case, did she want to acknowledge him?

She was in an internal struggle about this, so she didn’t hear Samuel and Sue going on and on by themselves.

At this point, Karl, together with three of his men, strode through the doorway into the living room. As he entered, his gaze immediately landed on Tanya excitedly. Even his voice was trembling a little as he asked, “You must be Tanya, right?”

Joel stepped in front of Tanya, looked at Karl, and said unceremoniously, “Mr. Moore, may I know what you are here for?”

He spoke aggressively, which shocked Samuel.

Samuel immediately grabbed his arm and said, “Mr. Moore, my apologies, Joel is still young and ignorant. You must be here to propose reconciliation, right?”

Karl was a little displeased that Joel was blocking his view of Tanya.

But when he thought of how he was the man whom Tanya loved, he didn’t dare to offend him. As a result, he could only look away in dejection. He replied, “I’m here to talk to Tanya.”

Samuel immediately gave him an obsequious smile. “Yes, that’s right. We shouldn’t be impulsive. Let’s all sit down and talk it out!”

He glanced at Sue at once.

Sue got the hint. She grabbed Tanya’s wrist, lowered her voice, and said, “Ms. Turner, if you are not stupid, then you should know what kind of choice to make, right?”

Tanya frowned. “What?”

Sue finally said, “I’m actually here because your mother came to me and asked me to talk to you. I believe that once you take a step back and give in, the Joneses will owe you one and support you in the future, in which case it won’t be impossible for you to marry Joel… But if you insist on falling out with the Joneses and forcing the Smiths to offend Mr. Moore, then I am afraid you can forget about ever establishing a foothold in the Smiths!”

“You must have a good talk with Mr. Moore. Try to meet all of his demands. He is an influential figure that someone like you cannot afford to offend!”

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