Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 685

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Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 685

I’m Not Interested in Men!

“Oh, really?” Carlos smiled knowingly.

George looked like he was about to explode. “Of course! I paid the bill before I left. Just to impress her!”

Jordy looked at George as if he knew what was going on, but most of the time, he didn’t. And his advice didn’t help

Carlos looked at Jordy. “Jordy, what do you think?”


my opinion be of any use if you don’t realize how you feel about her?”

angrily, “What about you? Are you certain of how

thought of what he read on Twitter today. His

sensed that something was wrong. George said with a gloating look, “See, you’re not sure about this. Save your breath. I’m trying to get

furrowed. “Gloria’s just perfect to

could just have stayed unmarried for the rest of

cold look. “I told you, she’s right

in every way. Why don’t you go to Rachel?” George

with a smile on his lips. He was used to seeing George

don’t you talk to Nydia first? You have feelings for

I fall in love with her? She’s kind of mannish, and no man wants her. I’m gorgeous and charming. A lot

snorted but

Carlos said, “Think about it. Look at Jordy. You were him like before.”

George turned his eyes on Carlos in horror. “I would never like him!”

After George finished speaking, some images of Nydia flashed through his mind. He even remembered the feeling of carrying her on his shoulders. She was light and thin.

Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 685

George’s face suddenly changed at the thought. **** it! How come I think of her?

Carlos said significantly, “You’re not serious about those women, but about Nydia. You’ve been racking your brain to learn more about her. You have much

contact with her over the years, and you see her a lot. She is the woman you care about most. Maybe your goal has changed already.”

The next moment, George said with disgust, “I’m not going to spend my whole life with a tomboy. I’m not interested in men!”

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