Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 684

Chapter 684 You Saw Us?

“I did.”

“But why are you so quiet? Come and ask him what happened. I can’t wait.”

Carlos paused for a moment and said resignedly, “Alright, I’m coming over.”

Before long, they met together.

Jordy was the same as before. After he got there, he didn’t talk much.

George was rather talkative, but today he didn’t seem to be in the best mood. He didn’t constantly ask Jordy questions to get something out of his mouth. It wasn’t like the old days.

George was quiet today.

Jordy and Carlos sensed something wrong with George, and their eyes met. Then Carlos looked at George. “What’s wrong with you today?”

George came back to his senses and shrugged. “Nothing wrong.”

Jordy stared at George. “But you called me and said you were in a bad mood.”

Jordy’s voice was flat, but he really cared about his friends.

Carlos was surprised. “What happened to make you feel bad?”

He thought of something and then continued, “Was it about your mom?”

George couldn’t help grinding his back teeth. “No, but about that damned woman!”

Jordy and Carlos both looked at George. Carlos had a meaningful look on his face.

“You don’t sound quite right. You were mad at her, but what’s the matter with you recently? Why do I think something else feels wrong?

George looked at Carlos in puzzlement. “What is it?”

Carlos smiled but said nothing. Jordy didn’t say anything either.

George gritted his teeth and continued, “Something is wrong with that woman! That thing belongs to my mom, but she keeps it to herself. I wish I could strangle her!”

“Do it if you really want,” Carlos smiled faintly as his eyes met George’s mystified gaze. Then he added, “Are you sure?”

George stared at Carlos in shock as if he were mentally ill. “What the **** are you talking about? What do you mean by that? Do you think I wouldn’t strangle her if it weren’t for principle and law?”

Carlos replied with a half-smile.

Jordy gave George a meaningful look.

That gave George goosebumps. He scowled at them. “Why are you looking at me like that? Do I have something on my face? And what the **** are you talking about?”

George was looking at Carlos when he asked the last


Carlos’ lips curled in a swift smile. “Do you notice that you’ve been acting different recently? Are you really madding at her?”

George gazed at Carlos. “I went to that woman and tried a thousand times, but she refused to give the thing to me. I’m supposed to be mad!”

“But I saw you tugged at her arm on the street and into a restaurant,” Carlos said casually. Jordy looked up at George. He was apparently unaware of this.

“You saw us?”

Carlos was right about that. He smiled but said nothing. George said with a lump in his throat, “I wasn’t trying to play the sentiment card! She was stubborn, and I got to think of something. I heard her stomach growling. I thought I’d take her to dinner, and she might be touched.”

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