Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 682

Chapter 682 An ******* and Bully

“George, you’re sick!”

“You have the cure.” George was also mad but did not want to argue with the woman in the street. Rather, he dragged her into the restaurant.

Nydia couldn’t shout in public. That would be disturbing.

Neither could she break free. She just watched as the man dragged her away.

Gritting her teeth, she sat in the chair and glared at the man.

She kept her mouth shut, but anger was surging in her.

The waiter sensed the strange atmosphere from the side. After George ordered the dishes, the waiter walked away with relief.

Only the two of them were left in the box.

Nydia didn’t want to talk to the obnoxious man.

George’s face was frosty. He itched to spank the woman.

The silence was disturbing.

After a while, his cold voice broke the silence. “If you yell at me in the street again, I’ll have to carry

you out like this today.”

Nydia widened her eyes and glared at the man. “As I said, stop pestering me! Don’t you get it? We’re not in any kind of relationship, and that treasure was left to me by my mother. It has nothing to do with


An annoyed George laughed, “She’s not related to you. I was given birth by her.”

Nydia gritted her teeth. “These are different things. You abandoned her. Your father and you didn’t believe her and cut all ties with her. You’re related by blood, so what? Do you think you can change anything? You broke her heart. Why should she accept you all over again? If she really wanted it, she would have left two items. She had other belongings. Why did she only leave one to me and nothing to you? Don’t you know the reason?”

George’s face clouded over, and he looked upset.

Nydia regretted saying that. His gloomy eyes daunted her. This man might look like a rascal and *******. When he got mad, he was like a demon from **** poised to take lives.

She lowered her head and fell silent.

Before long, a cold laugh came from George.

“If you’re grateful to my mother for bringing you

up, you will not vie with me for her heritage.”

Nydia frowned and said, “That was left to me and not you! Don’t you get it?”

George looked at her with stern eyes. “She gave all her love to you and nothing to me. Can’t I have her relics as a reminiscence? How could you be so selfish? I don’t want other things from you, but you should at least give her relics to me.”

Nydia had so many rightful reasons to retort, but words wouldn’t come out.

What an *******!

All that he could do was bully her.

She could get stronger and deter the man.

But that was unnecessary. She just needed to make sure he did not appear in front of her again.

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