Coolest Girl in Town, Chapter 395

Coolest Girl in Town, Chapter 395 I Don’t Agree to the Marriage

Finally, Elise allowed Alexander to help her sit up. Then, Austin sat on the chair next to the hospital bed while Jeanie stood behind the chair. The three of them were seated facing each other, and there was some silence for a while.

Alexander felt that Elise was a little squirmy, so he also dragged a chair and sat down on the other side, and his big hand gently squeezed her palm and rubbed it softly. Elise felt his attentiveness, so her body relaxed, and the corners of her mouth held a smile. When Austin watched the exchange between the two, his face showed a gratified look.

“I heard Jeanie say that you two are engaged?”

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Jeanie did not introduce much about Alexander, only saying that he was the son of the Griffith Family in Tissote.

“Yes.” Alexander took the initiative to answer. “Elise has agreed to marry me, and we are considering when best to hold the wedding.”

Austin was now a bit anxious and frowned. “Elise is not yet old enough to get married, right?”

This brat looks like an upright man and is good-looking, so there should be no shortage of interested women. Why is he interested in my daughter?

“Let young people decide their own business,” Jeanie said comfortingly. She was delighted with Alexander.

“How can this be?” Austin complained. “Yoyo has been on her own for more than ten years, and she just came back. She hasn’t spent much time with her family yet, so how can she get married? Besides, a girl’s destiny is not necessarily to get married and have children!”

“You old thing!” Jeanie laughed. “Then why did you marry me right away as soon as I reached the legal age of marriage? If we didn’t get married and have children, how would Yoyo and Trevor be born?”

When Austin heard that, his face was a bit embarrassed as he said, “We’re not the same. Now we are talking about our daughter, so don’t you interfere.”

“How can I not interfere? Yoyo is my daughter…”

The two of them argued back and forth. Yet inexplicably, Elise felt sweet instead of aggravated when she listened to them argue. It seemed that family problems did not seem so terrible after all.

Alexander knew Austin could not bear to let Elise go, but he did not wish to retreat as well. So, he said with dominance, “Elise has agreed, and I’ve already had people arrange the wedding. As for marrying her legally, I can only wait. But please rest assured that after the wedding, my assets will all have her name on them.”

“Didn’t I agree only today? You have given out instructions?” Elise was confused and felt that she had fallen into his trap.

However, Alexander was honest and looked innocent. “This is the digital era. Since you’ve agreed, I’ve already gotten Cameron to prepare for the wedding. There’s nothing wrong with making early preparations; we can resolve problems earlier too.”

In fact, he had long started to prepare for the wedding and had even changed several wedding planners. So far, they were still bidding for the best wedding program. Since it was for Elise, it must be the best without any compromise.

“Okay, you can just decide whatever you like. Don’t ask for my opinion, though.” Although Elise had never been married, she knew that planning a wedding was troublesome. She hated making decisions and overthinking about all this.

“Don’t worry. It won’t bother you.” Alexander promised in a good-natured way.

It was so difficult to get her as his wife, so he would not ruin their lifelong happiness because of some minor issues.

Austin was still arguing with Jeanie, but when he saw Alexander and Elise’s sweet interaction, he felt something was blocking his heart in an uncomfortable way. No matter what Jeanie said, he stopped listening.

“No, I do not agree.” Austin’s face darkened, and so the atmosphere in the ward instantly tensed up.

Hearing that, Jeanie froze for a moment, then opened her mouth to persuade him, only to hear Austin continue, “Yoyo is my daughter and the treasure of the Anderson Family. It is impossible for me to agree to marry her off so casually!”

Alexander was taken aback for a moment, not expecting Austin to overreact. Elise knew little about Austin, but she felt resistance from the bottom of her heart to this kind of hard discipline.

“This is my life; I can make my own decisions.”

Elise stubbornly looked at Austin. The resentment buried deep in her heart seemed to be triggered. When she met Jeanie, she had feelings of loss and resentment from being discarded and forgotten, which were now suddenly set off from Austin’s unexplained misogynism. She naturally would not let her emotions flood in and affect her, but it did not mean she would accept the reality and obediently be their doll.

“At such a young age, you haven’t seen clearly how big the world is, so what decisions can you make? When deciding who to marry, you should not listen to men’s superficial words and think you’ve seen through them!” Austin said, glaring at Alexander.

“You’re not a man?” Elise asked flatly.

“How can I be the same?” Austin furrowed his brows. “I am your father and the only man in this world who won’t hurt you!”

“That’s not necessarily true,” Elise said. “If you will not hurt me, why was I alone and stranded out in the world?”

“T-That was an accident, Yoyo.” A moment ago, the man who was still full of energy deflated like a balloon, and all of a sudden, he looked like he aged more than ten years. In the face of Elise’s ruthlessness, he was just a father who had made his child suffer for more than ten years and was heartbroken over it. No father could withstand such blame, so after he finished, his eyes watered before Elise could react. As if he wanted to atone, he began to cry hoarsely.

Seeing this, Alexander hurriedly spoke up. “Let’s put the past aside for the time being. Mr. Anderson, how do you intend to deal with Miss Faye?”

Austin hurriedly sniffled and tried to compose himself to maintain his decency. Just when he wanted to open his mouth, Faye barged in.

“Elise, my dear!”

She walked to the hospital bed with a concerned face and said agitatedly, “Are you better? It’s been a hard day for you. Thanks to you, Dad was able to wake up again, and Trevor is already awake too. Just rest well and don’t worry anymore!”

Elise looked at her in silence, her expression indifferent. Faye was really good at playing up the act, and Elise felt that everyone from such large families was a natural actor.

“Elise will naturally be well!” Jeanie said in annoyance.

“Mother, why do you talk to me in this tone again? I explained to you that those were all misunderstandings before. I had to do certain things to protect this family. Now that my sister just came back, you are so eager to remove me from this family?” Faye said, looking as if she was about to cry.

“Humph, you’re just an adopted daughter, anyway. You’re no longer useful—”

“Enough!” Austin interrupted with a dark face and said, “What adopted daughter? Faye and Yoyo are our own daughters and are our family! I think you are mistaken! What nonsense are you saying?”

“You’re the one who’s mistaken! You’re confused from your coma! Yoyo saved you, yet you do not defend her and defend a murderer instead!”

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