Coolest Girl in Town, Chapter 394

Coolest Girl in Town, Chapter 394 The Dispute

“Really?” Austin was still a bit overwhelmed. As far as he could remember, his daughter Yoona had died at an early age, and now she was back from the dead? It was just like a dream. He could not wait to do something to prove that it was not a dream, so much so that he squeezed Jeanie’s hand extremely hard, but he didn’t even realize it. However, as Jeanie knew that people who had been in a coma for a long time would have difficulty adapting to reality, she didn’t scream in pain. Rather, she gently patted the back of his bare hand instead to soothe her husband’s emotions.

Austin had taken over the Anderson Family long before his accident, and as a calm head of the family, he soon recovered.

“Get up first,” he said flatly as he looked at Faye. “If you keep crying, who will help me to understand the truth?”

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He had roughly remembered Jeanie’s words. Since Faye could send him to the Pinewood Hospital, it was clear that she had long controlled the Anderson Family, which made it difficult for him to regain control of the family. Thus, he had to make long-term plans, and the first thing to do was to dispel Faye’s worries.

The reputation of Pinewood Hospital was excellent and so, the probability for evidence left against Faye was extremely low. In that case, having a falling out with her wouldn’t help anything; it was better to take this opportunity to have her lower her guard.

At the moment Faye heard that Austin was going to give her a chance to defend herself, she immediately stopped sobbing and looked up at him with tears in her eyes. “Dad, I didn’t! I didn’t do those things! It was those elders of the Anderson Family. They forced me! If I didn’t send you here, they were going to take over the Anderson Family’s estate! They know that I am a girl, so even if I hold the position as the head of the family, it will not pose a threat to them, so they deliberately forced me to make a choice, Dad. I had no choice but to agree in order to protect you and my brother, and to protect our family!”

Jeanie listened to Faye’s nonsense, then couldn’t help but point at her and curse, “You lie! It is obvious that you imprisoned me and your grandmother before forcibly taking away the family’s assets. How dare you put the blame on others! Well, even if you explain all this, what about earlier? The Mayor’s men saw with their own eyes how you pulled out your father’s oxygen tube! How do you explain that?”

“It wasn’t me! When I came in, the oxygen tube had already fallen out and I was about to go to the nurse when those people barged in and grabbed me!” Faye cried out in unhappiness. “If you don’t believe me, ask them whether they saw me yanking the oxygen tube off! You ask them!”

She remembered clearly that when those people came in, she was admiring the way her father and brother had slowly stopped breathing, and it was the hospital nurses who pulled out the tubes, leaving no substantial evidence of the crime at all. Moreover, Austin obviously still cherished their father and daughter relationship, so he would not believe it. This gave her even more strength to argue. As long as it was said sincerely enough, what was false could become true.

Maintaining her unhappy glance at Jeanie, Faye stood up and wiped her eyes before she angrily walked toward Simon Bull, the mayor. Then, she questioned, “Mayor Bull, please have your men come forward and tell everyone whether they saw me pulling off those oxygen tubes.”

Lowering his eyes, Simon sized up the woman in front of him. It only took 10 minutes for her to calm down from the panic she had felt when she was caught, and now she was questioning others instead. She was indeed right, though; to convict her, someone really had to witness her in the act. As he thought about this, he turned to look at the men at the door and said, “Tell the truth.”

The man who saw what happened originally thought that Faye was going to kill the two patients to silence them, but now that she had just said so, he was really confused. He really didn’t see her pulling the oxygen tubes after all, but he knew very well that in this situation, if he told the truth, the woman would definitely be free from suspicion. However, since the mayor had spoken, he could only reluctantly open his mouth and elaborate, “When I came in, I really didn’t see anyone pulling out the oxygen tubes, but the only people in the ward were only her and her fiancé, and the two did not look like they were trying to save the patients!”

“What should I look like for you to believe I am trying to save them?” Faye asked rhetorically. “How do you know we weren’t going to save them? Maybe we were just waiting for the nurse and doctor to come? You don’t know anything, so how can you say I’m a murderer? Those are my dad and my brother. They’re my family and I owe them everything, so why would I kill them?”

“I…” The man stopped talking. He only knew how to protect people and fight criminals, so he was terrible at debating.

“You what? You barged in indiscriminately and almost delayed me to search for someone to rescue my father and my brother. If they die, can you afford to pay for this?” The more Faye said, the more agitated she became and even she believed she was innocent.

Johan, who hadn’t dared to speak, was astonished to see this situation, but in a flash, a brilliant idea came to mind. Such an eloquent woman! Even if he couldn’t be himself for the rest of his life, it won’t do him any harm to follow her around. He made up his mind at that moment that he had to take Faye again, both in person and in heart.

The man looked embarrassed after hearing Faye’s question. He lowered his head and did not dare to speak, as if he had really done something wrong.

Thus, Simon was not able to make a judgment for a while.

“All right.” At this time, Austin spoke. “Since it was a misunderstanding, and Trevor and I are fine, there’s no need to bother so much. I am exhausted and need to rest, so this matter will end here!”

With that said, Faye also didn’t continue to argue. After all, it was a family matter and now that victim had chosen to let the matter slide, Simon couldn’t force his decision on anyone. After saying a few more words, he left the ward and turned his head to look for Elise.

When Simon entered, Elise had just woken up. He went over and instructed her to lie down. “No need to get up. Look at how weak you are! Properly lie down. There’s no need to get up for me.”

“Well, I have to try,” she joked weakly.

A helpless Simon looked at her before he changed the topic and asked with a grave expression, “Are you really the Anderson Family’s daughter?”

Elise nodded and laughed. “I just found out not long ago.”

He sighed. “The Anderson Family has a lot going on. If you want to get involved, I’m afraid you’ll get into trouble.”

“I’ve caused a lot of trouble in the past anyway,” she calmly reminded him.

“You’ve suffered a lot too!” Simon admonished, but with a doting tone. “All right, I’m just reminding you. Be careful, and if there is anything, you can find me and your aunt. Don’t be shy, understand?”

“I’ll think about it.” Elise didn’t say yes or no.

He knew her nature, so he did not force her to make a decision. Now that he had left his home phone number and personal number, he made a move first. He had only just left when Jeanie walked in with Austin.

“Yoyo, your father and I are here to see you!”

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