Coolest Girl in Town, Chapter 393

Coolest Girl in Town, Chapter 393 Save Lives First

Besides, considering how kindly Mayor Bull had spoken to Elise, it was obvious that their relationship was closer than what Elise had made it out to be. However, now was not the time to talk, so Jeanie didn’t dare to ask more questions either. She looked at the hospital gates, which were as strong as the city walls, slowly open and tightly clutched the corner of her coat as her hopes were once again ignited. Under Mayor Bull’s lead, Elise and Jeanie, along with Alexander’s men, smoothly entered the hospital.

The hospital director heard the news and intercepted them at the entrance of the inpatient department. “You’re the mayor, Simon Bull, right? It’s a pleasure to have you here. Welcome!”

The man had greeted them with smiles and even extended his hand toward Simon, trying to curry favor. Simon’s expression did not change as he nodded and simply let the other party’s hand hang in the air while asking flatly, “Where are Austin and Trevor Anderson’s wards?”

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After awkwardly withdrawing his hand, the hospital director replied with some difficulty, “Mayor, our hospital has its own rules. Without the consent of the patient’s family, outsiders are not allowed to visit the patient.”

Simon inclined his head to look at Elise. “Do you agree?”

“Of course,” she answered indifferently.

He nodded and looked at the people whom he brought. “Go in and search the place.”

With that, more than a dozen armed men swarmed into the inpatient building. The hospital had only two security guards with guns and they were immediately taken by Simon’s men before having their own guns unloaded. Five minutes later, Faye and Johan were forcibly removed from the building too.

“Mayor, we’ve found the patients in question. When we went in, their oxygen tubes were removed and these two people were in the wards at that time.”

“What?!” Jeanie almost fainted when she heard this. “Where are the patients? Are they still alive?”

Austin and Trevor relied on the machines to support their lives and after so many years, they had long been dependent on the machines. If the oxygen tubes were rashly removed, it might cost them their lives.

“We’ve already called for help.” The person who spoke earlier paused before looking at the hospital director with disgust. “This is such a large hospital, but there is not even one professional doctor on duty! You’re playing with the lives of your patients!”

As soon as he finished, Jeanie rushed toward the inpatient building, shouting anxiously as she ran, “Trevor, Austin, I’m coming! You must hold on!”

Simon’s gaze burned as he eyed the hospital director and commented, “Look at what you’ve done!”

Elise was about to enter the ward to check the situation when Simon suddenly called after her. “Elise, come here and carefully tell me. What is going on?”

“Not now,” she responded. “We have to save lives first!”

With that, she ran into the inpatient department and ran up the stairs as Alexander followed her. When they entered the ward, Jeanie was lying on top of Austin and sobbing, “Austin, hold on. The doctor will be here soon. Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me and Yoyo. Our daughter is back, so you can’t leave us!”

Even though Elise felt that she was emotionally strong, she still couldn’t control her tears after seeing this scene. She stopped at the door of the ward and looked at the two men on the hospital beds from afar with an indescribable feeling in her heart. Although she had already seen their photos on the computer, her feelings were different from before now that she saw them with her own eyes.

“Elise.” Alexander’s voice had jolted her back to her senses. She walked quickly to Austin’s side, took out the set of needles prepared long ago, and began to administer the needles on him. Then, Alexander silently walked to the other side and helped Jeanie to the side.

Elise was so focused on using the needles that she was unaware of Simon and his secretary entering. Although Simon was aware about Elise’s identity, he was still surprised when he saw her professional needle techniques. How many weird things had she learned behind my back?

The time in the ward seemed to slow down during the whole quarter of an hour. Elise’s strength diminished bit by bit just as the number of silver needles dwindled from her bag as well. When the last needle was inserted into Austin’s temple, the man, whose breath was weak, violently opened his mouth and sucked in a large mouthful of air.

He opened his eyes in the next second and looked at the ceiling in shock. When Jeanie and Alexander saw that, they rushed over almost simultaneously.

Jeanie hugged Austin and cried with joy. “Austin! You’re finally awake!”

Elise had almost collapsed due to excessive physical exertion, but fortunately Alexander moved quickly and steadily caught hold of her.

“Are you okay?” His pair of thick eyebrows were tightly wrinkled while his eyes were full of heartache.

“I’m fine. I just used too much energy.” Her voice was full of exhaustion. “He is already fine, but he has been unconscious for too long, so his body is extremely weak and he cannot get out of bed. Wait for me to rest for a while before I—”

Before she could even finish, she passed out.

“Elise? Elise!” Alexander hurriedly carried her, walked out of the ward, found an unused empty room, and let her lie down to rest. He sat by the hospital bed and reached out to cup her cheek, his fingertips feeling the contours of her face, wishing nothing more than to suffer on her behalf.

“You just can’t stop trying too hard, can you?” he complained in a low voice. However, Elise had slept peacefully, perhaps because he was around and soon the sound of even breathing sounded. He felt amused, yet he had no choice but to accompany her.

On the other hand, Faye and the others were also brought into the ward. The hospital director knew that everything was over for him, so he limply collapsed onto the floor as he gazed vacantly ahead. Faye, however, was still high and mighty and she shrugged off Simon’s men with disgust when she came in.

Yet, when she saw that Austin had regained consciousness and was even talking to Jeanie like a normal person, she instinctively trembled as if she had seen a ghost. She froze for some time before she reacted and rushed straight in, falling on her knees in front of Austin’s hospital bed.

“Dad, you’ve finally woken up! I’ve missed you so much!” Faye buried her face in the quilt and tried to squeeze out her tears.

“You beast! Murderer! Get out of here! Don’t act in front of us!” An agitated Jeanie pointed at Faye and cursed.

“What’s going on here?” As he had never seen his wife look like this before, he was a little confused for a moment. In his impression, Jeanie was the gentlest woman whom he had ever known and she never argued with anyone. Why was she behaving like she was a different person now?

“Austin! Did you know that after you and Trevor were involved in the car accident, it was this woman who wanted to prevent you two from receiving medical care? I stopped her, but they locked you guys up here instead. Do you know what this place is? It’s the Pinewood Hospital where people come to die! If it weren’t for Yoyo, you and Trevor would have died in this woman’s hands earlier! Trevor is still receiving emergency aid in the ward as we speak!”

Austin’s mind quickly went through what Jeanie said and he grabbed the most critical keyword before asking, “Who are you talking about? Yoyo? Isn’t she dead?”

At the mention of Elise, Jeanie finally calmed down. As she tightly held his hand, she answered happily, “She’s not dead. She’s still alive and well! She saved me and our whole family!”

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