Coolest Girl in Town, Chapter 392

Coolest Girl in Town, Chapter 392 It Managed to Slip Through You

At Pinewood Hospital, Elise and the others were blocked outside the hospital gates.

The guard, who stood in front of the iron gate, spoke in an aggressive manner, “Sorry, without the consent of the patient’s family, you can’t enter!”

“We are the family members of the patients who live here. We want to see Austin and Trevor Anderson. Why can’t we enter?” Jeanie asked.

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“I’m not sure about this, but we have rules here. Anyone who wants to enter has to obtain the approval of the hospital director! Nothing else matters,” the guard responded unfeelingly.

“What a load of c**p!” Jeanie no longer cared about her image. With anxious red eyes, she continued, “Why should I need your approval to see my husband and son? You’re not a hospital but a private prison!”

She wasn’t far from the truth. The hospital had a reputation for expensive medical care that discouraged ordinary folk, but the middle and upper classes continued to admit people here. The hospital had implemented militarized management and those who were sent in were folks like Austin and Trevor—unconscious or paralyzed.

Other than palliative care, there was nothing the hospital did and there was no patient who had ever healed and left the place. On the surface, it was a nursing home for the terminally ill, but in reality, it was a powerhouse for the famous and powerful to fight for power and benefits. Some people had also tried to save their loved ones from Pinewood Hospital and they even reported to the police in an attempt to have the hospital searched, but the police found that there was no violation of law on the hospital grounds. In the end, because the patient’s guardian didn’t agree for the patient to be discharged from the hospital, the rescue attempt had failed.

Thus, those who frequented this place were mostly the winners of conflicts over fame and fortune and they were also cold-blooded beasts who did not care for blood kinship at all.

“Whatever you say. Anyway, without the director’s approval, no one will be able to get in!” The guards were overly inflexible as they gripped the electric batons in their hands, as if they were about to raise the batons next and subdue those who had no ability to resist.

“You’re illegally confining them! Do you no longer observe the law?” Jeanie roared and tried to fight with the guards. As the guards were all huge and tall and had obviously underwent a lot of physical training, a light push from them was enough to send Jeanie staggering backward whereupon she almost fell down. Luckily, Elise was quick to grab her in time.

“Are you okay?” Elise asked.

“I’m fine.” Jeanie shook her head with a sigh. “Yoyo, you see, we can’t enter. These guards not only have electric batons, but the hospital security guards are all armed. I tried a few years ago to get Trevor and Austin out, but as a result…”

“Oh? There are guns here, huh?” Elise suddenly became interested. She released Jeanie and blocked her from the guards before walking up to them to have a word. Then, she asked sharply, “If I remember correctly, the guns in our country are controlled and you are not from the military hospital either. Where did you get those guns?”

“No comment!” The guard’s mouth was sealed and he completely refused to say anything more. He raised his chin as if he was looking down on them.

In the office of the hospital director of Pinewood Hospital, Faye was leisurely sipping hot coffee with her legs crossed and her expression calm. While Elise and the others were still enroute, Faye had received the news and rushed over in advance. She explained to the hospital director before giving him a sum of money, which made him so happy that he even ordered for the reserve guards to come over to deal with Jeanie and the others.

Now that the gates were locked and the guards were armed, there was no possibility for Elise and the others to rescue the patients unless they grew wings.

Knock knock.

An abrupt knock on the door made Faye raise her eyebrow.

“It’s all ready.” Johan stood at the door, his face calm.

After having lost the Olson Family as his backer, although he still retained the status as Faye’s fiancé, in reality, it was no different from being her senior assistant.

“Got it.” She casually placed the cup on the coffee table before she rose to her feet to walk toward the door. Her gaze was cool and indifferent while her every step was steady. He fell behind her; as he looked at her straight back, a trace of cunning flashed under his eyes.

This woman is ready to even sacrifice her own father and brother. As her fiancé, how long can I survive? Right now, she wants me to help her deal with Austin and Trevor, which is why she still cares about me. What about after this matter has passed, though? Now that she has already started looking for what I have against her, I must make preparations in advance.

Outside the gates, Elise’s expression was ugly. She impatiently took out her phone and glanced at the time before her face eased up thereafter. “They should be arriving soon.”

No one knew what she was talking about and only the guard responded, but with little patience, “I advise you not to wait. You can’t get into this hospital as there are some powerful people above the hospital director, understand?”

“Oh.” Elise responded with little emotion. In the next second, they could hear the sound of cars parking behind them. Everyone turned to see several cars slowly coming to a stop. One of the car doors opened to reveal a handsome, middle-aged man in glasses getting out of the vehicle. Then, he pushed through the crowd and walked over to Elise, after which he complained, “It’s been so long since you have returned, yet you didn’t even come to see me?”

“I was busy.” Elise only said three words.

“Again?! There is always time to have a meal, no matter how busy you are. Your aunt has often nagged you about that. You must find some time this month to return with me!” he said again.

“We’ll talk about this later.” Elise lifted her chin in the direction of Pinewood Hospital. “Let’s settle this first. This place is under your jurisdiction, yet it managed to slip through you.”

She had a strange tone, which made the man pursed his lips. “I just took office less than two months ago. I can’t do everything at once.”

Elise shrugged and didn’t answer. The man also did not say anything but turned to look at the secretary behind him and gave a signal. Then, the secretary directly approached the guards.

“Who is in charge here?” the secretary asked.

“Me!” The guard in charge puffed out his chest.

“Open the gates. Mayor Bull wants to enter for inspection.”

“Mayor Bull? I’m the mayor too, you know! No proof, no talk!” The guard didn’t believe it.

The secretary did not say more, but merely turned around and pointed at a group of men whom he had brought. Then, he nodded. The group of men came straight forward before two of them suddenly took out their guns and aimed at the guard’s head.

“Now, will you open the gates?” the secretary questioned in a deep voice.

The guard was so scared that his legs were as soft as jelly. His eyes were fixed on the two guns above his head as his voice trembled. “Y-Yes, yes of course. Keep the guns away first and I’ll open the gates for you.”

The secretary inclined his head and the two men with the guns took a step back. As he recovered from the shock, the guard held his heaving chest and immediately knelt down. “I was insolent, Mayor Bull. Please forgive me, I’m just a guard. What’s inside has nothing to do with me!”

When Jeanie saw this situation, she couldn’t help but pull Elise aside to ask in a whisper, “Yoyo, how did you know Mayor Bull?”

“Ah…” Elise responded, feigning confusion. “I’m not familiar with him. I just reported the situation.”

Jeanie looked at her strangely as she was obviously not convinced. If anyone could directly call the mayor’s phone, his life would be chaotic from the incessant phone calls from the public.

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