Coolest Girl in Town, Chapter 391

Coolest Girl in Town, Chapter 391 Let’s Get Them Home

At that, Elise finally smiled. She squeezed Alexander’s hand on her shoulder and nodded seriously. “Okay.”

“Really?” Alexander looked at her, pleasantly surprised. “You are willing to marry me? There’s no need for more observation?”

“You want me to refuse?” she joked.

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“Of course not,” he said before he carried Elise. When she reacted, she was already lying on the bed. Then, Alexander attempted to remove her clothes, but he violently stopped and rose from Elise’s body.

Looking at her flushed cheeks, he couldn’t help but wish he could take her right now. However, he could not. The last time was an accident and from now onward, he would not simply do anything with her as she deserved perfection.

“Not yet,” Alexander said. “We have a long road ahead of us.”

With that, he carefully rearranged Elise’s clothes and retreated from the bed.

“I’ll wait for you outside.”

Afraid that Elise would be embarrassed, he took the initiative to open the door and walked out. Only then did Elise sit up on the bed, covering her hot cheeks and recalling the intensity of what happened earlier. In fact, if he wanted to, she would have given herself to him. However, it was also because of his self-control earlier that her bitter heart became unusually sweet all of a sudden. Then, she straightened her clothes and tidied her hair to quickly calm herself down.

Now that the matter of Elise being the daughter of the Anderson Family had come to light, Faye wouldn’t be able to sit still. Even if Elise did not fight with her for the assets, Faye would not allow her to exist like that next to her, which meant that Elise had to immediately stabilize the situation and think of a good way to deal with everything.

Thus, the two of them reentered the main hall together.

“Elise.” As soon as Jeanie saw Elise come in, she rushed forward in excitement while wringing her hands together. She did not dare to touch Elise, but only deliberately lowered her body to make herself slightly hunched over. “I’ve thought it over and everything is up to you. Whether you want to return or not, as long as it’s your wish, I’ll support you. I don’t want anything other than just to live with you. Can I stay with you?”

Elise looked at Jeanie’s already wrinkled face. She suddenly thought that even though she hadn’t seen Jeanie when she was younger, she could also imagine that Jeanie must have been a sight to behold.

“Mom,” Elise called softly.

Jeanie was surprised and as if she was afraid of mishearing Elise, she quickly asked, “What did you just call me?”

“Mom,” Elise called out again as a smile gradually appeared on her face.

“Ah!” An excited Jeanie looked at her as her eyes moistened at once. Even though she wanted to hug Elise very much, she forced herself not to. She knew that Elise wasn’t used to her presence yet and had not fully accepted the reality that they were mother and daughter. Until Elise had done so, she would not get used to physical contact with Jeanie, which was something Jeanie didn’t mind. She could wait; she had been waiting for more than ten years anyway, so what did it matter? As long as Elise was her daughter, even if she had to wait for a lifetime, she was willing to do that.

As she looked at Jeanie’s restrained look, the corners of Elise’s mouth were unconsciously lifted. She seemed to be able to feel Jeanie’s happiness at this moment. Blood ties are really something wonderful, Elise thought. Maybe it’s not so bad to suddenly have another mother and another identity. Since the matter has come to this and it can’t be changed, why not graciously accept it?

In the evening, all of them sat together and ate a pretty good meal. After sending Alexander away, Elise logged on to the SK Group’s intranet. Although Laura seemed to have recovered, only Elise knew in her heart that the toxins in Laura’s bloodstream were like a time bomb. Once it exploded, nobody could cure Laura. Before that could happen, Elise had to think of all the ways she could try to resolve the problem.

After bypassing the organization’s administrators, she directly contacted ‘Aldric’, who was known as a miracle doctor. ‘Aldric’ was just a codename and the other party’s real name was Claude Strike.

‘Urgent. Return at once.’

Claude’s name was taboo and banned in the country, and even if one was just searching it, the undercover police hidden within the internet network might capture the offender. If one was captured, one would be thoroughly investigated. Of course, it was something Elise would not involve herself in.

Claude, who was far away in Fornd, heard the message alert and stopped almost immediately to take out his phone to check.

‘Send the details.’

Elise immediately sent Laura’s medical records. He leaned against the wall, and after a moment of cursory reading, he had a rough judgment of what was going on.

‘Blood exchange transfusion. Will live a few more years.’

The surgical procedure of blood exchange transfusion was extremely complicated and doctors who were not 100% sure would not dare to do so. However, for Claude, it was only a small matter and not a big problem. Even so, his message told Elise that the toxins still could not be completely removed. In any case, it could only resolve the immediate situation first.

Then, Elise sent him the home address. ‘Can you return as soon as possible for the surgery? Name your price.’

Claude didn’t even think about it and replied directly. ‘See you next week.’

After sending that, he placed the phone back into his pocket with a smile of satisfaction.

As she closed the chat window, Elise looked up information about the Anderson Family, and other than finding basic company information and the family members’ relationships, there was one column that caught Elise’s attention: the family members’ blood types.

Faye’s blood type was Type O when Jeanie’s was Type A and Austin’s was Type B. Thus, their combination could never produce a child with Type O blood. Elise remembered that from the first time she met Faye, Faye had always stressed that she was Jeanie’s own daughter. At that time, when Jeanie’s mind was not lucid yet, the woman had vaguely mentioned that Faye was someone else’s child. Elise had not taken what Jeanie said to heart, but now it seemed that everything made sense.

Faye was not a member of the Anderson Family at all. When Elise remembered the unconscious Austin and Trevor, she immediately closed the computer and walked to the main hall with a serious expression.

“Mom, do you know which hospital my father and my brother are staying in?” Elise asked with a serious expression.

“Yes, do you want to go see them? But I don’t think it’s possible to see them. The hospital wards are guarded by Faye’s men, so it is impossible for us to go,” an unhappy Jeanie replied.

“Let’s go get them home!”

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