Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 520: Dad, Let’s Go Back by NovelsYou

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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 520: Dad, Let’s Go Back

He suddenly came out of his trance. As soon as he lowered his head, he saw an umbrella. The water on the umbrella’s eaves was pouring into his hand-sewn leather shoes. He didn’t mind, stooped down and took the umbrella over.

“It’s raining so heavy…”

When his gaze fell on Cindy, he paused.

Cindy was in a small raincoat and a pair of small leather boots. It was not convenient to put on the small raincoat. Cindy couldn’t put it on by herself. So…

Sean looked at the door of Xingyue Bay. Although it was open, no one was there.

He paused for a while.

He probably overthought it.

“Why did you come out here?”

Cindy stood on tiptoe and pushed the umbrella in the direction of Sean, “Dad, why are you in the rain? Why haven’t you left?”

“Are you afraid of the police arresting you?”

Sean paused, pressed his lips, and nodded with a smile.

Cindy looked very distressed, “Dad, I’ve talked to mom. She said you can stay in our house before the rain stops.”

“Dad, let’s go back. Mom made Tomato Sirloin.”

Sean froze.

Tomato Sirloin was one of his favorites.

When they ate together in high school, he would order it every time.

Did Amber make the dish deliberately?

Was she implying that she still loved him? As long as he was willing to apologize and spend some effort, she would come back to him?

Although he was around Amber these days, he didn’t show any intention to make up with her.

Amber hated his guts. When did she change her mind?

He suddenly remembered the babysbreath Amber gave to him. He vaguely mentioned that he still remembered what happened eleven years ago.

He pondered for a moment. Was it because of that?

Because he remembered things eleven years ago, she thought they could rekindle their past feelings?

The rain gradually became heavier. The wind also became stronger and even lifted the hem of Cindy’s raincoat.

He pressed his lips with silent eyes. Cindy didn’t know what he was thinking. She looked at him and pulled the hem of his sweater, “Dad?”

“Let’s go in.”

Sean reached out directly and picked Cindy up from the ground. Although she was holding an umbrella, there was still a lot of water on her raincoat. Sean didn’t mind it at all.

She walked towards Xingyue Bay with Cindy in his arms. He entered the door, helped Cindy take off her raincoat and change her shoes. Fortunately, her clothes were not wet.

He breathed a sigh of relief. Cindy took him directly to the master bedroom, opened the wardrobe and handed a large men’s T-shirt to Sean, “Dad, change your clothes and come out for dinner.”

Sean was stunned. Why were there men’s clothes in Amber’s wardrobe?

After he bought Xingyue Bay, he didn’t change anything here.

When Amber left here, she did not take all things away. When he decided to let Amber stay in Xingyue Bay after she returned, he asked Xu Lin to clean up all the traces he left here.

This was not his shirt, which meant that it was either left here after a man stayed overnight, or that Amber bought it as a gift.

No matter what the reason was, Sean felt bad.

If it was left here after a man stayed here overnight, it meant he spent the night in Amber’s room.


Sean touched the T-shirt. Its fabric was comfortable. It was valuable and definitely custom-tailored.

He suddenly remembered what Amber said. She didn’t have much spare money and couldn’t buy what Cindy wanted…

However, Amber was quite generous when she spent money on men!

Sean raised his eyes and stood by the bed. The wine made him get out of the room with the shirt in his hand. He walked directly towards the kitchen with a gloomy face.

He left black footprints at every step.

“Dad, why haven’t you changed your clothes?”

Sean ignored Cindy, and strode to the kitchen. Amber was making ginger soup with her head down. He didn’t know if it was for him or Cindy.

She faced him with her back, looking at the fire intently. When she was about to turn around, her arm was grabbed by Sean. She exclaimed and was pushed to the glazed table by him.

Sean handed the shirt to Amber, “What is this?”

Amber was confused. She glanced at the shirt in Sean’s hand, and asked with a frown, “What the **** are you doing?”

“Whose shirt is this and why is it in your bedroom? Tell me.”

Amber’s pupils contracted.

They were separated for eight years, and Sean never trusted her. Obviously, Sean was suspecting that she cheated on him before they got divorced and even lived with another man in Xingyue Bay.

Amber was speechless, but she looked calm, “What do you mean? Are you accusing me of me cheating on you?”

“We are already divorced, remember? What is the point of looking for evidence of marital infidelity now?”

“I didn’t take your money, and I didn’t take your real estate. Our divorce is simple and we have no interest disputes. Or, the proud and arrogant Mr. Smith is still thinking about me?”

Sean froze. The dim light above his head made him look angular and gloomy.

“Let go of me!”

She pushed Sean. Sean took a step back. The ginger soup was cooked. Amber stood up straight, and turned off the fire.

Sean followed Amber step by step, “Whose shirt is it, Shi Muzhou or Fu He? Answer me. Is it Lu Yi’s?”

Cindy came in and happened to hear this. She glanced at the shirt in confusion and said, “Dad, isn’t it yours?”

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