Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 519: Cindy’s Custody Is With Me by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 519: Cindy’s Custody Is With Me

“Xingyue Bay.”

Shi Muzhou paused for a moment, “They’ve caused an uproar on the Internet. I have already come up with a solution with my agent. I will make a statement soon. Before that, stay home and don’t go out.”

Amber nodded. Shi Muzhou was in showbiz. Therefore, he was more familiar with the rules in showbiz. Amber hesitated and asked in a low voice, “Muzhou, I will be back to Los Angeles in a few days.”

“If the sensation can’t be quenched, you may not be able to go back.”

Shi Muzhou paused, “Amber, my fans are very crazy. You are the first woman who had an affair with me. It is difficult for them to accept it. If you go abroad, they will pour into the airport and cause congestion.”

Amber was a little worried.

Seeing Amber’s worried look, he said after hesitating, “If you want to go abroad in a few days, call Marcus now and ask him to refund the tickets.”

“By then, I will send someone to pick you up.”

Amber pressed the corner of her lips. Sean continued, “You will go back by helicopter.”

Amber glanced at Sean deeply, and pointed to the door, “Mr. Smith, please.”

Sean paused for a while without retorting, “Think it over.”

After speaking, he strode out with his coat in one hand. Cindy chased after him, “Dad, dad!”


Amber yelled at Cindy. Sean looked back at Amber with a dark face. Cindy looked at Amber in fear, and stood in situ hesitantly like a sapling which was titling to Sean without wind.

“If you leave with him, don’t come back. I’ll go straight back to LA!”

“Amber, don’t yell at her…”

Sean spoke, but Amber didn’t look at him, “Mr. Smith, Cindy’s custody rights are all with me. The way I discipline her is none of your business.”


“Mom, I just want to ask dad a question.”

Cindy pinched her fingers, raised her face, and looked at her eagerly. Amber was softened.

“Go ahead.”

Cindy was pleased, approached Sean, and stretched out her hands towards Sean. Sean leaned down and picked her up from the ground. She encircled Sean’s neck, and whispered, “Dad, will you come to see me again?”


After getting the affirmative answer, Cindy looked at Amber eagerly.

Xingyue Bay was no longer hers, but the real estate of Sean. How could she stop Sean from coming to his own house?

But Amber couldn’t receive him happily.

She turned around and entered the bedroom.

Sean kissed Cindy’s cheek, and put her down, “All right, Cindy, I’m leaving. Listen to your mom and don’t make her angry.”

Cindy nodded.

She walked Sean to the door, and told him, “Dad, remember to come to see me!”

Sean rubbed Cindy’s head and said, “Cindy, mom didn’t mean to yell at you. It’s dangerous outside now. You shouldn’t follow me around. She yelled at you because she loves you and cares for you. Don’t hate her, okay?”

Cindy nodded obediently.

Sean smiled and closed the door of the house.

The sky gradually became a little clouded. The setting sun cast an orange glow over the sycamore trees. The shadows of them pressed Sean’s heart, suffocating him.

Sean still felt that Amber was hiding her love for him deep in her heart.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have appeared by his side without hesitation four years ago. She wouldn’t have given birth to Cindy. She wouldn’t have put up with him for so long after being hurt by him deeply.

But at this time, Sean was suddenly not so sure.

He had drunk a bottle of whiskey. The smell of alcohol on him was strong.

Xu Lin was dealing with work and had no time to pick him up, but Amber urged him to leave. She didn’t want him to bring her troubles.

Even if he had to drive under the influence.

Sean’s chest was like being blocked. Even if he died out here, Amber would probably not take a look at him.

Sean didn’t know why he and Amber would end up like this…

The sky became darker. Dark clouds covered the sky. Sean seemed to be deep in thought.

The raindrops suddenly fell and became heavy. The weather changed. Before Sean walked to the car, he was already soaked in rain. He stretched out his hand to pull the car door and paused, as if his strength had been exhausted.

At the same time.

Amber went into the kitchen to make porridge for dinner.

She lowered her head and cracked two eggs into the rice bowl. Then she washed a tomato and prepared to stew the sirloin. As soon as she looked up, she saw Sean who was in the rain motionlessly and thinking something.

She paused, and the tomato slipped out of her hand suddenly and fell into the sink.

Amber took a deep breath.


Cindy suddenly opened the door and came in with tears in her eyes, “Mom, dad… is drenched in the rain.”

Cindy knew Amber and Sean were not on good terms. She stood in front of the kitchen for a while and suddenly shed tears.

Amber’s expression was cold. Cindy’s room was facing the outside. She saw Sean when she was in her room.

Amber lowered her head and looked at Cindy who was looking at her with tears, “Mom, dad drank wine and is ill. Now he is in the rain. Will he feel sick?”

“Mom, can you let dad in?”

Her voice was choking, which sounded pitiful.

Amber did not speak. Cindy said incoherently, “Mom, I watched a cartoon. An adult who drove after drinking was caught by the police and was sent to jail. Mom, you won’t want me to have a criminal dad, will you? Drive him out after the rain stops. Please let him in, okay?”

Amber was silent.

Five minutes later, the gate of Xingyue Bay opened. Cindy held a huge umbrella and walked in the direction of Sean in small leather boots.

The rain was so heavy that it splashed onto Cindy’s face. She walked forward with difficulty, “Dad!”

Sean was too absorbed in his thought to hear her. He didn’t react until Cindy called him in a hoarse voice.

Cindy had already reached his side. The umbrella she was holding was very big. Before she could get closer to Sean, the umbrella touched Sean’s thigh.

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