Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 518: I Will Not Give Myself Away by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 518: I Will Not Give Myself Away

“Alice, I’m sorry about the award thing.”

“It’s okay. I don’t care about winning the award or not. Sean said winning the award would help the Smith Group open the market in your country. That’s why I participated in the competition. In fact, no matter whose it became, *** and the judges would still affirm that it’s my achievement.”

If it were someone else, they would feel ashamed. However, Lin Man didn’t. She even smiled, “Alice, believe it or not, I didn’t know it became mine beforehand.”

“I knew it after the result came out. Alice, I want you not to say a word about this, and I want this work to be mine for the time being.”

Alice was not angry. She took a look at Lin Man and said, “Even if I don’t mention it, your works will give you away.”

Lin Man’s heart raced, “Don’t worry. As long as you help me this time, I will not let that happen.”


Alice agreed readily, which surprised Lin Man.

Because designers treated their works as their own children and cherished them very much. Lin Man had no time to think about it deeply. Alice was a very trustworthy woman. Since she agreed, she wouldn’t go back on her word.

Lin Man breathed a sigh of relief, thinking about getting rid of the Smith Group.

When she got out of the office, her expression became more serious. She had seen it. She was the only one who won the prize in the Smith Group. However, Sean wanted to open up the Smith Group’s clothing design market through the prize. Since Sean was so cruel to her, she wouldn’t allow him to take advantage of her prize.

The award, Best Designer, didn’t become a trending topic on Microblog. The top trending topic was Sean’s absence from the wedding.

Given that Sean did the same thing three years ago, he was condemned by netizens, and some people also scolded her.

They said she was a home wrecker. She ruined Sean and Amber’s wedding, so she deserved it.

Lin Man took a deep breath and dialed a number, “Post what you photographed yesterday on the Internet.”

After hanging up, Lin Man went directly to the personnel department for resignation procedures. The resignation procedures would be completed in half a month. However, someone from the Smith Group posted this thing on Microblog secretly.

It soon caused a big sensation.

The netizens set off a frenzy of discussion online.

[Lin Man left her job at this time? It is understandable, isn’t it?]
[Did Sean get used to missing weddings? He’s totally an *******.]
[Fortunately, this wedding didn’t happen. If Lin Man that home wrecker successfully marries Sean, other home wreckers would become more confident.]
[I read a post some time ago. It said that Lin Man was Sean’s first love. They were together for eight years. However, Amber came to Sean when she was pregnant. Amber was the real home wrecker.]
[I was Sean and Amber’s high school classmate. Sean’s first love was Amber, which was known to everyone in the school at the time. Even our teacher knew it. Sean did a lot for Amber! Later, Sean left for no reason and never came back. Then I heard that he and Lin Man were together. Lin Man was Amber’s best friend. Wouldn’t she feel guilty after being with Sean? When Sean married Amber three years ago, I was relieved. However, Lin Man came back again! Sean is not the only man in the world. Why did Lin Man haunt him like a fly? Maybe ***** are fragrant for flies?]

Lin Man looked sullen when she saw this and directly tipped off this reviewer.

Because of Sean, many people followed Lin Man’s account. Seeing this, they all texted her and asked if what that reviewer said was ture. Some of them even cursed her.

Lin Man’s face was distorted in anger.

She pressed the corner of her lips, and logged out Microblog.

Amber had packed up things. Sean was squatting on the ground and helping Cindy dress up the Barbie doll. Amber walked to Sean, “Mr. Smith, you have been here for a while. I guess you should leave now.”

Cindy suddenly stood up. She bit her lower lip, looked at Sean, and then at Amber, “Mom, dad has done nothing wrong. Why are you asking him to leave… Can dad have dinner with us before leaving?”

Seeing Amber’s expression turn cold suddenly, Cindy cautiously asked.

Amber stared blankly at Sean, “You shouldn’t have appeared here actually. You know what you did today. Maybe you think you are accompanying Cindy. In fact, you are bringing her into trouble.”

“I don’t care how you will deal with what happened today. Please leave now.”

Sean froze.

He lowered his eyes and stood up slowly. What Amber said was right.

His phone rang when he was about to leave. Sean hesitated and glanced at the caller ID. It was Xu Lin.

Xu Lin knew he and Amber and Cindy were together, and would not bother him. He probably called for something urgent.

Sean answered it. Xu Lin’s voice was a little anxious, “Mr. Smith, last night, someone took pictures of you and Miss White when she was in your ward…”

Amber’s phone also rang. It was Shi Muzhou. She vaguely heard what Xu Lin said on the phone.

Her eyelid twitched, and a bad premonition arose in her heart. Xu Lin whispered, “Miss White and Shi Muzhou attended your wedding together. After that, Miss White took her best friend to Shi Muzhou’s house.”

“The paparazzi reported that Shi Muzhou bought a lot of clothes for Cindy and said that he and Miss White have been together for a long time… Dissatisfaction is spreading among Shi Muzhou’s fans.”

Sean’s eyes darkened. He glanced at Amber and said in a low voice, “Contact the public relations department and ask them to deal with it immediately. Then contact Shi Muzhou’s agent and clarify the matter with him!”


Xu Lin said okay and hung up the phone. Sean looked at Amber, nodded at her and whispered, “Go ahead.”

Amber clicked to answer the phone. Shi Muzhou’s tone was a little husky, “Where are you?”

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