Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 517: Why Would Sean Fall in Love With You by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 517: Why Would Sean Fall in Love With You

When Lin Man was packing, Lin Ye opened the door of her room and walked in.

Seeing the suitcase on the ground, Lin Ye couldn’t help but put on a sarcastic smile.

“Lin Man, you are going to run away? What have you done? Sean has let go what you did in the vacation manor, hasn’t he?”

Lin Man’s face darkened. She directly reached for the vase beside the bed, and threw it towards Lin Ye.

Lin Ye dodged quickly, but the vase shattered beside his feet and cut his skin. He was a little enraged.

“What the **** are you doing?”

Lin Man smiled, “Who do you think you are? Stop being nosy.”

Lin Ye smiled, “Illegitimate girls always have no good quality. How can you make Sean fall in love with you…”

“Shut up. Shut the **** up!”

Lin Man screamed, staring at Lin Ye with a cold face. She looked like she was anxious to kill Lin Ye.

“Get out!”

Lin Ye didn’t move. He chuckled, “All right, I didn’t come to you to fight with you. I have good news to tell you.”

“Two of your design drafts were taken to competition by employees of the Smith Group. You won an award.”

“Our Lin Group is also engaged in costumes business. Since you have the ability to win awards, you can return to our company. After all, you have fallen out with Sean.”

Suddenly hearing such news, Lin Man was shocked.

“What did you say?”

Lin Ye repeated it. Lin Man shook her head, “It’s impossible!”

“Was it Sean who did that? How could he help me win an award? What award is it?”

Lin Ye sneered, “Best Design Award! Lin Man, you think everyone in the world is as narrow-minded as you? This award is well-known for its fairness and just in the country, and your works were submitted for review a month ago. How could Sean have time to help you get the award. He was spending his time getting his wife back!”

Lin Man turned pale.

“What did you say?”

As soon as she finished speaking, it dawned on her.

Sean didn’t show up at their wedding because he wanted to get back at her for Amber!

Lin Ye looked at her, “Don’t stir up any trouble. Since Sean is not doing anything to get back at you, keep a low profile and didn’t show up before him again. Otherwise, your life might be ruined!”

“Our family is rich but has no power. Don’t think you can convince dad to turn against the Smith family for you. He knows our family strength well!”

Lin Ye finished speaking and left Lin Man’s room directly.

She gritted her teeth and threw the clothes in her hands on the bed. A month ago, the employees of the Smith Group called her and said that they would submit her works to the competition. Lin Man didn’t think she would win the prize at the time, but she thought it was good to participate in it.

Unexpectedly, she won the prize.

Lin Man was worried, and went directly to the official website to check the result.

The award-winning work was clear and eye-catching. Lin Man was stunned when she saw it.

It was not hers at all but another designer’s!

Lin Man’s heart raced abruptly. She liked the works of top fashion Bazaar designers. Every time she drafted her works, she would use that designer’s works for reference.

Although she studied abroad for many years, her designs had never been popular!

The reason why she could work at the Smith Group was that the Smith Group wanted to develop in the design industry. They invited famous designers in the name of the design exchange meeting and even invited some designers that were ordinary.

Lin Man was not very professional and wasn’t invited. However, one of the executives was her friend, and he generously gave her a place.

If the Smith Group wanted to develop in the design industry, it wouldn’t develop step by step. It would definitely spend a lot of money to hire a few well-known designers to flourish its design business.

Lin Man knew those designers. One of her award-winning works belonged to one of the designers hired by Sean.

The works of that designer were indeed excellent. Lin Man liked them and even imitated them before.

That designer’s works were bright and colorful. She always pursued visual impact.

The same was true for this award-winning work. The other designers hired by the Smith Group seldom had such outstanding works.

Lin Man was in deep panic. That designer was a little older than her and didn’t surf the Internet much.

Lin Man had been looking forward to becoming famous. She finally did, but by relying on some else’s work.

She was uneasy and excited…

After a long pause, she gritted her teeth and stood up. She put on her hat and took a taxi to the Smith Group.

Many people of the Smith Group didn’t know the truth. After seeing Lin Man, they smiled and greeted her. Some people even complimented Lin Man with fawning smiles.

“Lin Man, you are awesome!”

Lin Man forced out a smile and went straight into the elevator to the 12th floor. Then she went straight to that designer’s office.

The atmosphere in the office was solemn. As soon as Lin Man appeared, it was like a bomb dropped in the deep water, and many people jumped directly from their seats.

Lin Man didn’t notice that but said to the assistant, “Where is Alice?”

Alice’s assistant looked sullen, “Lin, I selected that work and submitted it. How did it become your work? You owe Alice an explanation!”

Lin Man, “I need to see Alice.”

The assistant was very angry, “You know the rules in the design business. Plagiarism is intolerable. Were you deliberately doing that to Alice because you are the boss’s fiancee?”

“Enough, show me evidence before you blame me!”

Since Lin Man appeared here, she didn’t show any intention to admit her mistakes. Instead, she looked extraordinarily arrogant.

Lin Man was anxious to negotiate with Alice. She pushed the assistant away and knocked directly on the door of Alice’s office.

Alice was drawing something and seems to be preparing for the next work. The work only had a rough outline, but it was amazing.

Lin Man’s eyes flickered. Alice probably had known about the award thing. She took a look up at her, smiled, and took a sip of coffee, “Please sit down.”

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