Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 516: Dad, Mom, Are You Quarrelling Again by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 516: Dad, Mom, Are You Quarrelling Again

Sean turned pale and held Cindy more tightly.

No matter how upset he was, he had to admit that what Amber said made sense.

“Mom, dad, are you arguing again?”

Cindy looked at them at a loss. Sean lowered his eyes and stopped arguing with Amber.

When Cindy did something wrong, she would be taught a lesson by Amber. She was experienced. Therefore, she tugged at Sean’s sweater and said, “Dad, admit your mistake. Tell mom you are sorry. She will forgive you and calm down soon.”

She was serious. Sean and Amber were both a little stunned.

Sean indeed wanted to apologize, but his words were like being stuck in his throat. After Amber heard what Cindy said, her anger was like a balloon that went flat.

She opened her mouth and said, “Stop it. It won’t work when your dad does that.”

Cindy pouted and stared at her grievously, “Okay, I see.”

Amber felt more embarrassed. She suddenly realized that when she scolded Sean, she was like an angry wife who was being angry with her husband.

She let out a long sigh, turned around suddenly, and was about to go back.

Sean grabbed her arm. Amber turned her head and cast a stern glance at Sean. Sean let go of his grip and said in a low voice, “Sorry, I made you upset.”

“But, Cindy is indeed my daughter. You are right. I did not give her anything in the past three years. I know I was wrong. Now, I want to compensate her. You can’t refuse to give me any chances because of what happened before.”

“Shi Muzhou gave Cindy new clothes and toys. I am very grateful. I shouldn’t have said those words. I’ve asked Xu Lin to buy some for Cindy. They are now in Xingyue Bay.”

“Shi Muzhou buys clothes for Cindy every year, but I never fulfilled my responsibilities as a father. Just let me do that for her, okay?”

Amber never expected that Sean would use such a pleading tone.

Before she could react, Sean looked at Cindy and asked, “Cindy, do you want the new clothes I bought for you?”


“Mom, mom, let’s go home. I want to see the new clothes!”

In the end, Amber went back to Xingyue Bay with Sean.

She opened the door with the key. Cindy quickly slipped in. Some children’s clothes were on the sofa in the living room. She knew its brand. Children’s clothes of this brand were too expensive, so she seldom bought them for Cindy.

These clothes were in a myriad of colors and styles.

“Mom, mom, I like this dress. Mom, I like this doll… Wow! And Barbies. Do you see, mom?”

Amber nodded.


“Dad, mom said I would grow fast. You don’t have to buy so many clothes for me. They won’t fit me after some time! Although I like them very much, I want you to refund them. Mom said diligence and thrift was a traditional virtue! I always keep it in my mind.”

Sean was a little surprised.

Amber educated Cindy so well. He felt proud of her, and he was also grateful to Amber.

He was grateful that she never treated his daughter harshly because of him.

“Okay, I won’t buy more clothes for you. But I want you to wear them. After you grow taller, I will buy you new ones.”

“Thank you, dad.”

Cindy smiled, kissed Sean on the cheek, and jumped down to play with her new Barbie dolls.

Amber was helpless. Looking at the dolls that were about the same height as Cindy, she said to Sean, “Cindy and I are going back to Los Angeles in a few days. These things… After Cindy is gone, who can play with them?”

She couldn’t take so many things abroad.

Sean’s expression remained unchanged, “When will you leave?”

“In four or five days.”

“I will send you off then.”

Sean didn’t say anything to keep Amber. He looked at her and said in a light voice, “I will also go to Los Angeles for a checkup. I can go with you.”


Amber said decisively, “Marcus has booked the return flight for us.”

Then she paused and said, “If you want to go with us, you can take some things for me.”

Sean lowered his head. He didn’t answer Amber but beckoned to Cindy. Cindy approached obediently, “Dad?”

“Cindy, tell dad, do you want to fly?”

Cindy said, “I and mom came back by plane!”

“Do you want to try our own plane?”

Cindy’s eyes lit up, “Dad, you have a plane?”

Sean nodded, “Do you want me to send you and your mom back to Los Angeles by plane?”


Amber, “…”

Her daughter was really easy to be fooled. She always took sides with Sean.

Amber shook her head and went into the study to deal with her work. Cindy glanced in her direction cleverly, curled her lip, and said, “Dad, you can’t make mom angry again. If you do, I won’t help you anymore.”

Time passed in a flash.

In Ritz-Carlton, Lin Man and Sean totally fell out. Lin Man knew that Sean would not be nice to her anymore. He might even do something to depress her.

Lin Man knew Sean well.

Most of the time, Sean would grant whatever was requested by her. He would try his best to satisfy her.

He was rarely merciless to others, except for Amber.

Even if Lin Man didn’t want to admit it, she knew Sean granted whatever was requested by her because of his deep love for Amber.

Sean’s memory had been restored. Lin Man was not sure whether Sean would retaliate against her, just like he did to Amber.

She was frightened. After making a fuss in Ritz-Carlton, she went straight back to her residence, planning to pack her things and go abroad. Sean could do whatever he wanted in Tong City, but not necessarily abroad.

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