Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 515: Where Is the Bride by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 515: Where Is the Bride

“Where is your bride?”

Sean’s expression remained unchanged. He had drunk a lot of wine, but he was pretty sober, holding back his anger silently.

His eyes fell on Amber. Amber was somewhat embarrassed. She wanted to tell him to look away but found that the look in his eyes was glazed.

“Mr. Smith, what are you looking at?” Shi Muzhou’s tone was a little angry. He jumped off the bed suddenly and blocked Sean’s vision.

Shi Muzhou glanced at Cindy, and sarcastically curved the corner of his mouth, “Why? Mr. Smith, you have taken Cindy to see her stepmother?”

“Cindy, tell uncle, did your stepmother give anything to you?” Shi Muzhou’s tone became more and more mocking, “The Smith family is rich. Since Amber and Cindy don’t want anything from your Smith family, Lin Man shouldn’t be stingy, right?”

Amber and Lu Xiangxiang were both shocked. Shi Muzhou’s agency was the Smith Group. Wasn’t he afraid of ruining his career?

Amber suddenly stood up and pulled Shi Muzhou.

Sean’s eyes that were calm suddenly deepened.

Amber cared about Shi Muzhou so much.

She was probably deliberately distancing herself from him.

Sean took a deep breath. Amber approached him and reached out to take Cindy over, “Thank you for bringing her over.”

The smell of alcohol on him was strong. Amber frowned. However, such a small expression was caught by Sean. Well…

Amber even hated to get close to him?

She hated to be close to him, even hate to see him. Maybe only when he was not around would she have a peaceful life?

Amber tried to take Cindy over, but Sean refused to let Cindy go. He stood at the door motionlessly with no expression, and he didn’t even look at Amber.

Amber licked her lips and whispered, “Mr. Smith?”

Sean’s eyes were silent, “You don’t have to be thankful. Cindy is my daughter. I should do everything I can for her.”

Amber would cry with joy if she heard such words three years ago. However, everything had changed, and her heart was already broken.

She went through expectation to calmness to indifference. Sean wore out all her hopes.

Amber smiled and nodded politely.

Sean only felt a sharp knife stabbing in his heart…

After hesitating, worrying that Amber would hate him more, Sean put Cindy into Amber’s arms.

“You have brought Cindy here. Mr. Smith, Mr. Gu, you may leave now!”

Shi Muzhou said with a cold face.

Sean paused. He ignored Shi Muzhou and stared at Amber intently, “I need to have a few words with you.”

Amber froze for a moment, and her expression remained unchanged, “Mr. Smith, I don’t think there is something we can talk about. Mr. Gu is your friend. Muzhou and Xiangxiang are my friends. They don’t need to step aside, do they?”

Sean also smiled, “Are you sure you want to talk with me here?”

Amber suddenly thought of last night. After all, she spent the night in Sean’s ward before his wedding.

Amber was worried that Sean would mention this. She hesitated.

“Why don’t you talk here! None of us are strangers. You are divorced. Is there still a secret you need to share behind us?”

Gu Jinyan stopped Sean from leaving. Sean glared at him.


Lu Xiangxiang looked at them curiously. Amber was at a loss. Sean glanced at Lu Xiangxiang, “After the divorce, Amber left the country hastily. We haven’t talked many agreements over!”

“Why, shouldn’t I and Amber talk about them in private?”

Saying that, Sean pulled Amber out of the villa with Cindy in his arms.

Amber stumbled and followed him out of the villa. He opened the door of the back seat and asked Amber to get into the car.

Amber stood at the door of the car in fright, hesitated and asked, “Mr. Smith, are you going to drive?”

Sean drank quite a lot of wine. If he drove, Amber wouldn’t dare to sit in his car.

“You drank. Isn’t it dangerous to drive under the influence? Think about Cindy. She is only three years old!”

Sean didn’t plan to leave. Hearing that, he threw the car key to Amber and whispered, “You drive, and I will sit in the back seat with Cindy.”

Amber wanted to take the clothes away. She didn’t want to come here again!

“Wait a minute. I’m going back to take out the clothes!”


Sean snapped at Amber. Amber was startled, and frowned, “Why? What the **** is wrong with you?”

Sean clenched Amber’s arm tightly and whispered, “Cindy is my daughter. Why would I let others provide clothes or food for her?”

Amber was dumbfounded. It had been a long time since Sean scolded her like this.

Amber was enraged. They had gotten divorced. Why would she bear Sean’s anger?

“What do you mean by this?”

“Did you ever care about Cindy? You know what, it was also other men who bought her clothes and toys in the past!”

No matter how many favors she accepted from others, it had nothing to do with him!

When she was still Sean’s wife, Sean never cared about her and Cindy. After they got divorced, it occurred to him that he should care about them?

Were men all like this?

Amber felt like having a huge stone on her chest. She couldn’t even breathe smoothly.

Sean’s lips moved, but said nothing.

Amber took a step forward, “Sean, stop building a good-father image for yourself. In the past three years, you never bought anything for Cindy. Now, we are not bonded to each other anymore. You don’t need to buy her anything. Cindy’s custody right is with me, not with you! Back then…”

Amber’s voice was choking, “Back then, when I registered Cindy for the permanent residence, I didn’t even have the birth certificate that was signed by you!”

“Her surname is White. Strictly speaking, I’m her only parent. My friends love her, so they are willing to buy her clothes. I won’t reject it! What makes you think you can stop me from accepting their kindness?”

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