Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 514: My Father Will Only Be You  by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 514: My Father Will Only Be You 

Cindy’s eyes were sparkling, and Sean didn’t see any reluctance in them.

Sean’s heart ached.

Shi Muzhou often bought things for Cindy, but he didn’t even care about her. It was understandable that she would like Shi Muzhou to be her new dad.

If he were Cindy, he would also choose Shi Muzhou.

With that in mind, his heart ached more.

Back then, after he left Amber, did Amber also have so many pursuers like Shi Muzhou and Fu He?

Fate fooled him and made him forget the woman he decided to love forever when he was still a teenager.

Sean licked his lips without speaking. Cindy continued, “Dad, don’t worry, although I like Uncle Shi very much, mom told me my father will only be you.”

Sean’s eyelid jerked, and his heart throbbed.

Amber told her that?

She said Cindy’s father would only be him?

Did she mean forever?

If Ambe married someone else, she wasn’t going to let Cindy call that man dad?

Sean felt so sweet. Cindy encircled his neck and kissed his cheek, then smiled and said, “Dad, dad, I know where Uncle Shi and mom are. Shall we go find her?”

“Mom said Uncle Shi has a lot of nice clothes at his place. She and Aunt Xiangxiang are going to get them. I know where Uncle Shi’s house is. Let’s go there, okay?”

Sean’s face darkened again.

Gu Jinyan suddenly smiled, “Sean, you seem pretty good at putting on and wiping off different expressions. You might have the makings to be an actor.”


Sean glared at Gu Jinyan. Gu Jinyan smiled and picked Cindy up from Sean’s arms, “Cindy, your father has drunk and can’t drive.”

“Besides, your father and your mother are divorced. It is inappropriate for him to go to your mother.” Gu Jinyan said with a slight smile, “Your Uncle Shi might be your new dad. If you go there, you will disturb them.”

But Cindy only heard the first sentence, “Uncle Gu, then you drive! Let’s go there.”

Sean didn’t say a word, and his eyes didn’t even focus. Gu Jinyan didn’t know what he was thinking. He smiled, “Okay.”

Sean pressed his lips. Cindy reached out her fleshy little hand and took his hand, “Dad, mom said, drinking is bad. You should stop drinking.”

Sean’s heart ached.

Amber seldom drank. Why would she say that?

Was she telling anyone not to drink? Who was it?

Shi Muzhou? Fu He? Or Lu Yi?

Sean’s sadness gradually spread to his face. He wanted to ask Cindy about it, but he was afraid that she would tell Amber…

He pressed his lips. Cindy continued, “Dad, mom said, if you drink too much, you will wet the bed!”

Gu Jinyan couldn’t hold back his laughter. He laughed out and looked at Sean.

“Hahaha! Sean, you’d better drink less in the future. If you wet the bed, no one will change the sheets for you! Hahahaha!”

Sean’s face turned blue and purple in anger, but the corners of his lips gradually curved.

Amber was bluffing Cindy. That was why she said drinking was bad.

Sean breathed a sigh of relief, and gradually became worried.

Shi Muzhou’s career was booming and he was popular. He probably didn’t have time to work at his relationship. His fans would not accept that he married a woman who had a daughter.

Sean paused.

Moreover, Shi Muzhou was in showbiz and always had scandals with other female stars. If Amber married him, it would be really tiring for Amber to deal with them.

Amber shouldn’t marry him!

Silently, Sean found out all the reasons that Shi Muzhou was not suitable for Amber, but in the past three years, he was the one who always hit the entertainment headlines, not Shi Muzhou.

He went out directly in his sweater with Gu Jinyan. Xu Lin had already arranged it, and when he saw them coming out, he was taken aback, “Mr. Smith, Mr. Gu, are you going out? I’ll take the car.”

“No, Gu Jinyan will drive. I need you to do something else for me.”

Xu Lin narrowed his eyes and waited for Sean’s order, but Sean kept silent. Xu Lin stood for a while and looked up at him, “Mr. Smith?”

“I’ll send it to your phone.”

Xu Lin was confused. He was right in front of Sean. Wasn’t it more time-saving to tell him directly?

Xu Lin didn’t dare to say this. He nodded, “Okay.”

Sean took Cindy and followed Gu Jinyan into the elevator with his mobile phone. Xu Lin’s mobile phone buzzed. It was Sean’s message.

Xu Lin thought it was probably something like company secrets.

[Go to the central mall and buy some clothes and toys for Cindy. ]

Xu Lin, “???”

Xu Lin, “!!!”

Xu Lin gritted his teeth and called Zhou Ruo, “Give your work to others and take a taxi to the central mall and wait for me there.”

Zhou Ruo was a little confused, “What’s wrong?”

“We’ll go shopping!”

When Sean and Gu Jinyan arrived at Shi Muzhou’s house, Cindy jumped out of the car and ran into the villa. Sean was worried that she would fall, stretched out his arms, and picked her up from the ground.

When they walked in, Amber was folding clothes. The brand side gave those clothes to Shi Muzhou. Amber lowered her head and packed them one by one.

She squatted in the middle of a pile of clothes, talking to Lu Xiangxiang and packing them up with a faint smile on her cheeks. Her smile was gentle and beautiful as a light cloud on the horizon.

Shi Muzhou was lying prone on the bed and playing a game. Hearing footsteps, the three of them turned their heads together and looked towards the door.

The smiles on their faces disappeared at the same time. Shi Muzhou frowned, ” Tsk tsk, isn’t this the groom? Why are you here?”

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