Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 513: I’m Also Afraid of Losing My Husband by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 513: I’m Also Afraid of Losing My Husband

“If Amber was as shrewd and smart as she is today eight years ago, how would she believe my words? Sean, you don’t know women, do you? Women would remember the pain men brought to them in their early years forever!”

Sean didn’t hit women, but Lin Man’s words completely enraged him. He kicked her to the ground with one foot, wishing to strangle her.

Lin Man’s shoulder blade seemed to have been shattered. She turned pale in pain and filled with hatred. She was with Sean for eight years. She treated him wholeheartedly, but he was not nostalgic for their good old days at all.

“Four years ago, your mother was afraid that you would die from blood cancer, so she asked me to give you a child.”

Lin Man cried while laughing, and said, “She was afraid of losing her son, and I was afraid of losing my husband!”

“I went to Amber and begged her to give you a child. At that time, she disagreed. I put the drug in your wine and sent her the address. I told her you were drugged, and you would die if you didn’t have *** with a woman! Unexpectedly, Amber whom you loved so much was so cheap. You had separated from her for more than seven years and didn’t love her anymore, but she still rushed to throw herself into your bed!”

Sean turned pale. Lin Man continued, “She had the bone marrow matching test for you and did so many things to save you. However, you locked her in the bedroom when she was about to give birth!”

“I was so happy when I knew it. She was so lucky. Why didn’t she die!”


Sean snapped at Lin Man, “Get out of here!”

“Get out!”

Lin Man didn’t intend to leave. Xu Lin reacted, crouched down, dragged Lin Man out of the hotel room forcibly.

When Lin Man was being dragged out, her leg hit the wall. As soon as Xu Lin stopped, she endured the pain, got up from the ground, and tried to go back. Xu Lin stopped her, “Miss Lin, you know Mr. Smith is not a good-tempered person. If you go back, he would really choke you to death!”

He knew too much on this day, and it was a bit difficult to accept them all.

“Don’t go back. You would get yourself killed!”

Lin Man kept silent for a few seconds, “I wish Sean would really kill me!”

Xu Lin did not have the gentleman’s manners that Sean had nurtured in the upper class. He pushed Lin Man. Lin Man, who was in a pair of high heels, staggered and fell directly to the ground, “Just get the **** out of here!”

After that, he turned around and called the security guard to stop Lin Man from coming back before returning to Sean’s room.

The curtains closed, and Sean sat on the carpet expressionlessly.

He was holding the wine glass in his hand as if his soul was gone and only his empty shell was still there.

“Mr. Smith, the doctor told you not to drink.”

Sean’s expression remained unchanged. He took a sip of the red wine, and it dyed the man’s lips red, making him look depressed and stunning.

“Go find out the design drafts Lin Man submitted to the Smith Group and her finished designs.”

Xu Lin didn’t know what Sean was going to do. Sean continued, “Do everything you can to make her works popular within a week!”

“You are going to make her famous?”

At this time, Sean should wish Lin Man were dead. Why would he make her famous?

Xu Lin was puzzled. Could it be that Mr. Smith was still thinking about the old days of Lin Man and him and wanted to give her a chance?

Sean nodded.

Xu Lin didn’t dare to ask why. He went out to make calls.

When he just reached the door of the suite, Gu Jinyan arrived with Cindy in his arms. Cindy was already drowsy, resting her head on Gu Jinyan’s shoulder.

“Where is Sean?”

“In the room.”

Gu Jinyan smiled, “I saw a crazy woman downstairs. Sean hit her?”

“Open the door.”

Xu Lin nodded and opened the door of the suite. Gu Jinyan carried Cindy in.

The room was filled with the smell of alcohol. Cindy was almost asleep. Smelling it, she suddenly opened her eyes.

“Uncle Gu, are you drinking?”

Gu Jinyan burst into laughter, “No, it’s your father!”

Cindy turned her head left and right, and saw Sean sitting on the ground. He was immersed in his own world and didn’t even notice Gu Jinyan and Cindy came in.

Gu Jinyan walked to Sean and kicked him with his toes, “Sean?”

He suddenly came out of his trance, “Cindy?”

Cindy got out of Gu Jinyan’s arms and walked carefully to Sean’s side. She hugged Sean and asked, “Dad, what’s wrong?”

Sean reached out and hugged Cindy tightly.

All words were stuck in his throat.

He was not a qualified father.

Some time ago, she had a car accident. Feng Chen saved her. He gave a piece of land to the Feng Group, and he pestered Amber and tried to talk her out of divorce. However, he didn’t even ask Cindy whether it hurt or not.

At the time he thought he handled it well, but at this time, he was in deep self-doubt.

Did Cindy want his compensation?

No, what she wanted was his love!

Moreover, he didn’t even say thank you to Feng Chen after he saved Cindy.

What was wrong with him?

“I’m okay. Why are you here? Where is… your mom?”

Sean’s voice was choking. Cindy noticed but didn’t feel it unusual, “Dad, do you have a cold?”

Sean shook his head, “No, I’m okay.”

Cindy looked at Sean hesitantly. She didn’t believe it, but she replied, “Dad, mom and aunt Xiangxiang and uncle Shi are hanging out.”

Uncle Shi?

Shi Muzhou’s face suddenly appeared in Sean’s mind.

A teenager who had a bad temper and behaved like a naive stupid student.

Sean suddenly thought that eleven years ago, after he pursued Amber for a long time, she suddenly agreed to be his girlfriend. Why? Because he was good-looking?

If that was the case, Amber was indeed superficial.

Sean gave a wry smile.

“Dad, you said men who approach mom all want to be my new dad. Does Uncle Shi also want to be my new dad?”

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