Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 510: I Don’t Want to Show up in the Trending Topic With Him by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 510: I Don’t Want to Show up in the Trending Topic With Him

He walked up to her and asked, “Why don’t you go in?”

Amber smiled, “I’m waiting for Muzhou. You know, he got children’s temper. He wants me to enter the venue with him. You know, I don’t want to show up in a trending topic.”

Shi Muzhou was very famous and anything he posted on Microblog could become a trending topic. If Amber went in alone, Shi Muzhou might complain about it on Microblog and make it a trending topic.

Lu Yi smiled softly, “Well, that’s right, but he knows how to act with propriety.”

Amber pressed her lips and glanced at Lu Yi. Pointing at his left cheek, she asked in a low voice, “What happened?”

Lu Yi curved the corners of his mouth and whispered, “My resign from the Smith Group upsets my mom.”

Lu Yi’s attitude was casual and there was not a trace of waves in his eyes, “My uncle told my mom that if I worked hard in the Smith Group, he would give me some shares at the end of the year. However, I resigned and went abroad.”

Amber looked serious. Lu Yi went abroad for the White Group, but the root cause was her.

Lu Yi abandoned his bright future and worked in the White Group that was declining…

Amber hesitated and said, “Lu Yi, the White Group may not seem promising, but believe me. If it follows the new operating model for a year, it will definitely be different.”

“You won’t make a wrong bet.”

Lu Yi smiled and nodded, “Of course I believe you.”

Amber, “You know me. I would never promise you anything unless I’m sure of the success. I know you resigned for me. I won’t let you down. But Lu Yi, I guess comparing with getting the Smith Group’s shares, proving yourself is more important to you.”

“Anyway, let’s work hard for the White Group!”

Lu Yi was amused by Amber. He chuckled and asked with a smile, “Right, where’s Cindy?”

Amber replied naturally, “She is with Xiangxiang. They probably have already entered.”

Amber herself was not sure. She answered so carelessly that she didn’t even see the flash of light in Lu Yi’s eyes.

“Then I’m entering too.”

Amber nodded.

Not long after Lu Yi left, Shi Muzhou arrived. He was in a white suit and covered up with sunglasses and a mask. He drove here in an ordinary luxury car. When he got out of the car, almost no one noticed him.

He strode to Amber, put his arm on her shoulder, and held her in his arms with one arm. Then he smiled and said, “Hey, am I more handsome? You are dazzled by my charming appearance, aren’t you?”

Amber was taken aback by him. Hearing what he said, she smiled, “Oh, come on. You are late. Do you know how long I have been waiting? You should compensate me if I get tanned.”

“Big figures are all the big finales. If it weren’t for you, I must have come! By the way, where is Cindy?”

“Why’re you looking for her?”

Shi Muzhou smiled and said, “A few days ago, I endorsed a brand of children’s clothing. They gave me a bunch of clothes. Why don’t you go to my house to take them away after attending the wedding?”

“Why don’t you keep them for yourself?”

Amber joked with a laugh. Shi Muzhou pretended to be angry, and rushed towards her. They fought in jest and entered the venue.

Shi Muzhou took Amber to the front row and sat down.

The ceremony hadn’t even begun. As soon as Shi Muzhou came in, he was upset. He leaned on the chair lazily with his legs crossed. He complained, “******* and ******** really make a perfect match! I’ll see how they torment each other!”

Amber patted him, “Stop it. You are at other people’s wedding!”

“You think I want to be here? If it weren’t for backing you up, I wouldn’t be here to watch this disgusting wedding!”

Amber laughed, feeling a little moved. After they mocked the wedding for a while, the ceremony began.

The music started to play, but the bride and groom didn’t come out. Shi Muzhou suddenly sat upright, tilted his head, and looked at the other end of the red carpet.

“It is said that Sean had a serious car accident, but he has recuperated for so long. Is he still too weak to show up at the wedding?”

Amber looked a little worried.

However, Shi Muzhou was gloating.

Last night, Sean’s attitude towards her was obviously different. She was worried that the wedding hadn’t officially started partly because of her.

Something was probably wrong.

Sean had a good memory. Three years ago, he didn’t recognize her. She thought he had forgotten her.

But last night, he accidentally revealed that he remembered what happened between them. If he really remembered and pretended not to recognize her, then his reaction last night was normal.

She was restless, feeling that there was something she had overlooked.

Shi Muzhou glared at her and said, “Why are you panicking? If Sean refuses to show up at the wedding for the second time, it will be the Smith family who is disgraced, not you.”

“I’d like to see how many people in the upper class will be willing to let their daughters marry him. He deserves to be a bachelor for a lifetime!”

Amber’s eyelashes fluttered, and her eyes were dim.

She looked at the stage with fixed eyes. On the other side of the red carpet, Lin Man appeared in her wedding dress, but Sean was not on the podium. The wedding music was still on, and Lin Man froze in situ.

Tomas and Mrs. Smith’s expressions were so stiff.

Especially Mrs. Smith, she stood up directly, picked up her handbag, and left the venue without looking back.

In less than three minutes, there was an uproar on the Internet again. The news about Amber returning to Tong City and eating with the Smiths once again became a trending topic.

Some people even thought Sean was absent from the wedding again because of Amber. Some time ago, the illusion created by Sean and Amber made the public think they deeply loved each other.

When they got divorced, many people couldn’t accept it, and even many people made bets online that they would definitely get back together.

Seeing Sean was not here and Mrs. Smith leaving, Lin Man instantly turned pale, and even her delicate makeup could not cover it.

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