Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 505: I’m Fine by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 505: I’m Fine

Sean paused, “It’s not a small deal that my ex-wife misses me and cares about me. Why? It’s only been less than two months since we got divorced. Do you regret it?”

Amber opened her mouth in shock.

She did mention the flower language of babysbreath to him, but it was eleven years ago.

When she met him on the cruise ship eight years ago, met him again four years ago, and married him three years ago, he had no impression of her. When they met three years ago, he even said that was the first time they met.

Amber had already accepted that Sean had forgotten her totally, but Sean suddenly said this.

She was stupefied.


Her eyelashes trembled fiercely.

Amber had never felt so bad. Sean remembered things eleven years ago. Did it mean that he did not love her at all eleven years ago?

Maybe she couldn’t even be considered first love in his heart!

Lin Man was his first love!

Compared with him forgetting her, Amber felt that what she couldn’t accept more was that he played with her feelings eleven years ago.

Sean noticed something was wrong, and wiped off his teasing look.

He owed her an explanation for what happened eleven years ago…


Sean was interrupted by Amber when he just opened his mouth. Her nose turned red, and she suddenly laughed, “Sean, is it fun to trick me?”

“I am a woman who was abandoned by my own father. You are the only heir to your Smith family. I was not worthy of being in love with you. Why did you pursue me eleven years ago? What was wrong with you? You never planned to have a future with me, but why did you pursuit me with great fanfare?”

“I was like a half orphan, so it was fun to bully me?”

Amber didn’t want to cry in front of Sean, but her tears fell drop by drop uncontrollably.

Her tears were hot, falling on her heart, burning all her memories of her youth.

Sean trembled, not even dare to wipe tears for her.

He grabbed Amber’s shoulders with both hands and faced her tears straight. His nose was stinging and his fingertips trembled. He even felt like crying with her.

What he was going to explain was stuck in his throat.

He was not worthy of Amber’s bone marrow, and it was not worth her to risk her life to save him. Maybe he should not explain. Then, even if he died one day, she would not feel sad for him.

With this in mind, he was going to let go of Amber. However, his body became so stiff that he grabbed Amber’s shoulders more tightly.

His hands were too stiff to take back.

Amber wiped her tears, pushed him and said coldly, “Let go of me!”

Sean didn’t move nor intend to let go of her.

Amber despised his action, sneered, and asked, “Mr. Smith, what do you mean? You are going to get married tomorrow, but you are pestering your ex-wife at this time?”

Her words were very offensive. Sean had been used to satirizing her. He sneered, “It was you who came to me first and gave me flowers.”

The implication was that she did something misleading first?

Amber pressed the corner of her lips, glanced at the flowers and said, “It was the florist who chose the flowers. I just told her I needed flowers for patients…”

Sean was not satisfied with this answer. He took the flowers over and threw them in front of Amber. The words on the card fell into Amber’s sight.

“I didn’t write this!”

“Even if it wasn’t written by you, it was placed in the most conspicuous place in the bouquet. You should have seen it. You caused the misunderstanding!”

Sean clutched the card tightly, staring at Amber with pitch-black eyes.

Amber really didn’t see it. She didn’t know how to end the situation. After taking a deep breath, she said, “What exactly do you want to say?”

Sean pressed Amber firmly on the bed, and hugged her tightly.

Amber was exasperated.

She had run out of her patience. She hated Lin Man. As long as she thought of Sean also holding Lin Man like this, she would feel nausea.

She pushed Sean. Sean grunted. She paused and retracted her hands quickly.

Sean was injured badly before and had broken ribs. What if the ribs he had fixed were pushed out of place by her?

“Get up!”

“Amber, it hurts.”

Sean suddenly spoke, and Amber was shocked.

Sean had never shown weakness in front of her, let alone talked to her in such a pitiful tone.

Especially when he called her ‘Amber’, his tone almost pierced her heart.

“Get up, I’ll call the doctor to do a check-up for you. You can rest assured. If I really hurt you, I will pay for the treatment.”

Sean’s knitted brows smoothed a little. He turned over and lay down on the other side of the bed.

Facing the white ceiling, Sean felt hot in his chest, and the pain seemed to have spread to his heart.

Amber rarely saw Sean like this, and her emotions seemed to have died in his eyes.


Sean was Cindy’s father, but he was no longer related to her.

Amber turned her head and went to the duty room to ask the doctor to check Sean.

It was late. When she was in the corridor, Lu Xiangxiang called her to urge her to go back. Amber casually said okay.

Xu Lin was already off work, and Sean was alone here. The doctor checked him and then gave him a drip.

When he came out, the doctor said, “His ribs are very fragile. There is no major problem, but he should be more careful in the future…”

“I have given Mr. Smith a drip. There are not many nurses on duty today. Someone needs to keep an eye on his drip. When it is almost over, tell the nurse to give him a new one.”

Amber nodded.

After hesitating, she walked in.

Sean was covered with a thin blanket. His eyes closed tightly, and his face and lips were extremely pale.

Amber knew that he was not asleep. Standing in front of the bed, she asked in a low voice, “Whom do you want to take care of you?”

Sean didn’t speak. Amber said several names, “Xu Lin, Lin Man, your father?”

Sean opened his eyes, and stared at Amber, “I’m going to get married tomorrow. My dad and Xu Lin are both busy, not to mention Lin Man. She has to make up and change clothes. When she gets here, I will almost finish my drip. She would only make a trip in vain.”

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