Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 501: I Shouldn’t Visit Him at This Time by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 501: I Shouldn’t Visit Him at This Time

Somehow, Amber said Central Hospital. She pressed her lips, and the driver had already driven in the direction of the hospital.

After the taxi passed the traffic lights, the road was one-way traffic, and it seemed unreasonable for the driver to turn around.

Love at First Sight was not far from the hospital. She arrived at the hospital five minutes later.

Amber paid and got out of the taxi.

She walked to the flower shop beside and said, “Please give me a bunch of flowers suitable for seeing patients.”

“Would babysbreath do? It represents care.”

With things on her mind, Amber didn’t pay attention to what the shop owner said. She nodded and said yes.

Amber paid, took the flowers out of the shop, and took the elevator directly to the SVIP floor.

Standing for a while at the door of Sean’s ward, Amber hesitated to go in.

She sighed, and when she was about to leave, Xu Lin opened the door and walked out.

“Miss White?”

Xu Lin was taken aback. Seeing the flowers in her arms, he smiled and said, “You are here to visit Mr. Smith?”

“Why don’t you go in?”

Amber took a deep breath and suddenly smiled, “Your boss is going to be the groom tomorrow. It doesn’t seem good for me, his ex-wife, to visit him at this time.”

Moreover, the online rumor that she ate with Tomas and Mrs. Smith was still spreading. The Smith family didn’t intend to refute it, not did Lin Man and Sean.

Xu Lin gave a hollow laugh, took the bouquet, opened the door of the ward, and whispered, “It’s okay. Mr. Smith is still up.”

Amber nodded.

Anyway, she was already here. Besides, she really wanted to figure out what Sean’s departure was about before he married Lin Man.

Amber pushed the door and walked in. There was no one on the bed. Xu Lin smiled and said in a low voice, “Oh, Mr. Smith is probably in the bathroom.”

Amber nodded.

Xu Lin put the bouquet in the most conspicuous place in the ward, and then made an excuse to leave.

Amber stood in front of the bed, waiting for Sean.

She didn’t sit down, and the file bag on the bedside table naturally fell into her sight.

There was a small label on the upper right corner of the file bag with only one word, “WILL”.

Amber frowned deeply, and the anxiety in her heart gradually became stronger.

She reached for it and took the document out.

The first page was handwritten by Sean. Amber knew his handwriting, and Sean’s name was clearly signed on the column of the testator.

Firstly, all my properties in Hai Wan Xiang Xie and Champagne Lodge will be transferred to my daughter Cindy White after my death and will be kept by my ex-wife, Cindy White’s birth mother, Amber White until Cindy White reaches the age of majority.

Secondly, my shares in the Smith Group… will be inherited by my beloved daughter Cindy White.

Amber read one by one. All Sean’s moveable properties and immovable properties would be inherited by Cindy. These things were equivalent to a super large sum of money.

The point was, Sean had signed it and left his thumbprint on it.

Below that was Sean’s health checkup and the signatures of the people who were present and could prove that Sean was sober when he made the will. One was Xu Lin, and the other was Gu Jinyan.

Amber took a deep breath. There was no surprise on her face but endless bitterness in her heart.

When Sean came out of the bathroom, he saw Amber standing with her back to him.

Her figure was slender. She lowered her head slightly, and her fair-complexioned neck was in front of him. Sean froze.

She was actually here.

Then his gaze fell on a large bunch of babysbreath beside the bed.

Was she here to visit him?

Why did Amber buy babysbreath for him?

If he remembered correctly, the flower language of babysbreath seemed to be sincere love?

She knew that he was going to marry Lin Man tomorrow. Why did she do such a misleading thing?

Or she didn’t want him to marry Lin Man?

Although knowing that there was no such possibility, Sean still couldn’t stop himself from having such an idea.

What happened eleven years ago was still vivid. What if Amber couldn’t get over the past like him?

Sean took two steps forward. Amber heard the sound. She suddenly drew back her attention, holding two thin sheets of paper between her fingers.

Like being soaked in a basin of cold water, Sean woke up to reality instantly.

He took a deep breath, and looked a little gloomy, “Why are you here?”

Amber left behind what she was going to ask him. She shook the file in her left hand and asked, “What do you mean?”

“This document is in the file bag, which is considered my privacy. You read my document while I was away, and you are questioning me?”

Amber let out a sigh, “You are so young. Don’t you think it’s inappropriate to make a will now? Moreover, you are going to marry Lin Man tomorrow. Maybe you will have other children in the future. Why are you going to leave all your properties to Cindy? Are you out of your mind?”

Sean’s eyes darkened.

He stared at Amber. She had lost some weight.

He once held her. She was almost underweight.

Even if Lu Yi didn’t say those words, he knew Amber’s health condition was really not suitable for donating bone marrow.

“You hate Lin Man, don’t you? Why are you being considerate of her?”

“When did you become so kind? You actually want me to leave my properties to the person you hate.”

Amber kept silent for a moment, “Don’t change the subject. I’m just focusing on the case!”

Sean walked up to Amber. His dark pupils stayed on her face almost greedily for a moment, and then he quickly looked away.

He sat down on the bed after passing her by. The scent of Amber filled his nose.

Sean’s fingertips quivered, and he spoke with fake composure, “My properties are at my disposal. I can leave them to whomever I want…”


Amber suddenly stretched out her hands and tore up the will. Sean’s words were stuck in his throat.

His eyelashes trembled, and he looked at Amber.

Amber stuffed some of the shredded paper into her handbag, throwing the rest of it in the trash can. She looked at Sean and asked in a cold tone, “When Paramount caught fire, why did you rush into the building?”

“Why would you ask that?”

Sean pressed his lips. Wondering if it was because he was sitting, he felt that his aura was not as strong as Amber’s.

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