Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 500: I Don’t Believe Anything You Say by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 500: I Don’t Believe Anything You Say

Amber kept silent for a moment.

Back then, when she met Sean again, his frivolous tone was really impressive.

She thought Sean didn’t remember her anymore. Maybe he was tired of being with her and wanted to dump her.

Amber wanted to know the reason because Sean was not an irresponsible person in relationships.

But she didn’t figure out the reason.

Amber didn’t speak. Lin Man knew that she might have changed her mind.

“Meet me at Love at First Sight. I will tell you everything I know.”

Amber hung up the phone and went to see Lin Man. She sent Cindy directly to Lu Xiangxiang’s place and then took a taxi.

When she arrived there, Lin Man had already ordered the dishes, all of which were Amber’s favorites 11 years ago.

Seeing Amber, Lin Man was pleasantly surprised, “Amber, here you are.”

Amber walked to the chair and sat across the table, “Tell me what happened eleven years ago.”

Lin Man blinked. After hesitating, she said, “Because of me.”

“Sorry, Amber, I fell in love with Sean. Sean pursued you back then because you were my good friend.”

“I don’t believe a word you say!”

Amber interrupted Lin Man.

11 years ago, Sean complained countless times about why she brought Lin Man with her when they went on a date.

If Sean didn’t like her, why did he drive Shen Rouran abroad and get into a fight with Shen Chun for her?

If the other party liked her, she would feel it and judge it by herself.

She wouldn’t just believe what Lin Man said!

“If that’s what you want to tell me, I have no reason to stay anymore…”


Lin Man grabbed Amber’s sleeve.

“Fine, I actually don’t know what happened back then. I asked you out for something else.”

Amber turned her head and glanced at her.

“I know you hate me. For that, you even hate Sean…”

“You will be happy if I don’t hate him?”

Amber frowned.

Lin Man let go of her and laughed, “You can’t be together. I know how proud you are. Relying on the bone marrow to marry Sean is the only thing you’ve done to damage your own self-esteem. It won’t happen again.”

Amber looked at Lin Man.

“Amber, I want you to donate bone marrow to Sean…”

Hearing this, Amber looked at her in shock. To be honest, Amber really didn’t expect that Lin Man would actually say these words.

“Lin Man, am I particularly kind in your heart? You hurt my daughter cruelly, and you think you can persuade me to donate bone marrow to your fiance unconditionally?”

“If your son, your grandson has blood cancer, should I donate my all bone marrow, give up my life, and sacrifice everything I have to save them and contribute to your happy life?”

Lin Man kept silent.

“Do you have evidence? Fine, even if it was me who hurt Cindy, I apologize to you. But Amber, you should think it over.”

“As long as you are willing to donate your bone marrow, I’ll cancel my wedding with Sean.”

Lin Man had thought about it seriously. Anyway, apart from Amber, she was the most important woman in Sean’s heart. As long as Amber was willing to donate bone marrow, Sean could survive.

Once she and Sean really got married, she would never convince Amber to do that.

Amber refused without hesitation, “Why, are you going to embarrass the Smith family again?”

“I guess you are the only one who treats marriage as a children’s play.”

“Amber!” Lin Man yelled, “Sean was burnt extensively in Paramount fire not to help me find the earring. He was to save you!”

Amber stopped in situ.

At that time, Sean hated her the most. Why would he save her?

She didn’t believe it at all!

Lin Man was lying!

Before the fire, she was molested by Sean in the bathroom. If Sean really wanted to save her, he should go to the bathroom to find her.

She fainted in the bathroom instead of disappearing into the bathroom. How could he not find her?

Amber suddenly laughed, “The staff on the site told me you and Sean came out through the window of the bathroom on the second floor. I fainted there and was rescued by the fire police.”

“Sean is from the Smith family. Who dares to lie to him? He is not a child of three or four. Why did he go to the fire to find someone who was not there at all? How can you make up such a lie to convince me to donate bone marrow? Don’t you think it’s very mean?”

“Or, in your heart, I’m just a fool?”

The paleness on Lin Man’s face couldn’t even be covered by her delicate makeup.

“I didn’t lie to you. He didn’t see you in the bathroom because I blocked his vision after seeing you faint next to the sink. At the time, Sean was holding me. Later you were rescued by the fire police, but Lu Yi told him you were not found. Then he entered Paramount for you.”

“If you don’t believe it, you can ask Gu Jinyan or Sean.”

Amber was stunned.

At that time, how could Sean try to save her?

She didn’t believe it at all.

But for some reason, she suddenly thought of the day when they swept the tomb for Johnson. If Sean really wanted her to die…

She jumped into the river at the time, and Sean could sit idly by.

Amber glanced at Lin Man with fixed eyes. Lin Man seemed to be afraid that she would not believe her. She bit her lip, “Amber, please save Sean. you should know how much he loved you eleven years ago.”

“But in the eleven years, he loves you the most. Sean saved me. I am grateful, but if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t almost die again and again. I and he don’t owe each other. And, if I stabbed you in the heart, would you still be willing to save me?”

“Don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do to you. Miss Lin, you should know this simple truth!”

Amber carried her handbag and went straight out of Love at First Sight. She quickly stopped a taxi and didn’t even give Lin Man a chance to keep her.

“Miss, where are you heading to?”

“Central Hospital.”

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