Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 499: You Should Have Hided the Pleasant Surprise in Your Tone by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 499: You Should Have Hided the Pleasant Surprise in Your Tone

Sean turned his head with a dazed look, “Oh, when did you get here?”

Xu Lin pressed the corner of his lips and said in a low voice, “A moment ago.”


“Mr. Smith, Mr. Lu is here to see you. The doctor said you need plenty of rest, so I stopped him outside the ward. Do you want to see him?”

Sean paused and asked, “Lu Yi?”

Xu Lin nodded.

“Okay, let him in.”

Sean sat back on the bed. He stayed up all night and the dark circles around his eyes were obvious.

Lu Yi walked in and thought he entered the wrong ward, “Sean, why have you lost so much?”

Sean raised his eyes slightly and glanced at him, “Cousin, you should have hided the pleasant surprise in your tone. I was almost convinced that you care about me.”

Hearing this, Lu Yi didn’t panic at all. He even smiled and said, “Sean, why didn’t you send a wedding invitation to me? How can I miss your wedding?”

The corners of Sean’s lips were raised sarcastically, “You are always thinking about my wife. Isn’t it normal to guard against you?”

Lu Yi’s expression changed.

“You and Amber are not affiliated anymore, aren’t you?”

Hearing this, Sean pressed the corner of his mouth, and suddenly smiled, “Why not? She is my child’s mother. It will never change even after you are dead.”

“That’s right.”

Sean leaned against the bed, and his expression gradually became cold, “You are here just for this? To discuss whether Amber has ties to me or not?”

“Of course not.” Lu Yi smiled, “I heard that you are sick, so I’m here to see you.”

Sean knew that Lu Yi was talking about blood cancer.

After what happened on the back mountain of the Smith family and in Paramount, he knew Lu Yi wanted him to die.

One of the reasons was Amber. The other was probably the Smith Group.

If there was no Cindy, Lu Yi would be the successor of the Smith family after Sean died.

Because his uncles died of blood cancer like his brothers.

Lu Yi was the only one who could inherit the property of the Smith family.

“Cousin, thank you for caring about me.”

Lu Yi sowed discord between him and Amber, and succeeded in making Amber hate him. Probably Amber would never donate bone marrow to him.


Hearing this, Sean looked up. Lu Yi said with a smile, “Have you almost recovered your memory?”

Sean didn’t answer.

“Do you still love Amber?”

Sean still kept silent.

He just looked at Lu Yi with fixed eyes.

Lu Yi was not angry. He smiled and said, “Sean, you probably don’t know that Amber is not physically fit to donate bone marrow to others.”

Sean’s eyes deepened, and looked at Lu Yi.

“She lost too much blood when she gave birth three years ago. Over the years, to raise Cindy, she never recuperated properly. She has serious anemia.”

“Sean, the bone marrow has the function of hematopoiesis. If she donates bone marrow to you, she will be in danger. It was you who locked her in the room when she gave birth. Now, you can’t pretend to be pitiful and use your old feelings to make her risk her life for you.”

“Think it over. I’m leaving.”

Lu Yi didn’t even take a seat in the ward. He left quickly, as if he never appeared here.

Sean knew that Lu Yi’s purpose was to prevent him from asking Amber to donate bone marrow to him.

Three years ago, Amber had heavy bleeding and almost died. He knew how frail she was.

Sean chuckled. Lu Yi didn’t know he never thought about forcing Amber to donate her bone marrow.

“Mr. Smith, don’t take Lu Yi’s words into heart… He just wanted you to feel bad…”

Xu Lin spoke anxiously. Sean looked at Xu Lin and asked, “You know Cindy.”

Xu Lin was confused.

Sean suddenly asked, “My daughter is cute, isn’t she?”

“Mr. Smith?”

Sean took a deep breath, and his eyes were a little red, “She is a good child. She can change clothes by herself and will not ask you to hold her when she is tired. She will wipe sweat for you and take the initiative to help her mom clean up.”

“She is very caring. She shared the snacks I bought for her with a little boy older than her. That boy got lost. Cindy comforted him until his mother found him.”

Xu Lin was shocked.

In his eyes, a three-year-old child only knew how to make a scene. When you didn’t buy her snacks and toys she wanted, she would cry and roll on the ground.

But Cindy was different. She cared about others very much and was sensible.

“Yes, Cindy is very sensible. She’s the best child I have ever seen.”

Sean gave a wry smile, “But three years ago, I almost get her killed.”

Xu Lin paused.

“I’m not qualified as a father.”

“After the wedding is over, you personally send Amber and Cindy to the airport.”

“Many people will protect them in Los Angeles.”

When Xu Lin was about to say okay, Sean hesitated and added, “Go find a lawyer for me.”


A bad premonition rose in Xu Lin’s heart, “Mr. Smith, the Smith Group runs well lately and doesn’t need a lawyer.”

“I’m going to make a will.”

The wedding of Sean and Lin Man was coming up. The night before the wedding, Lin Man went to try the dress.

She was looking forward to her wedding.

But when she thought of Amber, she was a little panicked.

She was afraid that Amber would regret it.

If Amber really regretted it and wanted to return to Sean’s side, Sean would definitely leave her without hesitation.

It was even possible that the bride at the wedding directly became Amber.

After hesitating for a moment, Lin Man called Amber and asked her to meet at Love at First Sight.

Amber refused. Lin Man said anxiously, “Amber, I have something very important to tell you. Eleven years ago, Sean didn’t leave without saying goodbye. You looked for him everywhere. Aren’t you curious what happened back then?”

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