Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 498: I Telephoned the Wrong Person by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 498: I Telephoned the Wrong Person

It was just in Sean’s repeated indifference, her gratitude gradually wore away.

“Sleep. After you get over your jet lag, I will take you to see him.”

Cindy nodded obediently. She took a bath and changed her clothes on her own. When she lay on the bed, Amber turned off the light and walked out of the room.

Amber rubbed her face tiredly. She left her work aside and went straight into the bedroom.

She opened the suitcase and took out the clothes she brought back from Los Angeles. When she was about to hang them in the closet, she was startled by the dazzling clothes in it.

They were the clothes of the adult version in Cindy’s closet.

Amber was not short of money, but she seldom bought clothes of famous brands.

She paused, dropped her clothes on the bed, and then called Sean.

The phone rang for a while before being answered. Sean’s voice was low and blurred, “Hello?”

Amber kept silent. Sean sounded a little puzzled. He seemed to have a cold. Hearing no response, he glanced at the phone screen and was a little surprised.

After he restored most of his memory, this was the first time Amber called him. He reacted quickly and asked, “What’s the matter? Are you not used to living in Xingyue Bay?”

Suddenly, Amber felt that she was a bit unreasonable. Sean had already bought her these things. Why was she calling him to mock him?

“Nothing, I telephoned the wrong person.”

When she was about to hang up, Sean stopped her, “Wait.”


“When do you have time? I want you to bring Cindy to the hospital for an examination.”

Amber stiffened all over. Although Sean didn’t make his intention clear, Amber understood. Cindy was his child. He was afraid that Cindy would also get blood cancer.

Her heart contracted. For the past three years, she had been ignoring this problem. When Sean suddenly mentioned it, she was scared.


“Blood cancer only affects males in the Smith family, doesn’t it? Cindy shouldn’t…”

Sean kept silent for a moment, “Then why are you so careful with the ointment Cindy used? Come here when you have time. I will let someone arrange a check-up for her.”

Amber broke in a cold sweat.

Cindy was her life. She had already begun to worry about it.

“Go to bed and don’t overthink. Maybe nothing would happen to Cindy.”

Amber answered okay and hung up.

She couldn’t sleep even though she was tired and sleepy. At this moment, only fear and terror filled her heart, and she didn’t know what to do.

She sat sleeplessly all night and lay down on the bed when it dawned.

Sean was also sleepless.

His immunity began to decline. He caught a cold when it just started to get cold. He couldn’t take many medical drugs at the same time, so his cold stayed with him.

After Cindy left, he calmed down, but Amber’s phone call completely dispelled his desire to sleep.

He was almost recovered, and his ribs were fixed. As long as he didn’t have strenuous movement, he would be okay.

The lights in the ward were off. Sean thought to himself why Amber called.

She said she telephoned the wrong person. He didn’t believe it. Amber was very rigorous and would not make such a mistake.

Did she need his help?

Or, she saw Lin Man and found she still hated Lin Man very much, so she wanted to stop him from marrying her?

Or, she was trying to warn him?

Xu Lin said that she and Cindy stayed in Xingyue Bay. She probably had seen the clothes in the closet.

Did she like them?

Sean closed his eyes. She might like them, right?

Who didn’t love luxuries? Maybe she wanted to warn him and tell him even if he bribed her, she wouldn’t be soft-hearted and donate bone marrow to him?

If this was the case, he deserved it.

Sean closed his eyes.

He personally selected those parent-child outfits. Sean really wanted to see her wear them.

He had those outfits too.

The breath in Sean’s chest began to stagnate.

Time seemed to regress to eleven years ago.

At that time, he wasn’t short of money, and Amber didn’t like to dress herself up. He bought some Chanel dresses for her.

Amber was stunned.

Sean asked her, “What’s wrong? Don’t you like them?”

Amber knew that Sean was not short of money. Few women didn’t like these dresses. She pressed her lips tightly, shook her head, and said in a low voice, “I like them, but Sean, I hope you can buy things for me with your own money.”

Sean was inexplicably ashamed at the time, feeling that he was humiliating her.

He always kept this sentence in mind. He wanted to give her a better life by himself.

Sean pressed his lips.

Amber didn’t change at all. It was him who had forgotten the promise he made.

He leaned back against the hospital bed and seemed to have fallen into ice. The ice that fell on his chest completely cool his heart.


After he was sober, this name gradually became irrelevant to him.

He made a great effort to get her, and personally pushed her away from him. In this world, there was nothing more ironic than this.

When Xu Lin reached the ward in the morning, he saw Sean leaning against the window, not knowing how long he had been standing there.

He had never seen Sean like this. Even when Lin Man was forced to go abroad, he was only angry.

He seemed to have no desire of living.

Xu Lin actually didn’t quite understand Sean. He thought the person Sean loved was Amber, but Sean didn’t intend to pursue Amber again. Instead, he was going to marry Lin Man.

“Mr. Smith.”

Sean, standing beside the window, didn’t react at all.

Xu Lin knew that he was immersed in his own world again. He pressed the corner of his lips, raised his voice, and called him again.

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